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Jun 12, 2017
Terrible Customer Service; DO NOT USE
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After months of on time payments and using this card monthly about $200-$400 and would pay off in full. Within two weeks of my automatic payment not going through they closed my account and I only found this out when I went to make a $200 payment via the phone. They told me if it happens twice they automatically close your account. The automatic payment attempts were two days apart, I cannot believe I did not receive a letter or a voicemail stating what happened and that they were going to close my account. Would never recommend this bank to anyone, will continue to use my business elsewhere. 

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Jun 05, 2017
Waste of time, money, effort.

I got approved last year for $300 and honestly I didn't really enjoy it because I was only able to use $205 due to fees and etc being a new account holder. I had a couple late payments and the company's customer service reps were very rude and their dispositions were terrible. Their tone is to either pay or get off the phone. I'm closing my account with them after my next payment. I wasn't treated like a customer they were concerned about but more like a junky who owed them money. They would call everyday to harrass me about my payments being late and wouldn't offer any options or assistance on making my payments easier to fulfill. I highly recommend everyone NOT to apply for a credit card from this bank. They're terrible.

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Mar 05, 2017
I used to have this card .
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Never , ever I repeat ever apply for this card . They're theives. I had two accounts with them starting in 2007 . I had some financial problems in 2010 where I ruined all my credit . Well , I check ck every week as my score has been going up . I believe it would be higher if not for 3 new negative marks . One is paid , one isn't and then premier says I owe them 486.00 . No , I don't I paid them off in 2011 , and all the sudden it appears on my credit report that I owe them from 2012 ........ WHAT ? Avoid this company no matter how desperate one is for new credit .,

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