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Mar 24, 2017
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This company did not report to credit services as should have. I made a large payment and switched banks( even updating banking information online) and they still processed my old bank. Which, when I called, they said I did not update ( which obviously was a lie because they also processed an additional amount from my current bank). They did not want to remove the fee they charged me! I told the agent that I did not think it fair that I have to pay the fee, but I would at a later date and I probably would close the account at that time too......A week later I found out they suspended my account! Then, the following week, they updated their status on my credit report saying account closed due to creditor and also put an over the credit limit amount that I had NEVER reached( which would look bad on my credit report to any future creditors)! I will be reporting this company to the BBB. They are in it to make money from people and the deposit you won't get back if you use this card. So beware!!!

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Mar 10, 2017
Pond Scum

Payday lender disguised as credit builder.

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Mar 17, 2017
For Credit Builders/ReBuilders ONLY!
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After two (very expensive) years I have just closed this card. When I first applied I had damaged credit and scores in the LOW 540s. I was offered a $500 CL and of course accepted. This card has high signup fees, monthly maintenance fees and a large annual fee. Please also keep in mind that if you add a second card (like I mistakenly did) those fees double each month. Despite being the same account, you will pay two annual fees for the exact same card. With all of that said, this card coupled with Credit One (who i HIGHLY recommend) helped me move up to Capital One cards and as of last week have now been approved for American Express Platinum and CITI Double Cash cards. They definitely served their purpose but not something you should go into lightly. Also, I kept the Credit One card (they have great customer service, automatic CLI and their APR is negotiable after a certain amount of time). 

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Mar 05, 2017
I used to have this card .
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Never , ever I repeat ever apply for this card . They're theives. I had two accounts with them starting in 2007 . I had some financial problems in 2010 where I ruined all my credit . Well , I check ck every week as my score has been going up . I believe it would be higher if not for 3 new negative marks . One is paid , one isn't and then premier says I owe them 486.00 . No , I don't I paid them off in 2011 , and all the sudden it appears on my credit report that I owe them from 2012 ........ WHAT ? Avoid this company no matter how desperate one is for new credit .,

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Apr 04, 2016
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I opened My account in December 2015, and maintain a steady balance by paying not the Min Payment but the intire balance. I opened this account using my bank debit card, it too 7 days for me to get my card in the mail. I called First Premier Bank to request a credit limit increase, and asked if the funds could be taken from the same debit card that opened the account. They sai " NO " " i had to go to Walmart and send the increase ammount by Western union/ Moneygram and it would take 24 hours because it was the same as cash. 5 Days later I still have no increase I am not happy w/ it taking 10-14 days to receive a limit increase when I was told it takes 24 hours after a Western Union/Moneygram is received. No one seems to be able to contact the Credit Dept ( Because they don't have an internal Phone Number ) to find out the Status of this increase. and if I request my funds be returned it takes 30 days. The account was opened w/ my debit card but I was told I had to go to Walmart and send it so that it will be expedited as a Cash Increase. This has not happened. It only took 7 days to open and receive my card using my debit card. The same card that I use to pay my balance every month. I could have opened an account w/ Capital one using those funds,Which would have increased my Credit score for multiple accounts. Right now I am feeling Scammed and cheated. This company has No Customer service values at all

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