First PREMIER Bank Reviews
Apr 22, 2017
Good if you are willing to play by rules
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I have had 1st Prem for about 2 years ( second one I got about a year after the first one) and both are at $700 now..  It is my first credit card since rebuilding my credit.  They did charge me for the first CLI of $100 at 25%.  I made up my mind to pay them off and be more responsible with my money.  I paid them off and put the cards away about 5 months later (January 2017).  I needed to rent a party bus and put the charge on this card and immediately paid it off before the next statement closed.  Fast forward to earlier this month (April 5th 2017) they have increased my limit $300 without the fee.  The letter said as a reward for my good credit and responsible use I was getting a $300 credit limit increase without the fee.  My credit score on my bill was 685.  As for the cards I currently hold...(many of them so I'm trying to get everyone of them down to zero balance and only use 1 or 2 at a time) Discover It Chrome 0% interest,. AMEX Blue Cash Everyday, CITI Costco 0%, Creidt Union Visa Card, Merrick-non-secured and Capital One Quicksilver.  

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Apr 07, 2017

Don't do it. This had got to be the worst card out here. The customer service is trash. The interest rate is trash. Their Turn around time is even more trash. I got it to help me increase my credit but they make me want to give up.

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Apr 25, 2017
No issues
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I have bad credit and have had bad credit. I've had this card since august of 2016 and I'm happy to have it

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Mar 05, 2017
I used to have this card .
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Never , ever I repeat ever apply for this card . They're theives. I had two accounts with them starting in 2007 . I had some financial problems in 2010 where I ruined all my credit . Well , I check ck every week as my score has been going up . I believe it would be higher if not for 3 new negative marks . One is paid , one isn't and then premier says I owe them 486.00 . No , I don't I paid them off in 2011 , and all the sudden it appears on my credit report that I owe them from 2012 ........ WHAT ? Avoid this company no matter how desperate one is for new credit .,

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