Commerce Bank Reviews
Jan 07, 2017
Poor Customer Service

I have never been treated this way with anything in my life before they have very poor customer service they have a ton of hidden fees then they close out my account because I was overdraft $8.77 and they called me back and everytime I try to explain there was once an excuse I'm not really understanding I don't recommend this bank for anyone and they are not a great fit for small businesses and they have very very poor customer service they are very rude and once they found out that I was not going to continue to accept the overdraft they wants then close my account out and then call me back and didn't have really a great explanation on closing my account besides being overdraft for a dollar and some change.

I also feel that they are not perfect for small businesses I didn't have much cash flow coming in and I think that's the reason why they closed my account they do not value small businesses in the community well at least they did not volumize and that's the way I feel and that is my opinion like I said very very very bad customer service and last but not least my card did not work all the time I was always been denied but the transaction was going through to make me overdraft I don't recommend this to anyone that has a small business you better get up and you're better run as fast as you can to the next bank.

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