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Aug 31, 2017
Difficult company to work with
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I have a current conventional mortgage through them.  My experience has been very negative.  During the first days of my active mortgage, we had a conference call with my insurance representative to exchange information; the DM representative was unnecessarily aggressive, she talked over people and was very rude.   My take on this company is that most of their accounts may be lower-end consumer loans, that their staff probably either perform double-duty as both customer service and collections, which might acount for the behavior we experienced.   Since that time, they tried to contact me at an incorrect number (a friend's number, not sure how that got into my file) and they were insistent "You don't know someone by the name of .... "     

My loan is current and I don't have late payments etc., but I'm most definitely seeking a refinance just so I can get away from these people.    I got my loan through a state housing authority, as the rate was better, but again I think DM may be on the lower end of the servicing arena and hence their terms may have been more favorable to the housing authority.

I recommend anyone stay away from them.  They are very unprofessional.

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