Fort Bragg FCU Reviews
Feb 18, 2016

It's an OK bank if you have terrible credit they're the only one who will give you an account, but they won't give you a debit card with the visa logo, just their little ATM card, which you can use at most stores. You just slide it like you would the visa and press debit. I tried to get a Visa card but I have some collections (total of $80) so they said I have to take care of those first. The bad is that they close at 5 there's no way to get help if your account freezes, you have to wait for the following day. The good, the check is in the bank up to 3 days early. There's one employee that is super rude. When I went in for a ARK (it's a 0% intrest loan for anyone that does not require credit, essentially a payday advance) she is just in a terrible mood. I lost my bank card and she was rude again. Maybe if you don't like people , you should get a job in an office where you don't have to deal with customers. Move your office to the dumpster? 

I gave 3 stars because there's no 800 after hours number and my funds had been frozen through a holiday weekend once. Otherwise, an OK bank.

I have banked with worse.

oh and when I opened the account the lady didn't speak English , and kept running out of the office. It took us 3 hours to open a simple bank account.

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