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Jun 20, 2013
There Great!
Anonymous Account Holder

I became a member of DCU after my discharged chapter 7 bankruptcy in hopes of rebuilding my credit score, at DCU they are amazing, they offer the secured credit card that reports to all credit bureau's with NO annual fee! Simply Amazing!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jul 06, 2016
The most arrogant, greedy and unhelpfuls
Anonymous Account Holder

The most arrogant, greedy and unhelpful bank. I never get any help or accurate information from DCU. Different associates will give you different information. They always hungry for get more money from you in any ways they can. 

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Oct 07, 2016
customized license plate
Arunjohnny Account Holder

If you want customized license plate, don't get DCU auto loan.

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Oct 05, 2016
Love DCU
061jrs Account Holder

18 months ago I had no credit history at all and needed reliable transportation. I had no cosigner and as a result ended up with a very bad car loan. 23.99% interest and $399/mo payment for a used civic.

Nobody would give me a credit card and I was on the verge of opening a secured card and putting down $500 on it which I didn't want to as you may imagine.

I decided to join DCU after reading so many good reviews here and elsewhere. My goal was to eventually refi with them at some point. They gave me a $1k visa at the beginning. They wouldn't refinance me early on but said if I showed them 6-8 more months on time payments they definitely would. About 6 months later they had a message in my inbox saying I was pre approved for auto loan and CL increase on my visa.

My new loan is 3.49% interest and $215 a month with the same amount of months left. ( I kept the same amount of months by design even though it's a fairly long time).

I also now have a $2500 discover it card. At the same time I got my car loan originally I got two store cards for credit building purposes as well. I've received several CL increases on them both and now I am getting an increase on my visa from DCU and they refinanced my car which is making so happy I could do a cartwheel.

Customer service has always been polite and helpful. The only thing is if you do apply for something as a loan wait 24 hours and then just call them. They may or may not be proactive about calling you which is strange but.... all things considered I can call them. They saved me thousands and thousands and thousands on my refi deal.

DCU literally helped me get a foothold into the world of credit and I will forever be thankful for the opportunity they provided me.

Other things I like about them:

I received a paper check once and used their android app to snap a picture of it and 90 minutes later it was in my account.

They are my sole bank and they give me my paycheck on Wed at 3:30 instead of friday which is my payday

When I am paying my visa issued by them it is a simple matter of transferring it from checkings to my visa account. This takes 15 seconds

I can get a cash advance from my visa without paying any crazy extra amount ( I did this once just to confirm there was no extra fees )

Customer service is always polite to me and helpful. They all speak english natively including the live chat people (I believe)

They've never required excessive documentation from me and the few documents I submitted I did so online which is very convenient and easy for me.

They have a good partnership atm  network allowing me free atm use.

If I use an atm out of network they reimburse me up to $5 a month in atm fees and put it straight in my savings account.

The website is adequate and the app is fine. But I will say the website is not optimized for mobile browsers. You can absoultely still use it but it is not optimized for mobile devices.

Overall I have not a single bad word to say about them.

Thanks DCU

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Sep 22, 2016
Horrile, pathetic service
mkv1011 Account Holder


Please do not waste time by going with DCU. This is most horrible credit unions I have ever had accounts with. I have 

been a loyal customer past 18 years, yes, last 18 years. Last few years been they service drastically deteriorate, 

pathetic and arrogant customer service, very poor service. I gave very good businesses to this credit union since 18 

years and in return they have been they dented my credit score by falsely reporting the missing payments. How can I 

miss my payments, when it is automatic payments are scheduled for indifinite period of time. I have had my car loan, 

home equity and credit card account (until last couple of months this was my primary card) at differnt time periods 

and big believer of supporting credit unions. I was wrong. I have set up automatic payments on monthly basis to 

transfer money from our from a big bank to my DCU credit union accounts(savings and money market), because they do not 

allow us to schedule money to go to our car loan or home equity or credit card accounts at DCU. I have also scheduled 

multiple scheduled transfers to pay off monthly to car loan, home equity and credit card accounts. 

The DCU's automatic scheduled transfers are flawed or programmed to be flawed or not sure what is the real reason. 

Since last couple of years, they kept calling I did not pay. I always used to tell them, automatic payments scheduled 

to payoff to loan accounts. We have always payoff full amount, never ever missed payments since decades its true with 

other car loans, credit accounts (I have several major credit cards and always pay full amount on dot/on time, never 

missed a payment) between accounts. I had proof as well to show them that it was scheduled. But, they always telling 

me it my fault, I was not paying. That was last year, they called and transfered first time. But, since last year, 

their automatic payments not working and same problem, and never calling me anymore, and never transferred amount 

saving accounts to other loan accounts, and some very small amount around 100 dollars and 200 dollars. We always had 

balance to payoff for 1 year. And, they were reporting to credit bureau without our knowledge. Recently, couple of 

months ago, I tried to refince and my credit score came back below 700, my credit scores never below 800 since last 

few years (nevery missed any payments since decades) and always had excellent credit score. I was shocked to see my 

score was 670 and 680. I have disputed with DCU with proof and the customer service was arrogant, pathetic service and 

not willing accept their fault and never reversed their fault, which was falsely reported to credit bureaus since 

automatic payments did not work as it was intended. And, could not refinance to get better rates. They have dented my 

credit score real bad. They did not release how valuable each customer is, and I am a business man too, run a small 

business and all of our employees referred by me to have accounts here at DCU. And, additionally I have referred many 

of friends and family to this pathetic DCU credit union since last 18 years, more than 100-150 customers I have 

referred. Now, since last couple of months, I have moved and closed all of my car/home equity/credit card loan 

accounts to big bank. I have filed a complaint with BBB as well to falsely reporting to credit bureaus. This is 

outcome of being a loyal and high valued customer for last 18 years. I have also, shared my experience with this DCU 

to my friends and family and to our employees. Never do business with DCU..its not worth it..they do not understand their customer....period

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Sep 14, 2016
DCU documentation

Applied for CAr loan and Membership

approved car loan but while membership application for address proof asked me lease agreement then told me it is older than 30 days then asked for bank statement for adress proof then asked for utility bill though I told them I'm staying as paying guest and don'thave it they again asked to submit new lease docs and then said no they want utility bill only

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Sep 11, 2016
Worst service ever
Anonymous Account Holder

Worst service ...

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Sep 06, 2016
Not Trustworthy
bhat123 Account Holder

I had always held DCU highly and whenever I looked at the negative reviews, I felt the mistake was not at DCU' end. Today, my opinion changed forever. Around 4 weeks back they were supposed to send my card and after two weeks I called them to let them know that I still haven't received my card. They kept saying I should have received my card by then. Today I recevied my card which was posted four days back. So for one complete week I was checking my mail box for a card which was never sent. To make matters worse, they disconected the chat session when I asked them about this. Time to open a new back account!

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Aug 01, 2016
DCU New mortgages

I have really bad experience with DCU mortgages. Customer Services(New mortgage) needs training. Customer services are not very clear with mortgage underwriting process. They make false commitment and results in bad customer experience. Try to avoid this bank.

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Jul 23, 2016
Solid customer service with good product
Anonymous Account Holder

Super happy with DCU. Flexible with knowledgable CS. Good but not superb overseas. Integrated systems and superb customer service are a big draw for their loans, which may not be the best rates. 

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Jul 21, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Terrible , will never go back!

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