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Jun 15, 2017
Has gone downhill in recent years
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I opened a checking account in 2012 after multiple snafu's with Chase. Everything was gravy at first but they've stopped caring as much about retaining their customers. It's a nightmare to go into a branch, one such visit I wanted to see a banker and waited for over an hour. Needed to go to a teller and waited 30 minutes in line. I scheduled a payment to be paid to my credit card from my checking account, they refused the transaction and charged me a fee to do it. Wouldn't waive it even though there was money in the account when they did this and it was the exact amount of the payment. 

Just went on chat today to close my accounts and the rep didn't even care. Their losing customers! And they just don't care! 

If you're looking for a better credit union, go to either PenFed, SDFCU, DCU, or Suncoast CU. Pretty much anywhere but this place.

I even went back to Chase I hate this place so much!

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