First PREMIER Bank Reviews
Jul 02, 2017
Good for beginners, bad credit
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Use this card for 1 year, pay off in full, dump it after 1 years use, second years fees too expensive, I qualified for better cards only after 1 full years use, this card serves it's purpose.

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Jul 27, 2017
Only good for initial credit building

I got this card because my credit was poor and I needed to get a credit card to improve my status. First Premier was one of the only cards that was willing to give me credit. I have had this card for about a year and half. If you have poor credit and are in a similiar situation as I was, then I would consider getting this card, beware though because they are many fees. When you initially get the card there are set-up fees, and on top of that they have an annual fee for the card. Even once you have your balance down to 0, they still charge you $8.00 a month to keep the card open. If you want to get a credit limit increase, they most likely won't approve you "because you have not have had the card for long enough" even though the balance is $0 and I have had the card for almost 2 years. Even if you do get a credit increase, they will charge your card 25% of whatever the credit limit increase is. 

I think it is a scam, because even though they wouldn't offer me an increase, they offered me a second card with a $750 limit. Basically they would rather you open a new card so they can charge you for fees on both accounts. The only reason why I am keeping this card is because it is the card that I have had the longest, and I don't want to close it and have my score drop. 

I will say within a few months of having the card and paying on time, my score did increase and I was offered a MUCH better Capital One account. Beware, if you miss your payment by even one day, you will get about 10 phone calls a day from random numbers across the country asking about your payment. 

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Jul 17, 2017

Annual fees, monthly service fees even if you have a 0 balance, closed my accounts and was told I had a balance. I am disputing the balance since I did not authorize the transactions.

They overcharge, customer service sucks, And they have problems with security, I have had more than one occasion dealing with fraudelant charges.

Please stay away from this company. 

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Mar 05, 2017
I used to have this card .
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Never , ever I repeat ever apply for this card . They're theives. I had two accounts with them starting in 2007 . I had some financial problems in 2010 where I ruined all my credit . Well , I check ck every week as my score has been going up . I believe it would be higher if not for 3 new negative marks . One is paid , one isn't and then premier says I owe them 486.00 . No , I don't I paid them off in 2011 , and all the sudden it appears on my credit report that I owe them from 2012 ........ WHAT ? Avoid this company no matter how desperate one is for new credit .,

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