First PREMIER Bank Reviews
Jan 08, 2017
Do what I did...And rebuild your credit

I am writing this review to let everyone know its OK. It really is. I got this card back in May 2015 and cancelled it January 6, 1017. I kept this card approximately 1 1/2 years. When I first applied for this card my credit was terrible. But, they approved me for a $300.00 limit. And, at the time of approval I was very grateful. The first thing I did was set up an online account for the purpose of making payments. Most importantly, I made all payments on time (making sure to pay a few days before the due date and paying in full when I could.) Never any issues with customer service or payment receipts. They really do help to rebuild you credit because payments are reported to the 3 major credit bureaus every month. I cancelled the card because, I now qualify for high limit, no interest credit cards without annual fees and First Premier does not provide credit line increases with out a charge. So do what I did...use the First Primier credit card as a tool to re-establish your credit. And, everything else will fall into place. Keep in mind, this is not the card for people with excellent credit so use it wisely and responsibly

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Dec 27, 2016
Run for your life
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This is the worst credit company that exists (and we utilize a few). The only reason I keep this account is because it is my oldest standing accounts on my credit report.

Horrible customer service, horrible product, awful website and miserable phone service.

I was called a liar and am being made to jump through 100 hoops to update my name after marriage. 

You would be better off applying for any other account... Literally ANYTHING else!

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Dec 30, 2016
Paying of card

Paid this card off each month. Moved and my mom paid on the card in November to help us with moving. First Premier accused me of FRAUD. Faxed over all the documentation they needed from my mother, and my bank. Continued to give me the run around. Called and since it was paid off closed my account. 

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Apr 04, 2016
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I opened My account in December 2015, and maintain a steady balance by paying not the Min Payment but the intire balance. I opened this account using my bank debit card, it too 7 days for me to get my card in the mail. I called First Premier Bank to request a credit limit increase, and asked if the funds could be taken from the same debit card that opened the account. They sai " NO " " i had to go to Walmart and send the increase ammount by Western union/ Moneygram and it would take 24 hours because it was the same as cash. 5 Days later I still have no increase I am not happy w/ it taking 10-14 days to receive a limit increase when I was told it takes 24 hours after a Western Union/Moneygram is received. No one seems to be able to contact the Credit Dept ( Because they don't have an internal Phone Number ) to find out the Status of this increase. and if I request my funds be returned it takes 30 days. The account was opened w/ my debit card but I was told I had to go to Walmart and send it so that it will be expedited as a Cash Increase. This has not happened. It only took 7 days to open and receive my card using my debit card. The same card that I use to pay my balance every month. I could have opened an account w/ Capital one using those funds,Which would have increased my Credit score for multiple accounts. Right now I am feeling Scammed and cheated. This company has No Customer service values at all

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