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Jan 08, 2017
Do what I did...And rebuild your credit
Anonymous Account Holder

I am writing this review to let everyone know its OK. It really is. I got this card back in May 2015 and cancelled it January 6, 1017. I kept this card approximately 1 1/2 years. When I first applied for this card my credit was terrible. But, they approved me for a $300.00 limit. And, at the time of approval I was very grateful. The first thing I did was set up an online account for the purpose of making payments. Most importantly, I made all payments on time (making sure to pay a few days before the due date and paying in full when I could.) Never any issues with customer service or payment receipts. They really do help to rebuild you credit because payments are reported to the 3 major credit bureaus every month. I cancelled the card because, I now qualify for high limit, no interest credit cards without annual fees and First Premier does not provide credit line increases with out a charge. So do what I did...use the First Primier credit card as a tool to re-establish your credit. And, everything else will fall into place. Keep in mind, this is not the card for people with excellent credit so use it wisely and responsibly

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Most Helpful Negative Review

May 18, 2016
A horror show
rl127 Account Holder

Terrible customer service, lousy posting practices and a nightmare if you report fraudulent activity.  To compound the felony, they make you jump through hoops and still do not correct the problem.


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Mar 21, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

This bank is a total fraud, don't even bother they will make your life more miserable. 

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Mar 17, 2017
Horrible to their customers
Anonymous Account Holder

 I have had a credit card with them for about three months now.  I've been keeping up with my payments leaving my balance add a minimum of $20 the way I was told to.  I bring my balance down to $10 right before spring break knowing that I was going to be using it. I go to pay for some ice cream with me and my children and it is declined I am out of town this was going to be our fun week to use my credit card. I called  premier bank card and they said my account is suspended. And I said due to what!? They said they try to get in touch with my debit card people and they would not release security information to them which is the method I have been paying from your bank card with so because my debit card company would not release private information to them premier bank card  spend it on my account without giving me a phone call without sending me any notice.  If you want to go to customer service do not go with this company.  I was out of town I was not near a fax and they were requiring me to fax them letters from my debit card company thing I am the owner on that account they would take nothing more nothing less than that which was extremely difficult considering the fact I was out of town.  So at this point I had to go five days out of town on a strict budget with my children trying to have a good time.  And everyone I spoke to about the situation was so rude! 

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Mar 14, 2017
Angrycustomer Account Holder

Made all payments on time for months. Then made a double payment to get ahead. Then, tried to log into my account a short while later just to check things out. Called customer service and was able to get in. I saw that one of the two double payments had been returned by my bank. Called Customer Service immediately, and they said that both of the double payments had been returned by the bank. I could see only one payment had not gone through, so I paid it on the spot plus the late fee. The other payment was showing as good so I said I would contact my bank and if it had not gone through I woud pay that as well. Within a few days received a letter saying my account had been closed due to excessive returned payments. if it was a total of two returned payments, one of which I had already re-paid (plus late fee), that is excessive?? It turns out I made a mistake and selected the wrong bank account to use when I was making the payments. I had closed the account and should have used my new account. An honest mistake, which I had already partially corrected by making a new payment plus fee.  Given that I had already been in contact with customer service, had repaid one of the returned payments plus fee (the second payment I had made was discretionary so I did not feel I needed to make it again unless I wanted to, and I didnt), and brought my account current, I consider closing my account to be total BS. Called Customer Service and they are useless. SO now, they want me to keep paying on a closed card. Well guess what? I told them to go to hell and send it to collections where I will then dispute it. Once it has gone to collections, I will sue the collection agency in small claims court after they fail to provide sufficent documentation to support the claim - which they almost always fail to do. Nine times out of ten the collection agency will not be able to provide enough documentation to satisfy a court, and they are forced to stop reporting the debt to the credit agencies. 

 The moral of the story is, this is first of all a very expensive card to own and use. Second, any card that will cancel your account over one returned payment, or even two if you count the extra payment I made which was totally discretionay on my part, is garbage. All this company wants to due is suck as much money as they can out of you with their outrageous anuual fee and outrageous interest rates. They are targetting you, if you received an offer, because they know you have little or no credit and are desperate. Dont do it. There are better ways to build your credit. If you get the card, I guarantee you will come to regret it. remember you were warned!

