First PREMIER Bank Reviews
Feb 11, 2017
App fees? Annual Fees? MONTHLY FEES?
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Okay so, to start off, I'll put the 'good' first: FPB provides you with regular credit increases "for a one-time fee" every time. That's not so out of the box for credit card targeted towards bad/fair credit scores, but just thought people might want to know about this if they're looking for some first time credit offers and come across First Premier.

Now the 'bad':

1. INSANELY high interest rates (36%. Yes you read that right. THIRTY-SIX PERCENT) (my credit score was 620 when I got my first FPB credit card).

2. "Application Fee" of $95. Yup. You have to pay them $95 to apply.

3. "Annual Fees" of $75. 

4. "Monthly Maintenance Fees" WTF? (whatever they assign): Now this is what made me close the two FPB cards I had. I had $700 on each. I started paying off all my credit cards in full, and I started with the ones with the highest APR, so obviously FPB cards were the first ones I paid off. The following month, expecting to see a ZERO balance, I logged on (THANK GOD! I always check all my credit cards whether I pay them off or not as well as track them thru monthly FICO reports), and I saw a $14.50 and $8.00 balance on each card. I thought oh okay maybe that's what was left and my last balance didn't reflect it. So I paid the two fees. Then in the month of February, I log on to my account, and there they are again. I thought maybe my payment didn't go through. Checked my payment history and yup they went through alright. Called up customer service expecting to hear something down the line of 'the online account isn't reflecting the latest balance' (which has happened to me with other credit cards, so not an unrealistic expectation). 

Instead the rep dropped me the following line: "That's your monthly maintenance fee". So essentially you can *NEVER* pay off your balance. Every month you'll have a balance that reflects whatever monthly fee they charge on you. I've had good and bad credit cards but I've never come across one that charges a MONTHLY fee.

Anyone just starting off, go with Indigo. Or Credit One.. If you have negative items on your credit report and are desperate. I guess you can get a FPB card if you REALLY need an urgent line of credit that you'll pay off immediately. Other than that, there's NO WAY and NO REASON why anyone should carry this crap more than a few months. Absolute sham.


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Feb 07, 2017
Read the fine print and ask questions
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I've had this card for 6 months with few problems. My credit score rose 29 points after receiving this card and continues to rise. Yes the card has fees and high interest but you're using it to build credit not to be a source of limitless funds. Buy stuff pay it off, and keep your balance low. Just buy stuff you were going to buy anyways, not stuff you think you can because now you have a credit card.

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Feb 20, 2017
It is what it is
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I got this card 2 1/2 years ago when my credit was around 590. After keeping balences low I was able to get approved for a Capital One Quicksilver at 1500 and then from there I applied and was approved for Barclay's Arrival Card at 2500. Both of those cards have seen credit line increases. Through this time I had to deal with First Premier's annual fees, maintenence fees and crazy interest rates but you got to do what you have to do to rebuild your credit. My credit is now in the 700s after paying off all old debts and keeping my credit utilization low. I called today to cancel but they offered me 25 bucks and I had just paid my annual fee. I have it on my calendar to cancel my card before I hit my next annual payment. Credit Cards aren't meant to be maxed out, ever! Keep low balences or better yet pay your cards off each month and you will find your credit rising each year. It is not a sprint, it is a marathon. 

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Apr 04, 2016
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I opened My account in December 2015, and maintain a steady balance by paying not the Min Payment but the intire balance. I opened this account using my bank debit card, it too 7 days for me to get my card in the mail. I called First Premier Bank to request a credit limit increase, and asked if the funds could be taken from the same debit card that opened the account. They sai " NO " " i had to go to Walmart and send the increase ammount by Western union/ Moneygram and it would take 24 hours because it was the same as cash. 5 Days later I still have no increase I am not happy w/ it taking 10-14 days to receive a limit increase when I was told it takes 24 hours after a Western Union/Moneygram is received. No one seems to be able to contact the Credit Dept ( Because they don't have an internal Phone Number ) to find out the Status of this increase. and if I request my funds be returned it takes 30 days. The account was opened w/ my debit card but I was told I had to go to Walmart and send it so that it will be expedited as a Cash Increase. This has not happened. It only took 7 days to open and receive my card using my debit card. The same card that I use to pay my balance every month. I could have opened an account w/ Capital one using those funds,Which would have increased my Credit score for multiple accounts. Right now I am feeling Scammed and cheated. This company has No Customer service values at all

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