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Jan 08, 2017
Do what I did...And rebuild your credit
Anonymous Account Holder

I am writing this review to let everyone know its OK. It really is. I got this card back in May 2015 and cancelled it January 6, 1017. I kept this card approximately 1 1/2 years. When I first applied for this card my credit was terrible. But, they approved me for a $300.00 limit. And, at the time of approval I was very grateful. The first thing I did was set up an online account for the purpose of making payments. Most importantly, I made all payments on time (making sure to pay a few days before the due date and paying in full when I could.) Never any issues with customer service or payment receipts. They really do help to rebuild you credit because payments are reported to the 3 major credit bureaus every month. I cancelled the card because, I now qualify for high limit, no interest credit cards without annual fees and First Premier does not provide credit line increases with out a charge. So do what I did...use the First Primier credit card as a tool to re-establish your credit. And, everything else will fall into place. Keep in mind, this is not the card for people with excellent credit so use it wisely and responsibly

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Mar 14, 2017
Angrycustomer Account Holder

Made all payments on time for months. Then made a double payment to get ahead. Then, tried to log into my account a short while later just to check things out. Called customer service and was able to get in. I saw that one of the two double payments had been returned by my bank. Called Customer Service immediately, and they said that both of the double payments had been returned by the bank. I could see only one payment had not gone through, so I paid it on the spot plus the late fee. The other payment was showing as good so I said I would contact my bank and if it had not gone through I woud pay that as well. Within a few days received a letter saying my account had been closed due to excessive returned payments. if it was a total of two returned payments, one of which I had already re-paid (plus late fee), that is excessive?? It turns out I made a mistake and selected the wrong bank account to use when I was making the payments. I had closed the account and should have used my new account. An honest mistake, which I had already partially corrected by making a new payment plus fee.  Given that I had already been in contact with customer service, had repaid one of the returned payments plus fee (the second payment I had made was discretionary so I did not feel I needed to make it again unless I wanted to, and I didnt), and brought my account current, I consider closing my account to be total BS. Called Customer Service and they are useless. SO now, they want me to keep paying on a closed card. Well guess what? I told them to go to hell and send it to collections where I will then dispute it. Once it has gone to collections, I will sue the collection agency in small claims court after they fail to provide sufficent documentation to support the claim - which they almost always fail to do. Nine times out of ten the collection agency will not be able to provide enough documentation to satisfy a court, and they are forced to stop reporting the debt to the credit agencies. 

 The moral of the story is, this is first of all a very expensive card to own and use. Second, any card that will cancel your account over one returned payment, or even two if you count the extra payment I made which was totally discretionay on my part, is garbage. All this company wants to due is suck as much money as they can out of you with their outrageous anuual fee and outrageous interest rates. They are targetting you, if you received an offer, because they know you have little or no credit and are desperate. Dont do it. There are better ways to build your credit. If you get the card, I guarantee you will come to regret it. remember you were warned!

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Aug 14, 2017
If Zero Stars Were An Option
AlexisChanel Account Holder

Card declines everywhere, even with money in the account. So embarassing! They approved me I used the card twice and they suspended it because they need to verify my address and social. How? I obviously reveived the card. So I should mail or fax my personal social security number??? Yeah right. I am closing this piece of $h!t account. Oh and the ridiculous 125 fee yeah crazy! waste of my money

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Aug 10, 2017
Ninajune Account Holder

 I have had this credit card for many years. I got it originally to help build my credit back up. I have other great cards now and my credit is very good, so I rarely use it. I was able to substansially increases all my other credit cards with no problem, but this card wants to charge 25% of the increase. So, if you were to get a small increase of $500, it would cost you $125! I just wanted to increase my credit utilization! It is difinately a rip off and not worth it. The Credit One card that I received around the same time I received this one is a much better card. I wish I had just stuck with the Credit one card and never applied for the First Primeire Card!

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Aug 10, 2017
Declined even when funds were there!
Anonymous Account Holder

Declined even when funds were there, very embarrassing!

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Aug 02, 2017
Justin2017 Account Holder

Did not have the card 3 days and they reported 125.00 on transunion. It dropped my credit score 6 points. Absolutely ridiculous. Called customer service no help at all in fact said that they did not report anything. I had it cancelled. Never again

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Jul 31, 2017
Bad Creative Accounting Practices
Anonymous Account Holder

You should not take this credit, they charge you every three days for fee of 35.00+. I paid off my balance every month and found a way to keep extra money. Someone is pocketing my extra money. I was on the phone for 3 hours. Talked to many representatives, and they all found a way to keep my extra money. I will be paying off this credit card and will try to encourage others not to get caught up in the easy way of recieving money.

Do not do advice, not work the frustration of loosing money, time and in the end you still will not get satisfaction.

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Jul 29, 2017
Stay Away!!
Anonymous Account Holder

Plz, even if you have BAD CREDIT DO NOT GET THIS CARD. I have 2 other credits card and this is the worssttttt...All they care about is making money with these outrages fees...I promise you, you will regret it.

listen to want EVERYONE is saying on here. also look at their rating its real. If your reading this and you still get this card SMDH. 

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Jul 02, 2017
Good for beginners, bad credit
CORP500 Account Holder

Use this card for 1 year, pay off in full, dump it after 1 years use, second years fees too expensive, I qualified for better cards only after 1 full years use, this card serves it's purpose.

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Jun 26, 2017
deuce145 Account Holder

This bank will give you the card, then utilize every excuse to penalize you in any way possible. I made above minimum payments mothly EARLY....and they would still send "reminders" to my email "reminding" me of my monthly payment due. I called several times customer service, only to be told the "reminders" are automatic, despite the fact I was able to verify with confirmation number my above minimum payment was already processed early for the said month. Equally, they were always tacking on various "processing" fees, which when I called customer service I was told they are routine. Bottom line they are a total SCAM....essentially a legal loan yourself a favor and stay away at all costs not worth it.

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Jun 26, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder


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Jun 12, 2017
Terrible Customer Service; DO NOT USE
CierraRosee Account Holder

After months of on time payments and using this card monthly about $200-$400 and would pay off in full. Within two weeks of my automatic payment not going through they closed my account and I only found this out when I went to make a $200 payment via the phone. They told me if it happens twice they automatically close your account. The automatic payment attempts were two days apart, I cannot believe I did not receive a letter or a voicemail stating what happened and that they were going to close my account. Would never recommend this bank to anyone, will continue to use my business elsewhere. 

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