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Jul 22, 2017
Merger was not good
PCBeagle Account Holder

 I used this credit union for years and liked it a lot.  Several Car Loans and one mortgage and 2 credit cards.  It all went well until the merger.  While the people seem friendly enough, it is more difficult to get things done, but the worst part was the upgrade to there website.  Ever since the upgrade, it is very difficult to see my account.  If I wait long enough I can eventually see it, but it is to time consuming.  I could not see my statements for over a year.  I mentioned it many times and they were always working on it, but it never got fixed.  As far as I am concerned the upgrade was a complete failure.  I enentually got to the point I was only using one credit card and moved all my money somewhere else.  But even keeping track of that one card was to much  of a hassel on their site.  So I completly closed the account.  I am using another Credit Union and an online bank and they both work great.  Very Sad.  They were once the best but not any more.

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Jul 10, 2017
Wonderful service!
Anonymous Account Holder

Been a member 11 years.  Always the best rates for loans - and if not - then they can match.

Wonderful quick service.  On my 4th auto loan with them, have had 2 mortgages.

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May 06, 2017
Cheat!! Avoid GAP insur. on Auto loan
prashant4u Account Holder

GA insurance is fake. You can cancel GAP, other providers do on pro ratio basis. You cant lower your rates without loosing GAP or you should pay again for GAP. There are no processes. I wonder why its a credit union when it is working like a pure commercial company with focus on money...

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Mar 28, 2017
Will trick you into charges
Anonymous Account Holder

If you have another option don't get insurance here. I didn't even agree to the quote, they had the nerve to bill me. When I queried the bill they said I had till the 27th to dispute but sent me to collections I. The 18th. What bully tactics. Stay away. 

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Mar 24, 2017
pulled credit report with authorization
Anonymous Account Holder

And, when we asked why, there response was "We are a bank, we can do that whenever we want".  Very disappointing.

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Oct 15, 2016
No employee accountability
estewart92 Account Holder

They can talk to you anyway they want to and not provide assistance. I called due to a lost credit card and was met with a rude employee who snarkly stated the obvious and refused to give me information on where the card was mailed to. i ask for a supervisor and she disconnects my call. i call back and a rep gets me to a supervisor who tells me that they cant see who i just spoke to on the phone in reference to my account. if you have rogue employees and no way of tracking customer complaints that is dangerous. i cant think that to be true and that the supervisor lied to me in order to get me off of his phone. he told me to mail in a letter. I am closing my accounts and will not recommend first tech to anyone.

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Oct 13, 2016
Service has become poor since the Merger
John97223 Account Holder

Their online banking is the worst I've ever used.  Pages don't load.  Can't access statements.

Recently transaction notices have become delayed.  Why does it take over 12 hours to recieve a text message that a transaction has taken place.

I'm still a customer but I will consider switching if service doesn't improve.

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Sep 18, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

I don't know what technology they are first in, but it's not information technology.  I've left the bank for Ally as their "improvements" are horrible.  Stay away from this bank!

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Sep 10, 2016
Used to be the best, now like any other
Anonymous Account Holder

Back before Addison bought First Tech, it was the best credit union on the planet. Their rates were awesome, no fees for anything, instant availability of funds. Now I transfer from app or make e-deposit and it takes 3-5 days to post. Rates on their credit cards went from 6% to 20% and all the perks (you could cycle through your limit multiple times per month and make instant payments) and all that is gone. I have nothing nice to say about this credit union before. Decades of being with them means nothing, all the help got transferred down to california so nobody is a local who wants to help and build a long-term relationship. I had to transfer all my accounts because of the way they've run it into the ground. Too bad, I just pulled cash out of my investment accounts and it'll sit in someone else's bank.

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Aug 28, 2016
Quality has fallen off a cliff
Anonymous Account Holder

I arrived to the US about 2 years ago as an imported tech worker. At that time I thought First Tech were great because, even though I had no credit history, they let me open an account and gave me a credit card with a decent limit. I just had to show the offer letter from my employer. However, since then I have had two fairly serious complaints and a third minor complaint

The first complaint is that, as others have posted, First Tech "upgraded" their online banking and since then it has been terrible. The main problem for me has been that balances take weeks to update. Credit card entries appear in duplicate for a while and then eventually rectify themselves. It's very difficult to know what your current financial situation is because of all of the delays and temporary duplicate entries. I cannot believe that they managed to mess up their system so badly. Before it was very responsive. No new features to speak of have been added to compensate for the poor performance of the new system.

The second complaint I have is that even though I had been a customer for a year and a half, First Tech were not able to give me a car loan that was remotely competitive with another local credit union (BECU). The best rate they could offer was almost twice what I could get from BECU, so even though it's less convenient to have my loan account with another institution, I had to go that way.

My third complaint, not as serious as the other two, is that at some point First Tech changed their credit cards from Visa to MasterCard. In doing this, they caused a fair amount of inconvenience (updating credit cards, etc.) and there was no customer benefit at all. This was purely a business decision to suit themselves. If they wanted to do this, they should have minimized customer impact by doing the changeover as customers' cards expired, rather than forcing the change on everyone.

What have First Tech done to rectify all this? Very little. About six months ago, there was an email at some point from the CEO (or some other senior manager) saying thanks for 'bearing with them' during the problematic online banking upgrade, but that's been it. No visible changes have occurred. I would not advise new potential customers to go with First Tech. I will move my business elsewhere as soon as I identify the best alternative.

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