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Jun 20, 2013
There Great!
Anonymous Account Holder

I became a member of DCU after my discharged chapter 7 bankruptcy in hopes of rebuilding my credit score, at DCU they are amazing, they offer the secured credit card that reports to all credit bureau's with NO annual fee! Simply Amazing!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Nov 21, 2016
False Promises
Anonymous Account Holder

I got an Auto loan approved with DCU for a bit higher rate, as i knew my credit report was not so great at that point. After talking to the customer support personnel, they have promised a reduction in interest rate as a promotional offer (0.5% deduction) with direct deposit and a 0.25% deduction in interest rate, for every 3 consecutive payments on time. Now this is where the promises failed, i made sure that i asked them this question of, does a partial direct deposit come under this promotional offer and they have agreed for this. But, after 90 days of my loan starting, they have revoked the deduction interest rate saying that they would require a full direct deposit, which was never a statement from them. When i contacted them about this issue, they have some customer service people with half knowledge of what is happening and what needs to e done. Neverthless, i was declined this offer and i did not bother about this, as i knew it would lot of time from my personal schedule. After a few months, i made a wrong payment, instead of making a regular one, i made a principal only amount. I agree this was my mistake, remember the 0.25% deduction in interest for every 3 consecutive payments ? Well, they stopped this offer from that time, about 7-8 months now. When i tried to contact the customer support, they have argued that the offer is no longer valid for new customers. I know, i'm a old customer. It took almost 30-45 minutes for me to get this to their head. And now i got another new rule thrown at me, saying that from the time of wrong payment month, it will take another 3 months of consecutive payments to qualify for this offer and it will start from the next 3 payments. Basically, the wrong payment was in February, i had to pay my bill for March, April and May to qualify for this offer and from then i always made ontime paymets. So according to their new rule, there should be a 2 0.25% deduction in interest rate (June, July, Augusta, September, October, November). But here comes the reason for my title, the interest rate is still the same. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND DCU to any of my friends/family. I'm just waiting to get out from DCU. I wish i could give 0 star.

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Apr 03, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

Terrible customer service and they won't help you in any way even after you have been a good member for a long time.There are much better credit unions and banks out there.

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Apr 10, 2017

Very true. I am closing relation with this entity.

Mar 30, 2017
Behind the times in Technology
Anonymous Account Holder

They cannot accept payoffs or payments greater than $2500 in their online portal.  They want me to do multiple deposits into my savings account and then pay off the loan.  Wasted time, wasted steps, lack-luster technology. 

You'd do better with another credit union.

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Mar 15, 2017
Easy refinance.
Anonymous Account Holder

All done online. 20 second phone call.

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Feb 28, 2017
So far so good
Anonymous Account Holder

I'm impressed with their interest rate, although there isn't a branch near me their are plenty of local co- branches available for ATM use

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Feb 23, 2017
bad customer service and bad credit card
Senyy Account Holder

The DCU credit card is nothing special and I got approved for it when I was younger. Now that I have experience owning better credit cards, I realize that this one is probably the worst that I have. This review is mainly focused on how frustrating its been to close my accounts at DCU. I have a checking, savings, and a DCU credit card which I never use. I paid off the card and sent all required forms to close the accounts. I later find that I still owe some money which is fine. One man I spoke to over the chatline named Derek completely confused me and said there was a $10 fee to make a payment over the online payment center that they have. I wanted to make one last payment directly to my visa which ive done every month since Ive had the card. He told me to make the payment to my savings account and then transfer it to my visa. I was still confused about where this $10 fee was coming from and he was no help at all. He had to ask a supervisor. I go ahead and just do what he instructed. Over the next couple days, I check my DCU accounts again and my accounts as well as my payments have disappeared. I finally talked to someone on the phone (Mominah who was a big help-she had good customer service). Turns out they closed my accounts but not my visa before I was able to transfer that last payment. She informed that they shouldnt have done that because I still owed a balance but for some reason they did. I had to make another payment and now I have to wait for a check for the first payment that went through that they closed. Its true that some people tell you different things and because of their mistake, I have to go back and forth. Im glad that once this last payment goes through, all my accounts at dcu will be closed.  

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Feb 11, 2017
Best in bank including less charges
Anonymous Account Holder

Free checks, surcharge free atms, more faster in deposit and so on.

