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Commerce Bank Reviews
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Jun 27, 2020
No customer consideration.
Stillmig Account Holder

They will decrease yoyr credit limit at any given time. I pay all my bills with this card to get the fee points for motel stays. After accepting my 500 dolkar paymet (on time never late) they liwered my credit limit without any forwarning I had to here it from my other creditors after my payments were declined All This during the covid pandemic. Wgat a ****ty bank

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Jun 05, 2020
Do not rely on them!
PowerfulOz1 Account Holder

I have been a customer since 2018. I have always payed my bills and had a 0 balance. I received a letter this week saying they closed my account. When I called customer service they did nothing me. My credit score was in the 700's and my credit report shows 0 late payment on all my cards and loans! They said they closed my account because my credit score changed. 700's!!!! I guess a loyal customer with a credit score in the 700's is not a good customer. The customer service representative said I could re-apply. Why in the world would I ever re-apply with a company that is not loyal to there customers and will simply cancel a card that is in good standing at any time? One day you have the credit, the next day you don't. That is certainly a financial institution I want to rely on. What is sad is they look at it as "Oh well, we lost one customer". I am sure that they lost more than one customer and I hope that they lose a lot more!! Who did the government help during Covid-19? $10,000 of credit lost!

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Sep 07, 2019
Confused and unprofessional
Gabekansas Account Holder

I switched to commerce from Wells Fargo because there are none where I live.  This bank sucks... this weekend I got a fraudulent charge on my account so commerce deactivated my card and told me I had to get a new one so I went to the branch and they couldn’t get the card machine to work.  Now I’m stuck all weekend with no access to my bank account and there are no 24/7 phone reps.  

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Sep 07, 2019
Nearly Ruined My House Purchase
Ecremmoc Account Holder

When I needed to make a wire transfer to close on my new home in Arizona, I contacted Commerce Bank the day prior (from Arizon) to schedule a wire transfer. I’ve banked with them for twenty years. They declined my wire transfer because they said I HAD to be in a Commerce branch in person. Why? You’re a regional bank. How is that a reasonable requirement? I was advised by the call center (that denied my request for a wire transfer) to call the branch in my hometown to see if they’d do the wire transfer. So I called the branch in Pittsburg, Kansas at Ron’s IGA. My parents also bank there and still lived in town, but were in Arizona with me. The local bank teller I spoke with asked if I knew anyone personally at the bank, or the Commerce Bank President, and I said “no,” but I’ve banked there for years and could answer any and all of their security questions, as could both my parents. They then said that because I didn’t have anyone high up in their bank to vouch for my identity, they wouldn’t approve a wire transfer. I had to delay closing on my house because of them, living out of a moving truck and losing my moving company reservation. Thanks, Commerce. 

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