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Oct 02, 2017
Simply Awful
Anonymous Account Holder

Hidden fees, shady business practices, and non-existent customer service. Just plain terrible. Go elsewhere!

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Jun 18, 2017
Don't waste your time there
Anonymous Account Holder

I've had multiple issues with the bank. For example we went to the bank for a deposit but we also wanted to double check that our new debit card was activated. The teller deposits the money and then cancels the debit account. We couldn't fix it unless we went down to the bank and because we work bussiness hours we had to wait a whole week. Don't waste you time here. Plus THEY WILL SCREW YOU OVER ANY CHANCE THEY GET. 

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May 22, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

Disgusted with how terrible the servicies are of this company. Time and time again they have failed to do anything useful and the people who work there are not must smarter than 12 year olds. It almost seems they intentionally try to inconvenience their customers. Any sane person will stay far far far away from these people. 

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May 16, 2017
Not customer friendly
merenina Account Holder

My boss got a pre-approval letter for this card with a wonderful interest rate and $20,000 limit.  His credit score was 700 and he had a lot of other credit card debt.  I applied my score is 797 and I got 2 percent higher interest rate than he did and only $5000 credit limit.  I have must lower credit card debt.  I figured because he was sent an offer and I applied directly was the reason for the difference.  I really enjoy the toggle feature as I planned to use this card to pay all my monthly bills that I normally use my checking account to pay and it would be auto debited and give me rewards.  After about a month and half I decided to try to make this the only credit card I use and contacted them for how to get an increase in my credit limit.  All my other cards have high limits like $10,000 as my credit is strong and I don't use my cards a lot.  I called to find out how and they transferred me to the underwriting department.  Without the woman having any of my information in front of her, she asked how long have I had my account and I said not more than 2 months.  She told me that it was impossible to get an increase and that they don't really give increases that they apply you for a new card and then combine them into one.  When I asked her why would I only have $5000 limit she kept giving me maybe scenarios like maybe because of this or that but nothing specific to me.  I asked her to please look up my information to give me an answer specific to me and she said did not need to because it wasn't going to change her response.  I ended the call since I was getting nowhere.  I tried to call back and ask for a supervisor and got a young man that promised me one would call back but of course they never did.  If not for their toggle feature I would be canceling this card and account.  Poor customer service and experience.

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Apr 05, 2017
Bad customer service
Anonymous Account Holder

Trying to redeem rewards for travel from the credit card we have used for YEARS.  This bank is just difficult when it comes to the details.  I have currently been on hold with Commerce Visa Rewards for 1 hour and 20 minutes trying to book a flight because their website will not accept my COMMERCE credit card!!!  They totally gave me the run and around and think that they can just pass the responsibility to the next person. FRUSTRATING!!!!

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Mar 28, 2017
very bad
Anonymous Account Holder

i do not like them the service is very bed

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Mar 06, 2017
Super Slow Contact Center
Anonymous Account Holder

I just called their contact center because of my online account was locked. The waiting time was ridiculous. It took 17 minutes in total to solve a simple unlock online account request. All my experience with their contact center was like this. Their branch service is better. I decided to close my accounts with them. 

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Mar 03, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

Very Unprofessional.  I was told to go to FEDEx for a Notary!! This was after witing an Hour to be serviced.  I actually went to Fedex to inquire about their Notary Services and the man looked at me like I was growing 2 heads. In the process of finding another financial institution after 30 years!!!!!

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Mar 01, 2017
Fees, fees, and fees
Chairman Account Holder

Fees everywhere.  Oh, you haven't done anything with your savings account?  Let's charge you a dormant fee.  Oh, we won't let you transfer money between accounts online?  Just call us and we'll do it for you...for a fee. You want to see more than a few months of your account history?  You guessed it, a fee for that.   Anything else?  How about a fee for that too while we're at it.

Screw this bank.  I just called and--after 15 minutes on hold--closed two old accounts that were 20 years old (opened when I was a teenager) because of these nonsense fees.

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Feb 07, 2017
Ridiculous, greedy, incompetent
Anonymous Account Holder

Agree with the comments above about incompetence. Was told by BRANCH MANAGERS that the best way to build credit was to carry a high balance and make payments (turns out high utilization hurts your score, thanks CK for the awesome credit simulator).

I keep almost all of my money with Commerce, and have for +20 years. I applied for a credit card while in college and was approved, but it has been a nightmare ever since. They have kept my limit at $500 for almost 2 years, despite NEVER missing a payment and never carrying a balance (FICO 752). I wrote a letter to the execs to ask for an increase, they are completely unwilling to budge. I am taking my money OUT of this bank immediately. Unfortunate... I like the card just fine. Just hate the bank.

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