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Jan 05, 2018
Was great, but now more like Wells Fargo
JustonHickman Account Holder

I chose Commerce Bank after a disappointing run with Capitol Federal Savings. Everything started out well enough, few fees if any. As time has passed, they have started to appear more and more like Wells Fargo and other money mongering banks I have left in the past. In the beginning, the Customer Service was top notch. However, now CSRs try to “Educate” me on banking and being financially responsible. I don’t care for that, take five minutes look at my history and any CSR will see I am not a banking newbie. Moving on…

Commerce has the technology infrastructure to send text messages to their customers regarding security and balance alerts. This is amazing, BUT.. There is always a BUT. In my opinion, this is a rather large one. They do not give you the option to receive alerts regarding AVAILABLE BALANCE. Available Balance is a field they already have in their system, you see it when you look at your account balances. Available Balance considers pending transactions and current balance to provide you with the difference, well AVAILABLE. This is valuable information.

You can receive alerts for Current Balance, but here is the deal, pending transactions do not impact Current Balance until AFTER EOB!!!! So, if you receive an alert of insufficient funds, it is TOO late, if you transfer funds or make a deposit you still get hit for a $37 NSF fee.

So here is where I am going with all this. Commerce states they that the time to really get to know their customers. On their website, they go further regarding their commitment to getting to know their customer by saying;

“What worries them. What dreams inspire them. Then we work together to help them find the financial solutions that truly make a difference in their lives.”

What worries me, is not having more of a partnership. Commerce could work together with me and let me get alerts regarding my Available Balance. Instead Commerce Bank's solution is to have you sign up for an Over Draft Protection Plan, where they transfer money for you from another account or a Commerce Credit Card, BUT.. yes, another BUT, you also get charged $12 per transfer. Ultimately, another financial solution that charges me for using my money, I have many (5) Commerce Accounts all tied together and ALWAYS have a decent amount distributed among them. Therefore, I can always quickly make a transfer from one to another if need be, I don’t need to pay them $12 to assign an “if statement” in their system to move money automatically in my accounts. Another option the CSRs might give you, is to be more responsible with your money, transactions, and sign in to check my account more.

If everyone who uses Commerce Bank begins logging in more often to be more responsible and check their accounts just 1 more time every day, Commerce Bank’s operating expenses will increase. I believe moving forward every Commerce Bank customer should make a resolution that Monday through Friday at 9:00 AM CST, 12:30 PM CST, and 4:00 PM CST to login and check their balances. If your Available Balance isn’t positive make a transfer. This in my opinion is a reasonable solution. It would be absurd to take an existing infrastructure, existing data field, and current SMS delivery system to provide your customers with valuable information regarding Available Balances in real time. I mean how else will they make money without their NSF fees?

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Dec 02, 2017
Run! Take your business elsewhere!!
kwagner33 Account Holder

Customer service is horrible like no other! When applied for the card I applied for one promotion so I thought and didn’t find out u til almost 6 months later. Spent 6 weeks trying to find out when I would be getting a reward statement credit. I was told I would receive it at the close of October statement. After 6 weeks I was then told I didnt apply for the promotion I thought I had therefore now I wouldn’t be receiving it. This was after 6 weeks of getting nothing! No one could give me an answer! Was tolld I would get an answer in 2-3 business days. What a joke! Then they offered to give me the promotion but that included raising my interest rate!! Bad bad business!! Honestly I can not recall ever experiencing worse customer service then I had with this card. Audios Commerce Bank and good reddens!!

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Nov 24, 2017
Horrible customer service many mistakes
nrd94 Account Holder

Half their customer service numbers do not work and when you do try to call customer service, you stay on hold over half an hour and then the call drops. I would never do business with them again. Beware!

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Nov 21, 2017
Shearon6843 Account Holder

Interest rates aren't that great, service is hit or miss depending on who you get, and they'll charge you for things you wouldn't think twice about: like withdrawing your own money in person at a teller. We tried to open "MySpending" cards for my husband and I to help with our budgeting (and to protect our account incase of an online breach since the cards aren't directly linked to our main account). Mine was processed fine, no hitches. I called and set it up over the phone, drove to the main branch, and it was printed and in my wallet the same day with the "fee" charged directly to our account. My husband went to a different branch a couple days later (different schedules), got a card printed out, but there's no account attached to it! On top of that, they "withdrew" the money for the card (rather than just charge the setup fee to the account) which incurred an *additional* withdrawl fee... so we paid *MORE* for a card WE CAN'T USE. -_-

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Nov 10, 2017
Horrible bank
Anonymous Account Holder

They charge me for "identity theft protection" and when I try to call customer service to clear amounts they take about 1 hour to get a hold of! Failure to innovate.

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Nov 08, 2017
No issues.
PrehistoricFish Account Holder

Haven't had the card long, but no issues here. Easy application process (So far easier than posting this review.) Visa signature with a reasonable credit limit. Average rewards program. No complaints.

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Oct 02, 2017
Simply Awful
Anonymous Account Holder

Hidden fees, shady business practices, and non-existent customer service. Just plain terrible. Go elsewhere!

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Jun 18, 2017
Don't waste your time there
Anonymous Account Holder

I've had multiple issues with the bank. For example we went to the bank for a deposit but we also wanted to double check that our new debit card was activated. The teller deposits the money and then cancels the debit account. We couldn't fix it unless we went down to the bank and because we work bussiness hours we had to wait a whole week. Don't waste you time here. Plus THEY WILL SCREW YOU OVER ANY CHANCE THEY GET. 

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May 22, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

Disgusted with how terrible the servicies are of this company. Time and time again they have failed to do anything useful and the people who work there are not must smarter than 12 year olds. It almost seems they intentionally try to inconvenience their customers. Any sane person will stay far far far away from these people. 

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May 16, 2017
Not customer friendly
merenina Account Holder

My boss got a pre-approval letter for this card with a wonderful interest rate and $20,000 limit.  His credit score was 700 and he had a lot of other credit card debt.  I applied my score is 797 and I got 2 percent higher interest rate than he did and only $5000 credit limit.  I have must lower credit card debt.  I figured because he was sent an offer and I applied directly was the reason for the difference.  I really enjoy the toggle feature as I planned to use this card to pay all my monthly bills that I normally use my checking account to pay and it would be auto debited and give me rewards.  After about a month and half I decided to try to make this the only credit card I use and contacted them for how to get an increase in my credit limit.  All my other cards have high limits like $10,000 as my credit is strong and I don't use my cards a lot.  I called to find out how and they transferred me to the underwriting department.  Without the woman having any of my information in front of her, she asked how long have I had my account and I said not more than 2 months.  She told me that it was impossible to get an increase and that they don't really give increases that they apply you for a new card and then combine them into one.  When I asked her why would I only have $5000 limit she kept giving me maybe scenarios like maybe because of this or that but nothing specific to me.  I asked her to please look up my information to give me an answer specific to me and she said did not need to because it wasn't going to change her response.  I ended the call since I was getting nowhere.  I tried to call back and ask for a supervisor and got a young man that promised me one would call back but of course they never did.  If not for their toggle feature I would be canceling this card and account.  Poor customer service and experience.

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