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Mar 12, 2017
Avoid at all costs
wpguy Account Holder

Yes, I know this card is designed for people with poor credit, but I have three other cards also designed for people with bad credit and trust me, First Premier is the worst of the worst. Instead of going on and on about all the ways this card is designed to screw you, I'll just state one fact; that it takes 20 days after making a payment for it to show up as available. I called the bank and their blatant lie was that after the payment is remitted, it takes 5 business days just for the payment to hit my bank, then from 10 to 15 more days for them to be notified that it cleared. False. When the payment clears your bank they are notified that day or the next. This is predatory. Avoid.

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Mar 09, 2017
mslady2009 Account Holder

I got this card for my husband to help rebuild his credit, they gave him a $300 limit.  He used it and we paid the whole balance days before the due date, it's been almost 10 days and our payment hasn't shown up but it has cleared our bank.  I sent them an inquiry and I was told that they have up to 20 days to hold your payment, REALLY???!!  So what is th purpose of having that card, if I use it, pay it, but you are holding it for a little less than 30 days, the turn around time is awful!!  We have since gotten a card from Capital One, you pay it and it posts within 2 days max!

Once we wait for the our payment to post we are closing our First Premier account, not worth it.  If I could have given them less than 1 star I would have.

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Mar 04, 2017
Frustrating to deal with
Seaross123 Account Holder

I have had to speak with First Premier Bank 5 times this week and it was one nightmare after another. Been out of a job and they lack compassion, have given me dishonest information twice, when I have made a payment have not opened up the credit line, communication has been extremely poor. I had 2 years of perfect payments with them prior to my job loss. Extremely dissapointed.

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Mar 03, 2017
First Premier is a Ripoff
ColoradoPhil Account Holder

If you want to try to rebuild your credit, don't use First Premier. It is a bank for suckers. They really are vampires, and there should be laws against a bank this evil. They make poor people much poorer.

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Mar 01, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

helped me re-build credit wit no issues, just pay on time!

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Feb 21, 2017
ekielbasa Account Holder

 My checking account found fraudulent activity and didn't process one payment after three years of being with this credit card.  Because of this one payment being returned from my checking account that froze my account due to fraudulent activity, first premier close my account and made me pay off the card!   I had never been late before with first premier and because of this mistake that my checking account made, they made me pay for it! Do not use these people, their interest is way too high and when you make an error they penalize you and humiliate you!

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Feb 11, 2017
App fees? Annual Fees? MONTHLY FEES?
18Shilva Account Holder

Okay so, to start off, I'll put the 'good' first: FPB provides you with regular credit increases "for a one-time fee" every time. That's not so out of the box for credit card targeted towards bad/fair credit scores, but just thought people might want to know about this if they're looking for some first time credit offers and come across First Premier.

Now the 'bad':

1. INSANELY high interest rates (36%. Yes you read that right. THIRTY-SIX PERCENT) (my credit score was 620 when I got my first FPB credit card).

2. "Application Fee" of $95. Yup. You have to pay them $95 to apply.

3. "Annual Fees" of $75. 

4. "Monthly Maintenance Fees" WTF? (whatever they assign): Now this is what made me close the two FPB cards I had. I had $700 on each. I started paying off all my credit cards in full, and I started with the ones with the highest APR, so obviously FPB cards were the first ones I paid off. The following month, expecting to see a ZERO balance, I logged on (THANK GOD! I always check all my credit cards whether I pay them off or not as well as track them thru monthly FICO reports), and I saw a $14.50 and $8.00 balance on each card. I thought oh okay maybe that's what was left and my last balance didn't reflect it. So I paid the two fees. Then in the month of February, I log on to my account, and there they are again. I thought maybe my payment didn't go through. Checked my payment history and yup they went through alright. Called up customer service expecting to hear something down the line of 'the online account isn't reflecting the latest balance' (which has happened to me with other credit cards, so not an unrealistic expectation). 

Instead the rep dropped me the following line: "That's your monthly maintenance fee". So essentially you can *NEVER* pay off your balance. Every month you'll have a balance that reflects whatever monthly fee they charge on you. I've had good and bad credit cards but I've never come across one that charges a MONTHLY fee.

Anyone just starting off, go with Indigo. Or Credit One.. If you have negative items on your credit report and are desperate. I guess you can get a FPB card if you REALLY need an urgent line of credit that you'll pay off immediately. Other than that, there's NO WAY and NO REASON why anyone should carry this crap more than a few months. Absolute sham.


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