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Aug 22, 2016
Not trustworth
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I had an account with Del Norte for about 3 years with no problems, and closed it when I moved out of New Mexico.  After a year I decided to move back and applied to open an account with Del Norte again.  After applying I found out that they did a hard credit check on me.   There was no warning or indication that they would do this for a normal account (I can understand if I applied for a loan).  I was told that on page 3 of 10 in the Terms and Agreements Document it states they might do a credit check. This seems extreme for just opening an account, and they should state this up front that a hard inquiry will be pulled.  I try to preserve my credit score, and now I used up an inquiry when I was not trying to obtain credit.  I called customer service several times, and was told that a manager would contact me.  She never called.  I eventually called and was able to speak to her, which is whn I recieved the explaination above.

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