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Jan 08, 2017
Do what I did...And rebuild your credit
Anonymous Account Holder

I am writing this review to let everyone know its OK. It really is. I got this card back in May 2015 and cancelled it January 6, 1017. I kept this card approximately 1 1/2 years. When I first applied for this card my credit was terrible. But, they approved me for a $300.00 limit. And, at the time of approval I was very grateful. The first thing I did was set up an online account for the purpose of making payments. Most importantly, I made all payments on time (making sure to pay a few days before the due date and paying in full when I could.) Never any issues with customer service or payment receipts. They really do help to rebuild you credit because payments are reported to the 3 major credit bureaus every month. I cancelled the card because, I now qualify for high limit, no interest credit cards without annual fees and First Premier does not provide credit line increases with out a charge. So do what I did...use the First Primier credit card as a tool to re-establish your credit. And, everything else will fall into place. Keep in mind, this is not the card for people with excellent credit so use it wisely and responsibly

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Mar 12, 2013
Horrible card stay away from
Anonymous Account Holder

I've had this card for 14 months now I had to reestablish my credit from my divorrce from my wife I have this card and 1 other to try to get back on track and I can say this card is the worst card in the world and the company is nothing but about the money. The interest rate is 36% $99 annual fee and a d*** 15 per month maintanence fee what a rip off stay as far away from First Premier as possible.

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These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

Apr 22, 2017
Good if you are willing to play by rules
Kelbert6677 Account Holder

I have had 1st Prem for about 2 years ( second one I got about a year after the first one) and both are at $700 now..  It is my first credit card since rebuilding my credit.  They did charge me for the first CLI of $100 at 25%.  I made up my mind to pay them off and be more responsible with my money.  I paid them off and put the cards away about 5 months later (January 2017).  I needed to rent a party bus and put the charge on this card and immediately paid it off before the next statement closed.  Fast forward to earlier this month (April 5th 2017) they have increased my limit $300 without the fee.  The letter said as a reward for my good credit and responsible use I was getting a $300 credit limit increase without the fee.  My credit score on my bill was 685.  As for the cards I currently hold...(many of them so I'm trying to get everyone of them down to zero balance and only use 1 or 2 at a time) Discover It Chrome 0% interest,. AMEX Blue Cash Everyday, CITI Costco 0%, Creidt Union Visa Card, Merrick-non-secured and Capital One Quicksilver.  

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Apr 20, 2017
Overall not a bad card.
mizvargasr Account Holder

Yes! With all the fees they hit u at, high Apr % rate, initial fee, annual fee, monthly fee after first year. This card is not all bad. This is the only card i was aproved for because i had really bad credit, but yes this card helped my credit and to a point where i was qualified for better credit cards. Those who don't understand credit, credit is something you have to work for it. Thats why i was where i was before with bad credit, didnt know how important it was. I never had a problem with this card, i always made my payments on time in full of the balance i had on the statement and never use more than %30 than your credit limit. Over all this card is not all bad. You need to start from somewhere and this card will help your credit score.

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Apr 17, 2017
Do not get this credit card!!!
PB67 Account Holder

This is the worst mistake I ever made. I can't close it because I am rebuilding my credit and don't want my credit score to go down. I pay $8.25 maintenance fee on this card whether there is a balance or not. I pay an annual fee of $49. I started out with $99 annual fee. You can make a $50 payment on this account with a $300 balance and only about $21 dollars is applied to the balance. You will never get this card paid off with all the fees. It's ridiculous. I recommend anyone trying to rebuild your credit to try a prepaid account. Do not use this company EVER!!

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Apr 09, 2017
A fraud!
VJays1 Account Holder

I opened my account with them almost a year ago. I have been on time with my payments. I get a message from them saying that my last credit card payment to them was "suspicious" and they needed all of this crazy information in order to keep my account open. They asked for something from my bank with my account number, my name, that it was a personal account and something with the payment I made listed on it and with my whole debit card number listed. My bank refused to give me anything with all of that information listed on it. My own bank said it sounded like a scam. I then called first premier and told them my bank refused to give me anything with all of the information they asked. I sent them a copy of my bank statement which had the charge to first premier listed on it. And I have them a copy of my debit card with only the last 4 digits exposed and they closed my account. I still don't understand what they mean by suspicious payment. I paid with the debit card that I used to pay the bill every month. It's my account. My card. The bank is a rip off. Don't get a card with them!

