Apr 10, 2017
Used to want to work with their customer
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I had this bank for 4 years now. When I purchased my used car I used Fairwinds as my lienholders and they were able to work with me before, giving me a decent payment plan but then they kept adding on all these fees and chargers that slowly incraesed my payments over time and added on more to my loan, making it impossible to pay it off when they had originally planned for me to pay it off. I should have paid off my car in 2 years but here I am 4 years later not even close to being done. A year ago, they added on over $900 to my loan because I switched insurance providers and they didn't really give me an explanation as to why. It increased my payments by $100 and I thought that was the end of it but then they did it again this year, adding on $783. And they will continue doing this until I get the insurance they want, but I can't afford the insurance and I can't afford these rediculous payments, and I will never seem to be able to pay off my car! My car is 12 years old and I'm paying almost $300 a month for it. It wasn't until recently that they told me the money they were adding on was insurance but I didn't know that so I've been paying twice the insurance I should be. I also can't seem to get papers proving my insurance through them so I can't cancel my current insurance. Sadly, I can't leave Fairwinds becuase my car is 12 years old and no other bank will take my car and I don't want to get a cash loan. But once I pay off my car I will NEVER do business with Fariwinds again nor reccomend anyone to them.

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