GECU Reviews
Apr 24, 2017
Dishonest and Fee Hungry

I "tried" to deposit cash into ATM. The machine then Thanked me, but the receipt did not show amount deposited and the ATM dis not give me the funds back. I immediately called and Local customer service was closed and representative I did speak with insured me everuthing will be ok since my cash was locked in the machine and once its serviced my account will be credited. I was concerned because I knew I had payments expected to be withdrawn in the upcoming week. 3 business days go by and every call I made I was told to not worry about any overdraft fees and how my cash deposit will be credited shortly. Day 4 arrives and payments go through sending my account to overdraft. Then the cash is finally deposited and later in the day I am hit with 3 overdraft fees. I called and they said they would credit my account the overdraft fees. Two were credited leaving one. I call again, get put on hold and when the representative returns, told the remaining overdraft fee would not be credited, how he was surprised I received credit on the other 2. I requested to speak to a manager. Once again put on hold and then line drops. So I end up having to pay a visit to one of the branches to get this resolved. And even there, the lady made me feel as if she was going out of her way to credit me the remaining fee. Cannot wait to have my auto-payments updated with the other financial institute I bank with so I can close my accounts here.

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