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Dec 13, 2017
Aqua Finance & Mystery Savings Account
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I applied for and got financing for a Depure whole house water filtration system. Apparently this financing was through Aqua Finance, ok sure. Then I get a call from Connexus Credit Union welcoming me and talking about setting up online or did I have any questions... Yes, my question is why do you think I have an account with yall when I don't. "Oh, didn't they tell you that your Aqua Finance loan is through us and that to have the loan you have to be a member and at least have a savings account so it automatically comes as part of the loan??" ..... No, they didn't tell me that but I'm guessing it is in the fine print somewhere. Sneaky, conniving, rats.

Few days later I get an auto mailer asking for all of my personal information for "my account". I didn't sign up for the account, I don't want the account, I'm not about to send my social security number to some random auto mailer, if they own the loan then I have to assume that they have all the information from my application. If they are for real then they don't need the data but if they are scammers... not worth finding out.

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