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Oct 30, 2017
Treat their members like they are childr
Anonymous Account Holder

Over draft all the time because available balance will say 1 thing then 3 days later after no purchases say another. I had made some major purchases and three days later my account showed that I had money. Then 2 days later, I had a ton of overdrafts. What gives?! Wish I had not became a member. DFCU is not who they use to be.

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Aug 24, 2017
DFCU use to Care and want to help
RLC82 Account Holder

I use to be a bragging customer about how great DFCU was.   All of the tellers and basic customer service representatives are wonderful.  The loan department use to be great too but now they are a huge disappointment.   We were in a very unfortunate position 2 years ago and had to seek financial help due to some life changing events.  We could have very easily defaulted on almost $30K with DFCU legally and legitimately. My accountant and Lawyer recommended I do so.  I loved DFCU and knew it would ruin my relationship with them.  I spoke with DFCU informed them with my situation let them know I was having trouble but let them know I would be taking care of and handling all of my responsibilities with them.  The lady told me I was doing the right thing and that once I get through this DFCU will recognize this and be ready to help me once again.  Since I got through our trouble I was denied CC's and Personal Loans from DFCU. Both which I was able to get one from another lender the same day.  I have been trying to refinance now that my credit is back over 650 and my income is higher from a recent promotion and once again I was denied and even denied with a co-signer.  I sent an email to the general email and the VP of lending to explain my situation and my disappointment in how I was treated and how it was handled and nobody has taken the time to even acknowledge my concern or contact me in any way. Later research and review reading I found that the upper levels of management is no longer as great as it once was.  I urge you to conciser a different credit union because if you have some unexpected life changing events come up they will not have your back.

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Aug 24, 2017

I forgot to mention. I got an unperson-able voicemail saying I was denied followed by a standard unperson-able computer generated letter stating the reasons. Two were to many credit inquiries in 2 years (8). Four of them were from a loan lender I thought was doing a soft pull but really did 4 hard pulls at once. Another reason was I have over 70% of card balances full. Yes I am I have over $2500 from several cards. On an over 50k family income and applying on a loan to pay off a $7500 high interest loan & those cc's. Yes if I was not over the 70% I probably would not need a loan. The other factor was my 98% on time payment rate went down a little. I immediately cheeked my credit and found the only payments that were late were 2 of them from guess who... Yes DFCU I was probably a week? late twice on two auto payments which this bank knew I was going through trouble at the time and I was in constant communication with them.

Mar 13, 2017
Wrong balance
Anonymous Account Holder

I get over draft all the time because available balance will say 1 thing then 3 days later after no purchases say another. My purchased dates change every day, I will purchase something it will show for that day then the next day and so on when I made the purchase 5 days ago. Their way of keeping track sucks and really messes up your banking then you get screwed when you think you have money and you don't. People like me who rely on a bank to keep track of your money who can't keep up with with deposit & transaction this credit union isn't good & don't get me started on the drive thru service it's totally ridiculous VERY SLOW

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Aug 24, 2017

I have also had this happen to me. The app will show pending things coming out until about Sunday then I go to shop or use funds on Sunday and nothing is pending and I have funds. Then on Monday pending things that were pending Friday or Saturday were not pending on Sunday come out and it can really mess you up because you think everything that was pending has cleared and it really has not. I have had overdrafts and messed up the rest of my bill plans.

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