Cyprus CU Reviews
Feb 18, 2016
Treats their members horribly!!!

I have been a member of Vic for over 10 years  good member in good standing. I recently got a $4000 check from Geiko for an insurance settlement. I wanted to cash the check and was told they wanted to put an 11 day hold on the check! An extraordinary amount of time for such a small check AND to a 10 year member. They wouldn't even just deposit the check without putting the hold on it first! Made me feel like I was a crook trying to get away with something!  The manager here at the riverton branch has no idea how to treat her members and should not be in the position she is in. I will be closing both of my accounts with this credit union. Sad...... after 10 long years. Do not bank here. At least not at this branch

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