Georgias Own CU Reviews
Nov 17, 2016
Tedious to work with / Bad service

My husband and I are sorely disappointed in the service at Georgia's Own CU. We've banked with them for 4 years and have checking, savings, car loan & line of credit accounts.  We are now closing our accounts.There have been multiple problems recently: they will block our debit cards if a loan is 15 days late WITHOUT notice that the account needs to be paid and often do so at 5:00 PM when you can't call to correct it. They have monthly updates when their system is completely down which is way to frequent. They've recently been down for 3-days over a weekend for a major update where we weren't able to call them or use our cards.  After the update was finished, our cards declined when we needed them as they found a bug in their system.  They were very unapologetic and acted like it was no big deal.  They also turned off our transfer capability on the update which caused an embarrassing evening at a store when we couldn't pay for the things in our cart even though we knew we had money.  I've recent'ly found out through unfortunate circumstances that their overdraft protection is descretionary and calculated via computer each day, so we did not have protection when we needed it and they were not willing to reverse fees because I had a single fee reversed months ago. I do not understand the point of overdraft protection if it's not there when you need it.  And the chips cards they are forcing their cardmembers to use are a huge headache for a multitude of reasons. Like I said, we're done with them and are closing our accounts. 

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