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Dec 13, 2016
Bad Service & and ignore customer needs
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I'm sure they will help you to get credit card with very good CL as 5K and process you loan quickly and give you the good rate comapre to other banks and credit union.

But, by the time you are a customer with them - then you horrible story will start. Try to ask them to do anything for you. they will give you one standard answer "THIS IS OUR STANDARD"

otheerwise if you insist to them, customer service will ask you to call that department related to your question. 

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Nov 09, 2017
They are great to work with

I have used DCU remotely for 30 years as my prime bank.  Their people have always been helpful and freindly.  I have had numerous Car loans through them, it does take a bit more forethought since they do not have a local office.  For getting cash I can use local CU ATMs and for deposits I can now use the photo deposit through the phone.

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