First PREMIER Bank Reviews
Nov 10, 2017
Stay away unless you’re truly desperate.
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I got my first credit card with them about 3 years ago when I was in desperate situation and I had nowhere else to turn. I was approved for a $300 limit, and I made my monthly payments on time (if not early). After almost a year, I got an offer in the mail to apply for another credit card with them, and I was approved again, but this time for a $700 limit. Again, I made all my payments on time, though I will admit that I was only paying the minimum amount due.

I was relatively satisfied with them (their interest rates are no joke), until a couple months ago. I went online to make my monthly payment as usual, and I selected the option to pay the minimum due which was around $51. I used their preselected option instead of typing in the amount due. The payment cleared my account and I thought all was well until I started getting calls and a letter about my “past due account”. What? Apparently the $51 listed on their website wasn’t *actually* the minimum amount due, it was actually about $25 more than that. So why did the website say that, instead of saying I owed $76? No one had an answer. Of course, since my account was “past due”, they charged me a late fee on top of it. Of course, I never had an issue before so I don’t have any proof of what their website said and naturally their records apparently don’t show any discrepancies. Since I had just moved around the time this happened, I was severely strapped for cash and couldn’t give them the extra money they wanted plus the late fee, so my account stayed “delinquent” and I keep accumulating fees, despite me still giving them as much as I can afford every month.

my favorite part is, even though my first credit card is still being paid on time and I should have credit available to me, I can’t use the card because of my other account. Wonderful.

I would stay far, far, FAR away from this company unless you literally have nowhere else to turn.

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Oct 24, 2017
Bad Business....
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Nov 15, 2017
A1 From Day 1
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i just recieved the card i paid a 95$  annual fee recieved the card with a 300 $ credit limit and a 225$ available balance .. the next day iafter i recieved it ichecked my credit score it went up 26 points .. i also had the green card before this my score went up everytime i paid it .. great card ... 

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Mar 05, 2017
I used to have this card .
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Never , ever I repeat ever apply for this card . They're theives. I had two accounts with them starting in 2007 . I had some financial problems in 2010 where I ruined all my credit . Well , I check ck every week as my score has been going up . I believe it would be higher if not for 3 new negative marks . One is paid , one isn't and then premier says I owe them 486.00 . No , I don't I paid them off in 2011 , and all the sudden it appears on my credit report that I owe them from 2012 ........ WHAT ? Avoid this company no matter how desperate one is for new credit .,

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