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Nov 09, 2016
Still better than a bank, but...
Anonymous Account Holder

Overall, if you keep your regular checking and savings accounts in good standing and have a balance, you shouldn't have any issues at all.  But if you want to get a loan or get any information from them, their customer service is so beyond awful that I'm considering going to a larger bank.  The lack of communication is astounding.  Also, they keep "updating" their online banking for the worse.  I'm not sure who thinks that not having an obvious way to get to your running checking ledger is a good idea.  Instead, you get to see balances in one box and withdrawals in the other.  Such a waste of energy.

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Nov 03, 2016
Terrible website and customer service.
Anonymous Account Holder

Their website is a mess and their customer service has to be wtached on a daily basis. They have over withdrawn money from my account and it took days to get them to straghten out their error. Since changing their credit cards, it has been a mess. If you take a risk and open an account here, check your balances daily to stay on top of their errors.

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Nov 01, 2016
Unorganized and irrational
Markabu36 Account Holder

Long story short. Thought i had a september payment. Tried to pay. They told me i had no september payment so i didnt pay. My account goes into collections in october. They now want a september payment because thier representative and/or system screwed. I live check to check and cant afford mix ups like this

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