First PREMIER Bank Reviews
Nov 28, 2016
Bringing down my score

Every customer service person I spoke to is rude and not helpful at all. I called them and they said I don't owe anything - next thing I see on my credit is that I am over my limit ?!?! Now my score is all screwed up!! DON'T USE FIRST PREMIER!!!

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Nov 29, 2016
Worst credit card ever
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Do not apply for this card is the worst to many fees this a robbery  they give a 500 credit line and I can only use 375 because they charge me 125 and now I have to pay 500 hell no this is so bad 

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Oct 29, 2016
Great for low credit scores!!
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I opened my account one year ago. I never had a credit line increase. Paid on time, minimum or above but not in full. After the year was up they opened a second MasterCard for me. I asked why they didn't just increase my limit. They advised me its a better way to improve my credit score. Very happy with them.

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Apr 04, 2016
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I opened My account in December 2015, and maintain a steady balance by paying not the Min Payment but the intire balance. I opened this account using my bank debit card, it too 7 days for me to get my card in the mail. I called First Premier Bank to request a credit limit increase, and asked if the funds could be taken from the same debit card that opened the account. They sai " NO " " i had to go to Walmart and send the increase ammount by Western union/ Moneygram and it would take 24 hours because it was the same as cash. 5 Days later I still have no increase I am not happy w/ it taking 10-14 days to receive a limit increase when I was told it takes 24 hours after a Western Union/Moneygram is received. No one seems to be able to contact the Credit Dept ( Because they don't have an internal Phone Number ) to find out the Status of this increase. and if I request my funds be returned it takes 30 days. The account was opened w/ my debit card but I was told I had to go to Walmart and send it so that it will be expedited as a Cash Increase. This has not happened. It only took 7 days to open and receive my card using my debit card. The same card that I use to pay my balance every month. I could have opened an account w/ Capital one using those funds,Which would have increased my Credit score for multiple accounts. Right now I am feeling Scammed and cheated. This company has No Customer service values at all

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