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To the previous reviewer - it is not the Credit Unions fault that your score is the way it is, so your review is nil and void.

I have found Connexus to have great customer service and products. 

Dec 28, 2011 Reply

Who are you to decide whos review is nil or void? Close your mouth. Just because you found them to have "great customer service" doesnt mean someone else cant express an opinion!

Ryan56601's reply was:    

  Apr 08, 2012

Ryan56601(2, 0)

Review by Ryan56601

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Connexus Credit Union is a RIP OFF

I paid off over $ 7,000.00 the first month when I received the statement and they still charged me another $62.13 for interest.  They were ****ed off that I paid the amount in full, thus cheating them out of several more thousands of dollars in interest that they can't bill me for.  I have filed a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office over this company's business practices.  I encourage others who have been ripped off by this company to do the same.

Mar 06, 2014 Reply
My Connexus experience has been fantasic

I got the greatest rate on my car loan and the people I worked with were so nice!  I can't believe anyone would have a bad thing to day about them.  

Great rates. (Even better than my own cu here in Michigan!) and GREAT customer service.  

For me, they're a 5 star all the way.

gertie2u's review was:    

  Oct 18, 2013 Reply

gertie2u(1, 0)

Review by gertie2u

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My Experience

Connexus has given me great service and a great loan, but at a price. Saw a hidden fee that I wasn't thrilled about, but being that the savings were great I didn't complain as much about it as I would have had the loan been crappy. 

Jamesmccray1's review was:    

  Nov 03, 2012 Reply

Jamesmccray1(2, 0)

Review by Jamesmccray1

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I was a Tower Credit Union Member for over 17 years. Since the merger, I am disappointed. I like Tower much better. I needed financial proof and could not print it from online. I had them print it out for me. I didn't realize I needed to check that they did it correctly. They printed it out the wrong way and part of the statement was not on the paper. I had to go back again. I miss Tower.

Sep 01, 2012 Reply

I refinanced my car with Connexus 2 years ago,their customer service has been fantastic :very efficient and courteus.Very satisfied.

bellevueky's review was:    

  Jun 25, 2012 Reply

bellevueky(1, 0)

Review by bellevueky

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I refinanced my auto loan with connecus and found their customer service to be fantastic! I applied on a Sat night and was contacted by a rep on the following Mon. The loan closed and all paperwork completed by Wed! since then I have used connexus for all my financial needs and don't really intend to change anytime soon!

Feb 01, 2012 Reply

The only hidden fee I saw in my paper work was a fee to process the loan which was $400 I think, but being that it saved me almost a $1000. I took the hit and didn't complain.

Jamesmccray1's reply was:    

  Nov 03, 2012

Jamesmccray1(2, 0)

Review by Jamesmccray1

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Would you be able to update this if you have any issues? Their rates almost seem too good to be true. Did you have any hidden fees or any expenses you weren't expecting?

amyjo89's reply was:    

  Feb 17, 2012

amyjo89(1, 0)

Review by amyjo89

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Due to my credit score on Credit Karma 666 I took the offer of applying for an auto refinance with Connexus. They didn't respond and finally I did get someone on the phone who said my credit was not accepted. Now I have lost progress on my finances and my score is now 661. Very Angry!

NHShadow's review was:    

  Dec 17, 2011 Reply

NHShadow(1, 0)

Review by NHShadow

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You were declined because your credit score was too low? That seems perfectly reasonable... I'm not sure why you bothered to write a review???

DrOpinion's reply was:    

  Jul 05, 2013

DrOpinion(3, 4)

Review by DrOpinion

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Company Overview

Connexus Credit Union provides financial services to employees, retirees, and families of Liberty Mutual Insurance, UMR, Northcentral Technical College, and anyone who joins the Connexus Association. Available products include checking and savings accounts, CDs, IRAs, auto loans, credit cards, home equity, and mortgages. Connexus Credit Union's Online and Mobile Banking allows members to check account balances, transfer funds, pay bills, deposit checks, and access eStatements. The website also features financial tools such as calculators, podcasts, and a blog to assist members in their financial decisions. Customer service is available over the phone, by email, and in branches.

Founded in 1935 to serve employees of Wausau Insurance Companies, Connexus Credit Union currently has assets exceeding $320 million and serves over 24,000 members nationwide.

Company Details

Connexus Credit Union

  • Established: 1935
  • Headquarters: Wausau, Wisconsin
  • Website:
  • Products: Auto Loans, Banking, Credit Cards, Home Equity, Mortgages
  • Assets: $320 million
  • Available: Online, by phone, in branches; nationwide

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