GTE Fed CU Reviews
Apr 27, 2017
Terrible Credit Uniion

I used GTE for an auto loan (they had the best rate) so decided that I would also set up a small checking account to test them out. I've had nothing but problems with them from the beginning. This month they messed up a wire transfer and then decided to give me a fee for their error. I called customer service to get the fee removed and their response was "unless you can prove fraud, we will not remove the fee" even though it was an error on their part from the beginning. This joke of a bank has the absolute worst customer service and is incapable of being trusted with your money. I gave them them a chance to fix things and waive the erroneous $30 fee but apparently they would rather lose a banking and auto loan customer. If you are considering this "credit union" do yourself a favor and RUN. I'd also recommend Ally Bank who assisted me with GTE's mess up and was more interested in helping me with the error than pushing fees.

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