Dovenmuehle Reviews
Apr 24, 2017
Avoid This Mortgage Servicer At All Cost

This servicer not only provides inaccurate information for your loan, they are slow in correcting the problems and FAILS to respond and help the home owner in a timely manner. You will receive so much confusing paperwork from them on a monthly basis, it is our belief that it is provided in an efort to keep you uninformed. Even when you mek the time to contact them and provide supportive documentation by way of fax...tey take forever to address the concern and respond. Also when it comes to excess funds in your escrow account - they tend to delay (as long as possible) rthe release of those funds. As a buyer who may be financing or during a re-fi INSIST that your processor guarantees (in writing) that the loan will not be placed with them. Make it a condition of the loan so you can avoid frustrations and inconveniences.

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