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Insulting Helpful to 5 out of 5 people

I recently recieved a credit offer from this company, only it was not an offer, it was an insult. They offered me a 700 dollar limit with only a 175 dollar annual fee and 13.75 a month maintaince fee (in addition to a 36% apr). Who the hell do they think they are to offer me such an insulting offer. What a bunch of ****ers, don't be an idiot, do not accept their offer. 

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  Sep 30, 2013 Reply

whitefish0404(3, 5)

Review by whitefish0404

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I did not notice my first attempt to leave feedback worked so I accidently ended up leaving two reivews. Opps. 

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  Sep 30, 2013

whitefish0404(3, 5)

Review by whitefish0404

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Horrible card stay away from Helpful to 5 out of 5 people

I've had this card for 14 months now I had to reestablish my credit from my divorrce from my wife I have this card and 1 other to try to get back on track and I can say this card is the worst card in the world and the company is nothing but about the money. The interest rate is 36% $99 annual fee and a d*** 15 per month maintanence fee what a rip off stay as far away from First Premier as possible.

Mar 12, 2013 Reply
Thanks for helping me rebuild my credit Helpful to 5 out of 5 people

Yes, this bank has exteremly high interest rates, and high annual fees... However, thank you for a couple things, First Premier Bank:
1) Because of my hybrid secured card with you, (which you have placed on my credit report as an unsecured card and it's really helped my score for the last year) I have now been approved for an unsecured credit card with Capital One.

2) I know I've been a pretty good customer with paying my bills, but I have screwed up a couple times and been a few days late... Only twice, but both times you've refunded my fees because, "I've been such a great customer."

3) I've gone over my credit limit a few times... and while your ridiculous amounts of phone calls are a bit annoying, every time they offer to take care of a part of my balance for me (generally $20 - $40 of my $300 - $400 balance) if I can pay it all in full soon and set up a draft. This hasn't been refunding fees, but actual purchases, taking it from my annual fee they say - again, because I've been a great customer.

While there are some things that are a bit ridiculous t othe eye about this bank, they give almost anyone a 2nd shot, or maybe even a 4th or 5th and probably get screwed over a lot which is why they charge 49% interest. (Pay your balance every month!! That's why you got this card) However, they really bend over backwards to take care of their customers that take care of them. 

By the way, I'm in my 2nd year now, for a few months, and you still have yet to charge me my 2nd annual fee!! sh...

Feb 12, 2013 Reply
Bad bad bad Helpful to 8 out of 9 people

One thing at this first premier bank don't tell you is that this have fees for everything I just had to make my first payment and I was so unhappy how meany jumps you have to go throw just so you don't have to pay a fee wow all I can say is I'm paying my card off and closing it ASAP I have discover and capital one they do know how to take care of there people so if anyone wants to get a card PLEASE DON'T GET FIRST PREMIER BANK CARD OR ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEM  NOT WORTH THE TIME.

Jun 06, 2013 Reply
First premiere has been great so far Helpful to 4 out of 4 people

First I will start by saying that I am in no way affiliated with first premiere. I am a senior in college with pretty average college student credit. I applied for the card and got the instant approval of 300. After recieving my card, I paid the initial 95 and I instantly had 225 credit.

my plans were to purchase gas and use this card for emergencies. The interest is definitely insane, but if you pay your balance in full you will have no need to worry about it. Anyways, I've called customer service about 4 times to ask general questions. To my surprise, each rep was very nice to me. They were very helpful and knowledgable. I don't know where the hell these other reviewers are getting their facts from. Long story short, I've had this card for about a week. I spent about 170 dollars and paid it all off in the same week- long before the min payment is due. 

i opted to use the express payment for 11 dollars. I called the credit card at 12am and the payment has posted and my funds are available. No issues this far. 

Lj987's review was:    

  Jan 23, 2014 Reply

Lj987(2, 4)

Review by Lj987

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Go with Credit One Bank or Capital One! Helpful to 4 out of 4 people

There are many credit cards out there for people with poor or fair credit.

1. First premier - Has a start up fee from 55 to 119 dollars.  Then they charge the annual fee to the card and begin charging from 6 to 7 dollars based on your credit score.  They never remove the annual fee no matter how great your credit becomes.  Increases are uncommon and you will remain in a high interest rate as they are designed for poor credit only.  Also if you have First Premier and get a better card close the first premier.  Your monthly fees and annual fees all reflect as spending and it does not help you credit report.  You get stuck only having them.  Also they have the highest interest rate for transactions than any other starter card at 36%.  The other 2 I mentioned are at 23.99% and Capital one Varies based on credit. 

Point of this post?  Go with Cedit ONe Bank and try Capital One card finder.  Both prequlify before applying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Matrix - Carries the Discover logo and is fee infested.  They charge 75 the first year with no monthly fees.  The second year the annual fee is99 with a 12.00 monthly fee.  This eats up your 300.00 limit easily  Increases are rare. If you do get an increase, they will bill you 35.00 on your card!  Why? An increase indicates creditworthiness right?  Why pay for it then?

3. Credit One Bank - I recommend this card for anyone with at least a fair credit score like 640 to 660.  The first year they charge 75.00 annual fee with no monthly fees.  The second year they charge 99. annual fee billed at 8.25 dollars a month.  That is all you pay.  I have this card and received a 100.00 increase from 300 to 400 in one month.  This card does not milk you of you rmoney.  Also they can pre qualify you by doing a backdoor credit review that does not reflect on your credit report.  They will tell you if you stand a chance up front.  Other factors could get you denied like income or employment status.

