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Apr 27, 2017
Terrible Credit Uniion
Anonymous Account Holder

I used GTE for an auto loan (they had the best rate) so decided that I would also set up a small checking account to test them out. I've had nothing but problems with them from the beginning. This month they messed up a wire transfer and then decided to give me a fee for their error. I called customer service to get the fee removed and their response was "unless you can prove fraud, we will not remove the fee" even though it was an error on their part from the beginning. This joke of a bank has the absolute worst customer service and is incapable of being trusted with your money. I gave them them a chance to fix things and waive the erroneous $30 fee but apparently they would rather lose a banking and auto loan customer. If you are considering this "credit union" do yourself a favor and RUN. I'd also recommend Ally Bank who assisted me with GTE's mess up and was more interested in helping me with the error than pushing fees.

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Jan 18, 2017
Absolutely horrible
Anonymous Account Holder

I'd be willing to bet they now pay their customer service reps minimum wage. They serve absolutely no purpose besides making constant mistakes with members' finances( like depositing funds into someone else's account on multiple occasions- not just once). Completely incompetent, and if they don't make minimum wage they definitely should.

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Oct 29, 2016
New customer so far so good
drjhyde Account Holder

So Far no problems, great customer service would recommend to friends and family!

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Aug 29, 2016
I'm happy with this credit union but....
Anonymous Account Holder

They closed a lot of their ATM locations. If you live in northeast Tampa be prepared to drive a long distance. You either have to go out to 56th and Busch, Gunn Highway or travel the always busy Bruce B Downs to Wesley Chapel. I live in southern Lutz so none are convenient. If you withdraw money, there are McDonalds that have Suncoast ATMs with no fees but you can't make deposits. 

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Aug 05, 2016
Karlabarkdoll Account Holder

SLOW new system, I will be taking my business elsewhere and canceling this account. Took 30 minutes to deposit cash. Unbelievable

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Jun 01, 2016
A non-member focused "union"
Anonymous Account Holder

There are many better credit unions out there.  They don't care about their customers and are definitely not a union of them.  One example, any loan has fees to pay online, that's a bit silly these days.  

Another, you can make your car payments for years, and then under hardship the "we can help" department will tell you that they can only help people who don't need it.  They can defer payments for those with income proof, but if you lost your job that doesn't help.

And years back they tried to impose debit card "use as credit card" fees.  It took months of member uproar to get that changed.  I even closed my personal accounts back then.

Don't waste your time with GTE, they are just a bank, and not a true credit union.

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