Corp Amer Fam CU Reviews
Jun 06, 2017
Excellent Credit Union
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I have been a member of Corportate America Family Credit Union (CAFCU) for approximately 16 - 17 years and I have never had a problem with them.   I opened my checking and savings accounts with them out of their Atlanta, GA branch, and appoximately 3 years later I moved out to NJ, where there wasn't a branch so I utilized the Shared Service Centers whenever I needed to make a transaction that couldn't be done via the ATM and I never experienced any problems at all.   Approximately 6 yrs ago I moved out to MI and as there isn't a CAFCU branch in my area, again I must use the Shared Service Centers here in MI as well and have done so without any problems.  ***I'm not sure if the other reviews are aware of standard protocols and rules that govern the CU Shared Service Branches, but in my opinion  they are within the norm, (if not better) than the rules used by the regular traditional banking institutions.***

Additionally, I have not experienced any issues with credit applications or bogus or high fees for CAFCU.  Last month when I applied for a mortage with CAFCU online the very next day I received a call from the Loan Officer regarding pre-qualification and pre-approval, and they explained the mortage loan process, options, and fees, etc....Within 2 days of our phone conversation the loan paperwork was FEDEX to me for validation and signatures, which in my opinion is EXCELLENT service for an online application.   In summary, the customer service I have experienced is always handled in a polite, professional, and business manner.   I strongly recommend CAFCU.

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