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Dec 13, 2016
Bad Service & and ignore customer needs
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I'm sure they will help you to get credit card with very good CL as 5K and process you loan quickly and give you the good rate comapre to other banks and credit union.

But, by the time you are a customer with them - then you horrible story will start. Try to ask them to do anything for you. they will give you one standard answer "THIS IS OUR STANDARD"

otheerwise if you insist to them, customer service will ask you to call that department related to your question. 

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Jan 18, 2017
FAKE Credit Union
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I wanted to apply for refinance auto loan, once i applied online which said 1.74% with checking account. I got a mail saying your loan is being processed, some one will call you. Instead of someone calling i got a mail that your loan is approved to proceed further to register yourself for saving account.

I got registered with themselves by paying a DONATION amount and a deposit. On successfully registration, i got a mail to call there call center, where they asked registration number. I had to ask many time for offered APR finally i hear the APR(3.99%) they offered is higher than current rate which is no where close to 1.74% as listed in there website. They said your credit score is lower, for which i just had the credit score from EXPERIAN WEBSITE that my scores are more than 732 which was also in track with the letter sent to me couple of months back from BoA when they pulled my credit report for credit card. 

When i asked to SHARE THE CREDIT REPORT, as they have done a hard pull, they BACKED OUT. As i had EXPERIAN REPORT(taken a day before) by myself before the call, there score had a DIFFERENCE of 60-70 points. WHICH CLEARLY TELL THEY FAKE THE CREDIT SCORE TO INCREASE THE APR. Also when i asked to CLOSE THE SAVING ACCOUNT they DONT WANT TO RETURN THE DONATION. The customer care DISCONNECTED the call  ABRUPTLY by telling let me clarify with supervisor.

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