Cortrust BanK Reviews
Jul 23, 2017
Great for Rebuilding Credit
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This is a great card for rebuilding credit... Don't let the bad reviews fool you.

I have had this card for 13 years. They started me out with a $500 limit when my FICO wasn't even 600 and every year I would receive a letter offering an increase in my limit. I did that for about 7 years and raised it to $1900; credit increases for me each year was $200. Although I now receive credit limit increase offers from them about every 6 months, I have not asked for an increase in about 6 years. In fact, I just received a letter from them yesterday. I don't feel the need to increase my limit when my FICO if over 800 and I rarely use the card.

If you ask for an increase from them or anyone they WILL run your credit no matter how good your payment history. If your payment is late, you WILL get dinged for this and it does take a few days for your payment to post so keep that in mind when making payments.

I don't know where this “once a month” or “every 10 days” payment information came from; however, I make payments to all of my credit cards each week and its NEVER been rejected, not even by CorTrust.

This card is very expensive to maintain but that's the price you pay for messing up your credit. I pay a $6 a month maintenance fee along with a $50 annual fee. Why do I keep this card you ask? Because they were very good to me in a time when I didn't deserve it... and I've had the card for 13 years.

If you think you're going to get this card or any card and fix your credit in the next 2 years, you're fooling yourself; that and you're probably falling for the BS on the internet or TV ads.

Fixing your credit is a long and sometimes painful process. It will take 7 to 10 years for bad credit to fall off your credit report and that's if things go right. Educate yourself on how your credit works and what it's based on, such as, length of credit, credit limit, overall percent credit usage, card percent usage, among other things. Credits cards are good, store cards are bad, consolidations can be bad, having a company negotiate your payments or interest rate is really, really, bad, paying to fix your credit is more times than not wasting your money. Using your card to only 10% of your balance and paying it off is good, having a 50% usage on your card is bad, maxing your card... well... you might as well shoot yourself in the foot.

I could write a book.

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