El Paso Teachers FCU Reviews
Aug 11, 2016
Manners Please!

I have never been spoken to do rudely.

I called into questions fee the credit union billed me for. Upon doing this the representative just got so defensive instead of being calm and explaining what it was for.

I spoke to a higher up and it got more crazy. She was trying to put me down saying they're billing me the thirty bucks (or whatever it was) so that I could learn responsibility.  She said that it's not that they want my money, they just want to show me to be responsible. If that's the case, I told her why don't you donate the fee to a charity.  She quickly said they can't do that.

In all honesty I don't care about a fee that's deserves. This was not deserved. They deposited my payment in the wrong account with the teller. The thing that upset me was it was not my mistake but rather the tellers error.

youd think they'd at least give you a break when it's questionable. Not at this place. TFCU is starting to really change for the bad.

im opening a new account elsewhere.

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