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Cyprus Credit Union

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These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

Dec 20, 2016
Horrible Customer Service
Anonymous Account Holder

Word of advice, AVOID Cyprus CU. You are more likely to win the lottery than receive an email response from any sort of customer service. Just wasted my entire lunch break driving to a branch over something that should have easily been resolved if somebody would ever return an email. I have only had my auto loan with them for two months and am already considering refinancing with a different financial institution. Incompetent beyond belief.

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Feb 18, 2016
Treats their members horribly!!!
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been a member of Vic for over 10 years  good member in good standing. I recently got a $4000 check from Geiko for an insurance settlement. I wanted to cash the check and was told they wanted to put an 11 day hold on the check! An extraordinary amount of time for such a small check AND to a 10 year member. They wouldn't even just deposit the check without putting the hold on it first! Made me feel like I was a crook trying to get away with something!  The manager here at the riverton branch has no idea how to treat her members and should not be in the position she is in. I will be closing both of my accounts with this credit union. Sad...... after 10 long years. Do not bank here. At least not at this branch

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Feb 08, 2016
Bad Bad Bad
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been with Cyprus for about 10 years.  With in the past year I have noticed my balance does not reflect the actual funds that are in my account.  This is a horrible experience and has made me panic more than a few times.  When I call they dont have a clue where the money went.  Then after a few days it randomly shows back up.

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Jan 21, 2016
Shay1144 Account Holder

I've had accounts with them for years! the tellers are nice most of the time but their customer service is the dumps. This isn't the only problem I've had with them but it's by far the worst, and the last straw! I'll be honest I've had my share of struggles from unstable jobs, late payments, delinquent notices, Etc. For the past two years I'm in a great place in life; and the finances to prove it. All of a sudden I'm blindsided with a court summons for a negative balance that I "refused" to pay. For years I've walked into their locations to take care of business and not once did anyone notify me of a negative balance! Now I have to pay almost a grand to satisfy them it's ludicrous!!! This could've been taken care of months ago if someone would e just open their mouth! I guess they just enjoy making all their customers suffer! I'm so glad that I've transitioned to another credit union, because after I'm finished with them I'm going give them a piece of my mind and I hope others will fallow! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

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