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Feb 02, 2017
Ending relation with DCU
DSAGAR Account Holder

1) got my checking account, savings account, credit card with DCU

2) got a auto loan, then started saving money from salary in savings account

3) payed auto loan emi , credit card bill promptly for 6 months. (have 4 more credit cards from different vendors, and have 100% payment history till date, over all credit utilization below 10%)

4) Had a very good credit score near to 750, debt to income ration below 10% (including my auto loan)

5) had a emergency situation and wanted a personal loan, approached dcu

6) got denied, did not want a hard query to just go wasted, asked if they can increase my credit card limit to whatever I qualify for.

7) credit card  credit limit increase was also denied. 

8) Well then , I logged online and PAID OFF THE AUTO LOAN in full. No more business with DCU. 

9) Well if they dont trust me with my credit score, income, debt to income ratio, I dont trust them either. 

10) Relationship with good customers matters. Good luck !

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Mar 09, 2017

Why did you post the same review 3 times?

Mar 12, 2017

to drop their rating i guess

Jan 25, 2017
Very Bad Experience- No auto finance.
kothagadi Account Holder

I have been customer of DCU since last 3 years. Recently I had some bad expreince. I have an auto loan with them and they wanted a new title and all of a sudden they hiken my rate of intrest from 1.99% to 18-20%. After I saw this on my account i got realized and called them to see whats going on they said they wanted new title and stating DCU as lien holder and they have told that they would be removing that 18% and charged money after they the new title. I have provided them with new title and they reverted back the intrest to 1.99% but they are not willing to pay that extra intrest charged. I have requested for the auto payment option but this was never taken care aswell. mobile app crashes and it doesnt work outside USA if you are out on vacation outside US..They are just around to squeeze as much money as possible beware!!!!!!!!!


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Jan 18, 2017
Great service, greater rates.
cjamesb Account Holder

I don't understand these negative reviews.  I was jus starting to rebuild credit, I had a a pretty low score..  DCU got me back on track with a auto loan at 3.74 down from my 27.99.. Got me a 5k card with 13.5 intrest. Those rates are unheard of with someone with credit like mine was.  Now I am abot to buy a house, many thanks to DCU with their giving me a chance and allowing me to rebuild my credit with them.  Recently got a personal loan for $5,000.00 the money was in my account the day after replying, I never even had to go to the branch. 

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Jan 18, 2017
FAKE Credit Union
biswa0 Account Holder

I wanted to apply for refinance auto loan, once i applied online which said 1.74% with checking account. I got a mail saying your loan is being processed, some one will call you. Instead of someone calling i got a mail that your loan is approved to proceed further to register yourself for saving account.

I got registered with themselves by paying a DONATION amount and a deposit. On successfully registration, i got a mail to call there call center, where they asked registration number. I had to ask many time for offered APR finally i hear the APR(3.99%) they offered is higher than current rate which is no where close to 1.74% as listed in there website. They said your credit score is lower, for which i just had the credit score from EXPERIAN WEBSITE that my scores are more than 732 which was also in track with the letter sent to me couple of months back from BoA when they pulled my credit report for credit card. 

When i asked to SHARE THE CREDIT REPORT, as they have done a hard pull, they BACKED OUT. As i had EXPERIAN REPORT(taken a day before) by myself before the call, there score had a DIFFERENCE of 60-70 points. WHICH CLEARLY TELL THEY FAKE THE CREDIT SCORE TO INCREASE THE APR. Also when i asked to CLOSE THE SAVING ACCOUNT they DONT WANT TO RETURN THE DONATION. The customer care DISCONNECTED the call  ABRUPTLY by telling let me clarify with supervisor.

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Jan 25, 2017

Had a personal call with DCU executive. have given a feedback about the process. He was kind enough to process my refunds without condition. Also gave me insight of the approval process and criteria. After the call i was convinced and decided to keep the account for future loans. I dont find way to update earlier review, hence the comment

Mar 09, 2017

DCU's score was probably a real fico whereas the score you received on your own was probably a vantage score. Most le lenders use fico scores because they've been around a lot longer than vantage scores. Also, there are different variations of fico scores. One for credit card lending, one for mortgage and another for auto. Just because the score DCU used didn't match the one you previously saw doesn't mean it was not accurate. It's more possible that the higher score you were looking at was probably the "fako" score.

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