Greater TX FCU Reviews
Sep 08, 2017
Scare Tactics

Someone recently contacted me about a home loan. As I am buying a house I was interested in what he had to say and took his call. As a first time home-buyer you can imagine that this process is little scary and a little confusing. Here is why under absolutely no circumstances will I ever finance my home with GTFCU. I told the rep that I was currently in the process of financing with someone else and he asked for more information to see if he could possibly beat their offer. I have no problem with this. However, when I told him of the other lenders offer he proceeded to try to make me doubt that lender. He proceeded to try and convince me that I was getting a bad deal because he could not fathom that a lender would actually make that kind of offer. Instead of trying to be helpful and honestly try and get me a better deal he tried to make me doubt myself and the other lender. Intimidating first time home-buyers is not a good sales pitch. At this point even if GTFCU could make a better offer I would not take it simply because of the way this rep went about trying to get my business. I do not appreciate someone attempting to make me doubt myself and GTFCU should not be engaging in this kind of business practice.

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