Commerce Bank Reviews
Feb 07, 2017
Ridiculous, greedy, incompetent

Agree with the comments above about incompetence. Was told by BRANCH MANAGERS that the best way to build credit was to carry a high balance and make payments (turns out high utilization hurts your score, thanks CK for the awesome credit simulator).

I keep almost all of my money with Commerce, and have for +20 years. I applied for a credit card while in college and was approved, but it has been a nightmare ever since. They have kept my limit at $500 for almost 2 years, despite NEVER missing a payment and never carrying a balance (FICO 752). I wrote a letter to the execs to ask for an increase, they are completely unwilling to budge. I am taking my money OUT of this bank immediately. Unfortunate... I like the card just fine. Just hate the bank.

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