Golden 1 CU Reviews
Dec 18, 2016
Really need to get Fraud Protection Serv

I have only bank with golden 1 for less then a year and have closed my card due to fraud. Why isnt the credict union protective. I just noticed another fraud again with the new card that they sent me. I about had ito with this union and will be saying good bye. Has anyone experience these incident with this bank.
I am sad to say that this is by far the worst bank that I've been with. love the low interest rate but that got to do something about the fraud/stolen debit cards.

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Mar 21, 2017
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Excellent rewards! For my use, it can't be beat by anything from the big banks: 3% each on groceries, gas, and restaurants. This is my go-to card for those three categories (a decent amount of my monthly spending). Cashback goes to a Golden 1 savings account automatically.

FYI: credit card customer service is separate from the Golden 1 branch service so don't expect much in-person assistance.

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