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Apr 07, 2017
Worse than a loan shark!!!
Anonymous Account Holder

monthly fees,annual fees, service fees, beyond high intrest rates. Stay far away form this cc company

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Mar 24, 2017
Tony335 Account Holder

This company did not report to credit services as should have. I made a large payment and switched banks( even updating banking information online) and they still processed my old bank. Which, when I called, they said I did not update ( which obviously was a lie because they also processed an additional amount from my current bank). They did not want to remove the fee they charged me! I told the agent that I did not think it fair that I have to pay the fee, but I would at a later date and I probably would close the account at that time too......A week later I found out they suspended my account! Then, the following week, they updated their status on my credit report saying account closed due to creditor and also put an over the credit limit amount that I had NEVER reached( which would look bad on my credit report to any future creditors)! I will be reporting this company to the BBB. They are in it to make money from people and the deposit you won't get back if you use this card. So beware!!!

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Mar 21, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

This bank is a total fraud, don't even bother they will make your life more miserable. 

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Mar 17, 2017
Horrible to their customers
Anonymous Account Holder

 I have had a credit card with them for about three months now.  I've been keeping up with my payments leaving my balance add a minimum of $20 the way I was told to.  I bring my balance down to $10 right before spring break knowing that I was going to be using it. I go to pay for some ice cream with me and my children and it is declined I am out of town this was going to be our fun week to use my credit card. I called  premier bank card and they said my account is suspended. And I said due to what!? They said they try to get in touch with my debit card people and they would not release security information to them which is the method I have been paying from your bank card with so because my debit card company would not release private information to them premier bank card  spend it on my account without giving me a phone call without sending me any notice.  If you want to go to customer service do not go with this company.  I was out of town I was not near a fax and they were requiring me to fax them letters from my debit card company thing I am the owner on that account they would take nothing more nothing less than that which was extremely difficult considering the fact I was out of town.  So at this point I had to go five days out of town on a strict budget with my children trying to have a good time.  And everyone I spoke to about the situation was so rude! 

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Mar 14, 2017
Angrycustomer Account Holder

Made all payments on time for months. Then made a double payment to get ahead. Then, tried to log into my account a short while later just to check things out. Called customer service and was able to get in. I saw that one of the two double payments had been returned by my bank. Called Customer Service immediately, and they said that both of the double payments had been returned by the bank. I could see only one payment had not gone through, so I paid it on the spot plus the late fee. The other payment was showing as good so I said I would contact my bank and if it had not gone through I woud pay that as well. Within a few days received a letter saying my account had been closed due to excessive returned payments. if it was a total of two returned payments, one of which I had already re-paid (plus late fee), that is excessive?? It turns out I made a mistake and selected the wrong bank account to use when I was making the payments. I had closed the account and should have used my new account. An honest mistake, which I had already partially corrected by making a new payment plus fee.  Given that I had already been in contact with customer service, had repaid one of the returned payments plus fee (the second payment I had made was discretionary so I did not feel I needed to make it again unless I wanted to, and I didnt), and brought my account current, I consider closing my account to be total BS. Called Customer Service and they are useless. SO now, they want me to keep paying on a closed card. Well guess what? I told them to go to hell and send it to collections where I will then dispute it. Once it has gone to collections, I will sue the collection agency in small claims court after they fail to provide sufficent documentation to support the claim - which they almost always fail to do. Nine times out of ten the collection agency will not be able to provide enough documentation to satisfy a court, and they are forced to stop reporting the debt to the credit agencies. 

 The moral of the story is, this is first of all a very expensive card to own and use. Second, any card that will cancel your account over one returned payment, or even two if you count the extra payment I made which was totally discretionay on my part, is garbage. All this company wants to due is suck as much money as they can out of you with their outrageous anuual fee and outrageous interest rates. They are targetting you, if you received an offer, because they know you have little or no credit and are desperate. Dont do it. There are better ways to build your credit. If you get the card, I guarantee you will come to regret it. remember you were warned!

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Mar 12, 2017
Avoid at all costs
wpguy Account Holder

Yes, I know this card is designed for people with poor credit, but I have three other cards also designed for people with bad credit and trust me, First Premier is the worst of the worst. Instead of going on and on about all the ways this card is designed to screw you, I'll just state one fact; that it takes 20 days after making a payment for it to show up as available. I called the bank and their blatant lie was that after the payment is remitted, it takes 5 business days just for the payment to hit my bank, then from 10 to 15 more days for them to be notified that it cleared. False. When the payment clears your bank they are notified that day or the next. This is predatory. Avoid.

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Apr 10, 2017

It can take up to 20 days with a checking account, use a debt card it's same day processing. Also it's not first premiers fault if it took 20 days for you payment to clear. They wait on your bank to approve it as well.

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