GECU Reviews
Aug 02, 2016
They misapplied payment to get more fees

This place has become a scum place to bank.  I made my credit card payment and told the teller it was my credit card payment.

Im charged a late fee and extra interest for not making my payment.  I pay every month on the same day and same amount. The teller misapplied my payment and put it in my savings account instead.

no matter how much you explain this to them, gravy doesn't care. Just get them more fees is all they want.

Complete BS.  This is why I no longer bank here except to pay off my high interest credit card that they tricked me into. Staff explained lower rate when I accepted it. I was told the staff made an honest mistake. This was after I used my card to pay for a whole trip.

Gecu should really be shut down. Complaints are of similar nature. Account holders keep getting screwed for extra money.

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