Coastal FCU Reviews
Aug 25, 2016
Coastal seems to dislike the common man.

I applied for Go Green checking and was told my credit score was not high enough,  I pulled a 3 bureau score and all three were above the requirement that said I failed.  Now the "Member Loyatly Advocate" said that (and I am quoting from her email)

"As far as your credit score goes, there is not "one score" for you.  A credit score can differ for numerous reasons, one reason is there are numerous credit scores and models available in the marketplace and lenders may choose different score models when evaluating your creditworthiness.  No credit score model is exactly the same, as the requirement of different lenders vary. "

What?  They have some model that made my score drop 7.6% from the avg of the 3 bureaus.  What other parts are they considering.  If they did a back ground check they would see traffic tix and few at that.  My home is paid for so I have no mortgage to show them but why would that drop my scroe almost 8% compared to the bureaus?

Just makes no sense and they still have not refunded my balance since I close the accounts.  They said they sent a check for my funds but I have recieved nothing,

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