I also recommend anyone go to Capital One to see if they pre qualify for a credit card.  They have a series of cards that have and annual fee from 19-39 a year with no monthly fees.   They have a card finder prequalify feature to match your credit with a card you qualify for.  Keep in mind it will not affect your credit score by doing that.  Applying for the card will as thay will look further at your credit.  You should at least be at 640 to get a card from them. You should not have to buy credit, you should be awarded it due to proving your ability to maintain it.

amax's review was:    

  Sep 11, 2013 Reply

amax(7, 100)

Review by amax

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Helpful to 4 out of 4 people

Definitely not the best card.

But not the worst either.

I got this card a few years for the simple intention of rebuilding my creit. There is a start up fee, and an annual fee ($84, broken up into $7 month). There is also a fee when you want a credit limit (half of the actual increase I think, and yes that is ridiculous). I never had a problem with the service, however. The website always worked fine. I didn't use the card much, and when I did, I paid it off in full. When my credit got good enough that my score was over 700, I simply canceled the account.

It's not a bad card to help rebuild credit, as long as you're ok with spending $7 a month to do so.

rtclayton86's review was:    

  Jul 02, 2012 Reply

rtclayton86(4, 10)

Review by rtclayton86

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Helpful to 4 out of 4 people

 It's been 'ok' not really impressed. Very slow service when it comes down to the payment showing up on your acct. Interest is as of today May 25th, 2012 49.99% apr. Carried 6 mos. no interest charges then only 3% of balance so far in interest.Hasn't been to bad compared to the "Horror Stories"  that I have read about . All in all not bad, YET, got my card 3 days after my order. Seems to me they have improved.

TempleMagnus's review was:    

  May 25, 2012 Reply

TempleMagnus(1, 4)

Review by TempleMagnus

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Helpful to 7 out of 8 people

I had this credit card (it being my very first) for four years. There was at least twice that the annual fee did put me over my limit but as soon as I saw it, I paid it. Yes the start up fees are pricey but you have to start somewhere. I read the fine print after researching this card and agreed to everything BEFORE i ever signed up. My interest rate was locked in at 9.9% with only a $300 credit limit. I didn't expect much as this was my first card and I had no prior history. I paid on time, every time. Even had to call into the service center a few times to make a last minute payment. Never had a problem. During my research, I found out that the customer service reps will threaten, become hostile, even curse you out.. I never had that. I had nothing but nice reps the entire time. When I went to finally close my card last month, I got the whole "we do report to credit companies and closing your oldest card will hurt your credit score" talk that they give to keep me as a customer. I politely replied no and that was that. I got the card closed, and it actually helped my credit score! Not sure how but my score went up 12 points! I decided to close this card because it was the lowest credit limit of any of my cards. The monthly fees weren't enough to make me want to keep the card. I had no balance on there for about 3 months but I was still making $7 payments to pay the monthly fee. Overall, great card to have if you're starting new or even have a ding on your credit. You have to start somewhere and no one said it wouldn't come with a price..

Apr 12, 2012 Reply
Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

I red your review and I can offer anyone new looking for credit cards some advice.  There is a card called Matrix much like First Premier that charges outrageous fees as well.  I suggest going to Credit One Bank.  They have an annual fee of 75.00 the first year and 99 the second.  The 99 is billed at 8.25 a month.  There are no monthly fees other than the annual fee broken up into 12 payments.  I had the card a month at300 limit and the second month was increased to 400.  They report to the credit bureaus each month.  There are no start up fees other than the annual fee billed up front on the card.  Just because you have no credit does not mean you need to break the bank trying to establish it.  First Premier is solely out to milk the poor.  I was offered their card and declined after researching it.  Annual fee plus a monthly?  At the time I was told the monthly fee was for getting statements which you get via email now.  So why?  The max anyone should pay is 75.00 or even 99.00.  In time that should be removed after proving yourself and you should be rewarded with increases on your credit limit.  Matrix charge 35.00 for each credit increase.  Who pays for being a good customer?  Also First Premier does not offer increases too often.  It takes tham years and they never release the annual fee.  Drop them and move on.

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  Sep 11, 2013

amax(7, 100)

Review by amax

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Helpful to 6 out of 7 people

First Premier's bread and butter are their very high fee, very high interest credit cards with pitiful credit limits.    Remember, you lose FICO points when your utilization is over 10%.   So if you get a First Premier card, you can't show a balance more than $20 on a $200 CL on this card or your FICO score is going down.    Do you want a credit limit increase, then?   First Premier charges a fee for that, too.   If you are rebuilding, get a secured card with someone else!

christoofar's review was:    

  Jan 01, 2011 Reply

christoofar(77, 34)

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Review by christoofar

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First PREMIER Bank offers a variety of traditional and non-traditional services such as checking, savings, loans, Treasury Services, and more. Personal banking products include checking, savings, CDs, ATM and check cards, personal loans, lines of credit, mortgages, retirement planning, brokerage services, trust & investment services, and more. First PREMIER Bank’s website also provides customers online solutions such as online banking, online statements, bill pay, online loan applications, and trust online. Customer service is available over the phone, online, and in branches statewide. First PREMIER Bank has bank locations across eastern South Dakota.

Headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, First PREMIER Bank is sister company to PREMIER Bankcard, and both are under the holding company of United National Corporation.

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First PREMIER Bank

  • Established: 1989
  • Headquarters: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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  • Products: Banking, Credit Cards, Mortgages
  • Assets: $900 million
  • Available: Online, over the phone, in branch; South Dakota

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