Eglin Fed CU Reviews
May 13, 2017
Getting worse

Eglin FCU is changing from an external provider for credit cards to an in-house credit cards. Everything seems to be screwed up. I cannot make payments now to my credit card unless its a transfer from my checking account. Well, unfortunately that is not the account I use for paying my credit cards, simply because my income check goes to another financial institution. Now I have to transfer money to my eglin checking account which cost me every time an added fee of $10, or I have to deal with mailing checks. How backwards is that! It worked fine before they made that transition and now it's all screwed up.

And on top of that, the new rewards program that is associated with the credit card is a piece of crap. Customer service is not well informed and rude, and I have to constatnly create a new account because the old one is lost.

Eglin FCU needs to get thei s**t together or I will be looking for another credit card option.

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