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Jul 22, 2017
Merger was not good
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 I used this credit union for years and liked it a lot.  Several Car Loans and one mortgage and 2 credit cards.  It all went well until the merger.  While the people seem friendly enough, it is more difficult to get things done, but the worst part was the upgrade to there website.  Ever since the upgrade, it is very difficult to see my account.  If I wait long enough I can eventually see it, but it is to time consuming.  I could not see my statements for over a year.  I mentioned it many times and they were always working on it, but it never got fixed.  As far as I am concerned the upgrade was a complete failure.  I enentually got to the point I was only using one credit card and moved all my money somewhere else.  But even keeping track of that one card was to much  of a hassel on their site.  So I completly closed the account.  I am using another Credit Union and an online bank and they both work great.  Very Sad.  They were once the best but not any more.

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