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Dec 13, 2016
Bad Service & and ignore customer needs
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I'm sure they will help you to get credit card with very good CL as 5K and process you loan quickly and give you the good rate comapre to other banks and credit union.

But, by the time you are a customer with them - then you horrible story will start. Try to ask them to do anything for you. they will give you one standard answer "THIS IS OUR STANDARD"

otheerwise if you insist to them, customer service will ask you to call that department related to your question. 

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Feb 23, 2017
bad customer service and bad credit card
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The DCU credit card is nothing special and I got approved for it when I was younger. Now that I have experience owning better credit cards, I realize that this one is probably the worst that I have. This review is mainly focused on how frustrating its been to close my accounts at DCU. I have a checking, savings, and a DCU credit card which I never use. I paid off the card and sent all required forms to close the accounts. I later find that I still owe some money which is fine. One man I spoke to over the chatline named Derek completely confused me and said there was a $10 fee to make a payment over the online payment center that they have. I wanted to make one last payment directly to my visa which ive done every month since Ive had the card. He told me to make the payment to my savings account and then transfer it to my visa. I was still confused about where this $10 fee was coming from and he was no help at all. He had to ask a supervisor. I go ahead and just do what he instructed. Over the next couple days, I check my DCU accounts again and my accounts as well as my payments have disappeared. I finally talked to someone on the phone (Mominah who was a big help-she had good customer service). Turns out they closed my accounts but not my visa before I was able to transfer that last payment. She informed that they shouldnt have done that because I still owed a balance but for some reason they did. I had to make another payment and now I have to wait for a check for the first payment that went through that they closed. Its true that some people tell you different things and because of their mistake, I have to go back and forth. Im glad that once this last payment goes through, all my accounts at dcu will be closed.  

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