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Oct 15, 2016
No employee accountability
estewart92 Account Holder

They can talk to you anyway they want to and not provide assistance. I called due to a lost credit card and was met with a rude employee who snarkly stated the obvious and refused to give me information on where the card was mailed to. i ask for a supervisor and she disconnects my call. i call back and a rep gets me to a supervisor who tells me that they cant see who i just spoke to on the phone in reference to my account. if you have rogue employees and no way of tracking customer complaints that is dangerous. i cant think that to be true and that the supervisor lied to me in order to get me off of his phone. he told me to mail in a letter. I am closing my accounts and will not recommend first tech to anyone.

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Oct 13, 2016
Service has become poor since the Merger
John97223 Account Holder

Their online banking is the worst I've ever used.  Pages don't load.  Can't access statements.

Recently transaction notices have become delayed.  Why does it take over 12 hours to recieve a text message that a transaction has taken place.

I'm still a customer but I will consider switching if service doesn't improve.

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Sep 18, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

I don't know what technology they are first in, but it's not information technology.  I've left the bank for Ally as their "improvements" are horrible.  Stay away from this bank!

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Sep 10, 2016
Used to be the best, now like any other
Anonymous Account Holder

Back before Addison bought First Tech, it was the best credit union on the planet. Their rates were awesome, no fees for anything, instant availability of funds. Now I transfer from app or make e-deposit and it takes 3-5 days to post. Rates on their credit cards went from 6% to 20% and all the perks (you could cycle through your limit multiple times per month and make instant payments) and all that is gone. I have nothing nice to say about this credit union before. Decades of being with them means nothing, all the help got transferred down to california so nobody is a local who wants to help and build a long-term relationship. I had to transfer all my accounts because of the way they've run it into the ground. Too bad, I just pulled cash out of my investment accounts and it'll sit in someone else's bank.

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Aug 28, 2016
Quality has fallen off a cliff
Anonymous Account Holder

I arrived to the US about 2 years ago as an imported tech worker. At that time I thought First Tech were great because, even though I had no credit history, they let me open an account and gave me a credit card with a decent limit. I just had to show the offer letter from my employer. However, since then I have had two fairly serious complaints and a third minor complaint

The first complaint is that, as others have posted, First Tech "upgraded" their online banking and since then it has been terrible. The main problem for me has been that balances take weeks to update. Credit card entries appear in duplicate for a while and then eventually rectify themselves. It's very difficult to know what your current financial situation is because of all of the delays and temporary duplicate entries. I cannot believe that they managed to mess up their system so badly. Before it was very responsive. No new features to speak of have been added to compensate for the poor performance of the new system.

The second complaint I have is that even though I had been a customer for a year and a half, First Tech were not able to give me a car loan that was remotely competitive with another local credit union (BECU). The best rate they could offer was almost twice what I could get from BECU, so even though it's less convenient to have my loan account with another institution, I had to go that way.

My third complaint, not as serious as the other two, is that at some point First Tech changed their credit cards from Visa to MasterCard. In doing this, they caused a fair amount of inconvenience (updating credit cards, etc.) and there was no customer benefit at all. This was purely a business decision to suit themselves. If they wanted to do this, they should have minimized customer impact by doing the changeover as customers' cards expired, rather than forcing the change on everyone.

What have First Tech done to rectify all this? Very little. About six months ago, there was an email at some point from the CEO (or some other senior manager) saying thanks for 'bearing with them' during the problematic online banking upgrade, but that's been it. No visible changes have occurred. I would not advise new potential customers to go with First Tech. I will move my business elsewhere as soon as I identify the best alternative.

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Jul 14, 2016
Consumer Credit Fraud!!!
ESBlake Account Holder

This Credit Union should be shut down.  I had settled an account, over 6 months age and just yesterday received yet another statement showing a balance.  I will be forwarding on to an attorney.  They agreed to write-off and settle on this.  Last quarter I got a statement showing this balance, I called and was assured that it would be resolved and that I would get a NEW statement this quarter showing a zero balance.

Time to get the attorneis spun up, apparently they would prefer to deal with them than a person.

When you hit hard times and need some understanding these folks are the farthest place you want to be from.  When you are trying to recover and trying to work with them, these people are the rudest uneducated bunch of banking hacks I have ever seen.

"Uncle Vinny" from the streets of Chicago had better terms and treated you with more respect than these people.

