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Jun 28, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been a member of Georgia's Own Credit Union (previously GA Telco) since 1987. 

They recently applied a 30 day late mark on my credit report (May 2017) for being a few dollars short on payment. 

I have paid on time for years. On numerous occasions, they applied my payment to the wrong account. 

In May of 2016, there was a 'change' and suddenly I was told I owed $999. 

I was supposed to receive a document in postal mail explaining this 'change' but never did. 

I had to opt in to 'something'. My normal payment was $318. 

Suddenly this year, I owed more and was told the payment changed every month now which was the reason I was short May of 2017. 

I have tried to call to get clarification but no one seems to understand. I am jerked around when I call and finally when I 

was able to make a payment to 'reconcile' the so-called few dollars I was short, I am told there is an 8$ fee to process 

the payment. There is not a way to pay online. The only way to pay without a fee is by check at a branch.  

All the employees have bailed and everyone I speak to is confused and lack professionism. 

I could not get an accurate answer as to why my payments suddenly changed. 

I am refinancing my home mortgage and dropping telco for good. Don't trust them. Do your banking elsewhere....

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Mar 14, 2017
The Worst!!!!!
Anonymous Account Holder

Terrible credit union! I made a deposit in the night deposit box to my business account. Did not credit it to my account over 24 hours later. Called to ask them why, and of course no one answered the phone, and no one called me back. 


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Feb 28, 2017
Not personable at all
Anonymous Account Holder

When the system upgraded last year it put overdraft protection back on my account and when I got an overdraft fee for $1 they told me they will not reverse any more unless it was the bank error!!! IT WAS!!! I closed my business account with them and went back to Welcoming Wonderfully Improved Wells Fargo!!!

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