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Aug 24, 2017
DFCU use to Care and want to help
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I use to be a bragging customer about how great DFCU was.   All of the tellers and basic customer service representatives are wonderful.  The loan department use to be great too but now they are a huge disappointment.   We were in a very unfortunate position 2 years ago and had to seek financial help due to some life changing events.  We could have very easily defaulted on almost $30K with DFCU legally and legitimately. My accountant and Lawyer recommended I do so.  I loved DFCU and knew it would ruin my relationship with them.  I spoke with DFCU informed them with my situation let them know I was having trouble but let them know I would be taking care of and handling all of my responsibilities with them.  The lady told me I was doing the right thing and that once I get through this DFCU will recognize this and be ready to help me once again.  Since I got through our trouble I was denied CC's and Personal Loans from DFCU. Both which I was able to get one from another lender the same day.  I have been trying to refinance now that my credit is back over 650 and my income is higher from a recent promotion and once again I was denied and even denied with a co-signer.  I sent an email to the general email and the VP of lending to explain my situation and my disappointment in how I was treated and how it was handled and nobody has taken the time to even acknowledge my concern or contact me in any way. Later research and review reading I found that the upper levels of management is no longer as great as it once was.  I urge you to conciser a different credit union because if you have some unexpected life changing events come up they will not have your back.

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