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Jun 07, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

they used to have a simple online system that you could tell in one page what was going on. what was due and what was paying.

the new system makes it so you can not tell what is going on unless you look at 5 different pages, and even then things get lost.

bring back the old system

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Jun 01, 2016
Bad technology, customer service
Anonymous Account Holder

They cannot design, implement, or support the simplest of online banking.  Since merging with California, they've become a "big" bank.  They cannot process transfers, even to their own home loans.  They also fabricate credit report crap to up their Visa APRs.  Stay away!

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Apr 29, 2016
Once Great Online banking, no longer so!
Anonymous Account Holder

I became a member of First Tech in Redmond, Wa sometime near 1994 and have been very happy with them and even boasted about them and recommended First Tech to many people, up until last year in 2015 when they merged with Addison Avenue.  It's been a downhill steep dive ever since.  They have gotten SO BAD that I can no longer hold on as a customer, hoping they will get better, once they work out the bugs.  It’s been 4 agonizing months so far, and they are just getting worse, recommending to us to bear with them, to redo much of our work on our end, especially with the online system, specifically their Bill Pay.  Last year and all the years prior that I used their bill pay, I could go online, take care of a new bill or manage an existing bill and be offline in a matter of just a few minutes, always less than 10 minutes.  Today, I'm super lucky if I can get online and even get anything accomplished, and rarely under 1.5-3 hours just for one thing, one bill, one payee, etc.  It is So incredibly archaic that I don't understand why the First Tech management doesn't just throw in the towel, admit their BIG HUGE FAILURE of a MISTAKE and retreat back to the old, working, reliable, fast, accurate system that they had.  First Tech must be losing members in the 10s of thousands!  I can't imagine anyone who banks, even occasionally online, to continue with them due to the many months of the nightmare online banking experiences that I and many others are forced to deal with.  Admit it First Tech, YOU Made Severe bad decisions and we, the members, are suffering terribly from it.  Please Go back to the old system before we are ALL Gone!  I'm transitioning away as soon as I can as I can't stand it no more.

The new bill pay system is unbelievably shockingly terrible.  It’s a very poor design, has very poor programming, was and is a super poor transition, and First Tech has shown a ridiculously poor reaction to the problems with their new, agonizingly slow, online banking system, Etc., Etc., Etc.

There are SO many Bugs, Problems, & Super Poor design issues that it is so shocking that First Tech went this route.  It's like forcing us to use "Kiddy Software" for Preschoolers, and shows that the system wasn’t properly.  It leads me to believe that first tech outsourced the new online banking system to a group of beginner programmers who had no idea how a good online banking system should be designed or developed, and then did not do adequate testing.  The evidence of the major problems, points to the lack of testing.

I am shocked that First Tech has not fixed the issues quickly, given the number of complaints they must be receiving since the transition back in Jan and even before that time for “volunteers”.   The problems are so bad, I believe in my opinion, they should just throw in the towel and start all over, going back to the old system or finding another company to start a whole new system altogether.  This system is pathetically designed for what looks like children’s software and doesn’t seem worth fixing!

I have been trying to be patient and had hoped that things would get resolved, but I now see this has not been happening. Yesterday, I tried to schedule a payment and received this programming error: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object", (a bad error related to bad programming that customers should never see), So I sent an online message & today I read a reply back from First Tech, telling me to delete the Payees that I had set up and start over.  That's ridiculous again.  There goes my "History" of bill payments if I delete those payees.  What a poor response to a poor programming problem.  I have spent hours trying to pay my bills on time, fix problems, & tried rescheduling bills but due to this mess. My bills disappear or get double paid. I can't trust the bill pay system any more. I have at least 3 insufficient funds recently due to their new online system.  I'm transitioning to another C.U. because, given the time that I have put in, it will be less time to start everything all over somewhere else without all this pain, some of what I describe below:

* transition to the new system was not transparent whatsoever or an option for us

* all ebills got cancelled and all of my payees had to be deleted and re-entered, losing all my bill histories

* I had to log onto every bill company's website to figure out due dates, addresses, amounts, etc. all over again.

* my scheduled payments no longer work properly, miss payments or double pay

* all pages are so poorly designed and unbearably/agonizingly slow to get through

* scheduled payments disappear, or can't even be scheduled more than 30 days out (Crazy!)

* can't edit anything on payees scheduled payment dates (again CRAZY & Archaic!)

* so much more that it's better to leave then continue to feel the pain.

This is very Sad because First Tech, and I also hear Addison Avenue as well, both used to be fantastic banking Credit Unions.  Not as of 2016!

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