Cyprus CU Reviews
May 16, 2017
Cyprus CU doesn't care about you!
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Cyprus Credit Union doesn't care about you or your individual circumstance.  Without going into too much detail, I had some job transitioning that resulted in my credit and overdraft account going delinquent.  After only 90 days, Cyprus sent the account to collections with Knight Adjustment Bureau.  After speaking with a rep of Knight Adjustment Bureau today to try and come to agreeable terms to keep me out of bankruptcy and to settle my account, I was told by the manager, Patty, of Knight Adjustment Bureau, that Cyprus Credit Union is bank who only looks at the numbers and doesn't care for people's individual circumstance.  As a creditor and collection agency, they are required by law to avoid unnecessary expenses.  In the year and a half since my account went delinquent, both Cyprus Credit Union and Knight Adjustment Bureau have increased my original balances by over $1300.  Seem they're not abiding by law and are not avoiding unnecessary expense.  Furthermore, they want 93% of the balance due (including the $1300 they've inflated the account with) in order to settle the account.  I can't afford that.  I've been struggling financially for the past two years and I just want to move on with my life.  I offered to settle at 50% of the current balance due ($2155) which is more than reasonable considering the majority of my other creditors offered to settled at 35%.  Settling at even 50% puts me as the consumer in a bind, but they don't care.  Knight Adjustment Bureau claims Cyprus is the one making the decision for settlement.  Seems Cyprus Credit Union's end goal is to force good people here in Utah into Bankruptcy.  I would avoid obtaining a loan through them at all cost.  In the event life happens to you and you fall delinquent, they'll come after you without any care or concern.

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