Directions CU Reviews
Sep 19, 2016
better than any bank could ever be
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you become a member by opening a savings account with a minimum $25.

They will notify you if they see suspicious activity on any of your accounts, checking, savings or credit card.

they are very easy to work with to resolve any disputes

getting loans is easy, they will work with you to get yu the loan you need

the interest rates for loans and credit cards are the best you can get

If you have a mortgage with them they will not sell it to another company it stays with them

they have online banking.  If you have any loans or creidt cards with them you can make the payment online witha transfer from your checking or savings.

You can even schedule the payments ahead of time to be made on a certain date and you choose the amount.  There is no fees for paying off loans early.

with a minimum balance in your account(s) there is no monthly fee and if do not keep the minimum balance the monthly fee is only $5!

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