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Apr 07, 2011

Joined when I began working for the state in 1977, and have used it for car loans, first and second mortgages, rental property loans, a signature loan, savings, money market and checking, and easy, convenient online bill-pay service. Great rates and very friendly, personal service. Anyone can join now. During California's recurrent late-budget crises, Golden 1 has offered automatic payroll advances to members who have direct deposit of state paychecks--a lifeline for many members, and a great way to build membership!  

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Feb 09, 2014
Anonymous Account Holder

Careful of all of their fees; they are all over the place.  They are good when your financial services are straight forward.  Anything out of the norm causes all kinds of issues and the fees start to roll.  My other credit union is fee free.

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May 10, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

I had been banking at a local bank in my area for years, until I decided I wanted to branch out to a different bank because of the amount of traveling I do. I went with Golden1 because my sister had an account with them and loved them, also because everyone hypes credit unions because of the low interest rates they have. Well I opened my account, which I was promised free checks with. They charged me, not once but twice, with check fees, and I had to contact them both instances to have it reversed, as I was promised free checks. I also wanted to apply for their credit card because of the low interest, but was declined. I have perfect credit and was declined. They said I should sign up with a co-signer. I’m unimpressed with their customer service, and the service in general.

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Dec 22, 2015
Money hungry
Anonymous Account Holder

I've been a member since 2004 and have no problem at all because I've done everything on time. Until recently, without notice they were trying to charge off a loan that I cosign but have no idea that it was charge off until they decided to close my account. I was trying to work with them because we have file a insurance claim for the loan a couple of months back. But due to their incompetent, we have to file it twice. Now, while in the process of it all, they put a hold on my account which is being force to closed in a few day and I can't even get to my money. I've call customer care and walkin and they just keep telling me to cal this and that number without a result. 

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Nov 02, 2015

This was the worst experiance that I've had. After first interview for application, they ordered the appraisal on the next day. I paid for the appraisal. After that, no body contacted me. I had to call, contact them, and find out my loan. 5 weeks later,  they said the loan has been dined, they offerred me for 30 years fix ( I applied for 15 years fix).  I called the manager and let the massages, no call back. No body help me ( brand manager , customer services, or analyst. I lost $435. I had to apply fot another bank, they approved and close the loan less than 30 days with 15 years fix. I dont even to give them 1 star.  

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Oct 22, 2015
Not to many good things to say
fherring01774 Account Holder

If you are a state worker then you will get your state check funds will be available to you on the last day of the month instead of having to wait until the first of the month. In addition to that the NSF fees are only 27.50 unlike 30+ in other places, but the workers are so incompetent for the most part. Also I called and asked them to remove an NSF fee for a .58 cent charge and they said they would not! That is beyond horrible. That is one of the reasons they are currently being sued due to something with NSF fees. If you can avoid this bank, they also do not have 24hr customer service and are not open on Sunday’s at all. I had an incident where an ATM took the money that I was depositing and I could not talk to anyone about it until Monday which I had to miss work just to get someone on the phone. The process was very frustrating. Again avoid this bank if you can. 

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Oct 01, 2015
Anonymous Account Holder

Great place to bank, many interest rates and fees have been lowered or removed completely.  As a former employee of several financial institutions both bank and credit unions, I find that people will find any reason to blame the institution for their own negligence.  All the tools are provided, online/mobile banking & phone banking. Plus free checking, definitely recommend 

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Aug 15, 2015
Employees don't know what they're doing
Anonymous Account Holder

Don't even get me started on the one that continually cracks her gum in your face while helping you, but overall the employees here seem clueless. I had a check (from my employer, a huge corporation) be returned because the bank system couldn't read the strip at the bottom.   Suddenly my account was overdrafted - no other notice. I called and went into local branch in Roseville, CA. Ended up speaking to four different people, all of whom told me something different I would have to do- none of them were correct and they all contradicted each other. I got the check cashed, then the Golden 1 atm would not accept my CASH deposit anymore, like I was some sort of fraudulent criminal- not one of the four employees had mentioned my deposit ability was frozen, even for cash. This was just the most recent issue I have had with this incompetent bank. Would definitely not recommend 

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Jul 24, 2015
Tedious, and bumpy...
Anonymous Account Holder

I cashed a check, that bounced, and now I'm 1,500.00 in debt. Didn't know it could go -1,500.00. 


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Nov 13, 2014
Customer Service
Anonymous Account Holder

They are very unprofessional. They lie to you and they treat you like you are too poor for them. They steal your money and charge you $200 a day for fees if you are not favored by them. I feel heart broken by this.

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Sep 18, 2014
Golden1 is great, but....
CaliCowgirl1558 Account Holder

 I have been a member of Golden1 for a long time and I enjoy the relatively free services of Golden1 online, which includes savings, checkings, and so on. They are very prompt with transactions, and transferring money between accounts is super easy. I like the categories that a member can break down spending and accounts into as well. Their spending pie chart is convienent if you like to see how much of what you spend goes where (I like to take a peek at it every once in a while to see if I need to check myself). However, as a student, I think they make their credit card process difficult and I would not be able to apply for one anyway unless I had a really well paying job, worked two or three jobs, or worked more than 40 hours a week. I can understand making sure that people remain safe on the internet when applying for credit cards, but I think that they need to at least make the application open on their website. Anywho, I have not had many issues with Golden1 so far. I like that they are thurough and highly protective of their customers.

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Aug 05, 2014
CaStateWorker Account Holder

I am a G1CU member with both checking and savings accounts. I am rebuilding my credit, my true FICO from Equifax (the bureau G1CU pulls from) is 657. I was approved for a $20,000 auto loan (100% financing) at 8.79%. However, I was declined for a Visa card. Regarding the loans department, customer service takes a while to respong but is friendly and informative. For accounts, their customer servie is prompt and knowledgable. While my auto loan rate isn't the best, I'm satisfied with the product and service I received.

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