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Cyprus CU Policy of no forgiveness Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

Hello, I am writing this review so that everyone can find a clear understanding of how Cyprus considers its customers and it's employees. Over 9 years ago I declared bankruptcy. Cyprus was listed on the bankruptcy due to my situation at that time. Since that bankruptcy, I have had a car loan (Paid off early) a checking acount and a signature loan (paid on time). I thought I really liked this company. I called recently to take out another loan. I was informed that I was not eligable due to the bankruptcy to to take out any loans. When I asked why this was due to the fact that I have had several loans in good standing with them in the last 6 years, I was informed that was their policy if they had ever taken a loss not to lend money. Fine, I get this. That is not why I will discontinue using them. I was then informed by Rose over the loan department that every single person who had serviced my loans and opened my account would be subject to displinary action. Wow! What a company that they value their customers and their employees so little that they would punish everyone for allowing me to have a second chance. I would urge no one to go to this CU. It is fine for them to not lend me money that is business. But morally, to punish all of those employees years after the fact for allowing someone to do business with them, that I have an issue with. If you value your employees so very little you punish them for issuing second chances to people that have proven they are worth it and lined your own pockets with their hard earned money, you are not a customer based business. Very little respect is owed to a company that treats their employees so poorly.

Sep 10, 2013 Reply
Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

We really have enjoyed Cyprus.  The online site is easy to navigate and as a credit union, I always feel they have been upfront about any changes they need to make.  Our only complaint is they are entirely local and if we ever move away we will have to change our accounts.

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  Oct 10, 2011 Reply

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Staff Needs more Training

I am currently using this company. Every time I have an issue and call customer service, I always sit on hold forever, and there have been multiple times I have had to call back more than once because the customer service agent on the phone told me one thing that didn't end up being true. Every time I speak to an agent I get a different response. Their agents need more training on the policies and how to review the accounts. Most of the time when I speak to someone, the notes from the previous call are very vague or were never written, so there is never anything to back up the fact that I already had that same conversation with other agents. I find very little benefit to using this company. I know of other credit unions that provide many more benefits to using their banking services. I wouldn't recommend Cyprus to friends or family. Find somewhere that has a more mature staff that has knowledge of their companies procedures. If all you want to do is have an account for your paycheck to be cashed then sure use them. If you need any other functions, don't bother. When something doesn't work out, you will spend more time then it's worth correcting mistakes.

Apr 02, 2014 Reply
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Company Overview

Cyprus Credit Union (CCU) offers financial products such as checking, auto loans, mortgages, credit cards, business loans, financial planning, online banking, and youth accounts. The website provides resources including auto buying tools, credit counseling, and loan payment calculators. Membership is open to all Utah residents willing to contribute a $5 donation to the Community Recreation Association. Branches are located in the Utah cities of West Jordan, Magna, Salt Lake City, Riverton, Sandy, Saratoga Springs, Midvale, West Valley, South Jordan, Centerville, and Herriman.

Headquartered in West Jordan, Utah, Cyprus Credit Union was established in 1928 by copper company employees. CCU currently has $502 million in assets.

Company Details

Cyprus Credit Union

  • Established: 1928
  • Headquarters: Utah
  • Website:
  • Products: Auto Loans, Banking, Credit Cards, Home Equity, Mortgages
  • Assets: $502 million
  • Available: In branch and online; Utah

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