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Aug 07, 2017
Bad bad bad
Anonymous Account Holder

This credit union will rip you off stay away

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Jun 06, 2017
Excellent Credit Union
Conscious62 Account Holder

I have been a member of Corportate America Family Credit Union (CAFCU) for approximately 16 - 17 years and I have never had a problem with them.   I opened my checking and savings accounts with them out of their Atlanta, GA branch, and appoximately 3 years later I moved out to NJ, where there wasn't a branch so I utilized the Shared Service Centers whenever I needed to make a transaction that couldn't be done via the ATM and I never experienced any problems at all.   Approximately 6 yrs ago I moved out to MI and as there isn't a CAFCU branch in my area, again I must use the Shared Service Centers here in MI as well and have done so without any problems.  ***I'm not sure if the other reviews are aware of standard protocols and rules that govern the CU Shared Service Branches, but in my opinion  they are within the norm, (if not better) than the rules used by the regular traditional banking institutions.***

Additionally, I have not experienced any issues with credit applications or bogus or high fees for CAFCU.  Last month when I applied for a mortage with CAFCU online the very next day I received a call from the Loan Officer regarding pre-qualification and pre-approval, and they explained the mortage loan process, options, and fees, etc....Within 2 days of our phone conversation the loan paperwork was FEDEX to me for validation and signatures, which in my opinion is EXCELLENT service for an online application.   In summary, the customer service I have experienced is always handled in a polite, professional, and business manner.   I strongly recommend CAFCU.

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Mar 24, 2017
Great Customer Service and Online Access
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been with this CU for over a decade now and they are great. My local establishment knows me by name when I go in even though I only go in once every few months and the online access is easy and accessible. Also a great choice when you have limited credit history.

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Jan 31, 2017
Crzyed72 Account Holder

Terrible credit union! My original credit union that I was a member of for 25 years merged with this place. I closed most of my accounts within a year. Will be closing the last one tomorrow.  Horrible to deal with. Everything with them is just a terrible hassel and experience.  Go somewhere else!

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Jan 13, 2017
Will tack on inflated fees to loans.
Anonymous Account Holder

They will tack on inflated bogus fees to loans any way they can. Charged me over $700 for insurance for one month on a loan for a vehicle while I wasn't even in possession of the vehicle because they couldn't secure the title from the sellers credit union... Charged me 22% of the 12mo insurance premium of $3,284 for a supposed one month lapse in coverage of a car I didn't even own yet. 

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Nov 10, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Never do ANY business with them. They'll add hidden fees thinking you won't find out. They're fraud!!!!

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Oct 12, 2016
Terrible customer service!
Anonymous Account Holder

Poor customer service, request for password reset went unanswered, no branches in SF Bay Area

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Sep 22, 2016
Terrible Unfriendly Customer Service
KDisney85 Account Holder

I am a member of a different credit union and have used or tried to use the Bristol, CT  Corporate America Family Credit Union shared branch on multiple occasions.  After my husband and I married we had a number of checks with both of our names on them.  However, only my name is on the account.  They would not deposit my checks, but to add insult to injury they were incredibly rude about it.  I called my bank up and they said it was fine if I mailed the checks as long as they were under a certain amount, which they were.  I avoided using this shared branch and instead mailed all of my checks to my credit union out of state.  When it came time to take money out of the account to put a downpayment on a home, I specifically went out of my way to find the next closest shared branch, 30 minutes away, to get the bank check or cashier's check that was requested.  However, the branch did not issue them.  So, I was forced to try the Corporate America Family Credit Union in Bristol, CT again.  Partway through the process the manager, who was filling in as a teller that day (Esther Corcoran), noticed that my license had my maiden name and my bank account had my married name (I switched it when I changed my last name, but my license hadn't expired and didn't need to be changed until it did).  She checked to see if she could still make the transaction and was able to without any issues.  So, I started making deposits in this Bristol branch again for convenience.  The first time the teller insisted that she couldn't deposit my check, I suggested she go ask the manager who had done the bank check a few weeks prior.  She came back and followed through with cashing the check but made it clear through her tone and general demeaner that I was inconveniencing her because I was making her do more work.  She pulled out a book of out of state licenses to make sure mine was legit and made me answer a bunch of questions concerning my personal identification.   The particular teller remembered me each time I came in and always seemed annoyed because she had to take the extra step to put my license number down on the withdrawl form.  However, I was never told that I wasn't allowed to make a deposit or withdrawl from then on.  Until today, when I went to make a withdrawl for work being done to my car.  Because the business only took cash or checks, I had no other option but to take money out of my savings account.  I had a different teller than usual who of course said she didn't think she could make the transaction because the name on my license didn't match up to name on the account.  I explained that another teller thought that too, but the manager okayed it and in fact that manager also gave me a cashier's check for $2,000 a few months ago.  After checking with that manager, Esther Corcoran, she informed that the transaction would not be approved.  I asked to speak with the manager.  Corcoran told me that her staff was told to tell me that there would not be any exceptions made after the time that she wrote the bank check for my mortgage.  I explained that this was the first I was hearing this and that I needed access to my money because I could only pay to get my car fixed with cash.  She was incredibly rude and unhelpful.  Corcoran insisted that I knew that no exceptions would be made.  However, I quickly pointed out that not only had staff never told me that in all of the times I had gone in to make make deposits over the summer, but that she herself never said that during the initial transaction for the bank check.  Corcoran said that she had made a special exception for the bank check and that she could ruin the credit union's entire relationship with other shared branches if she let me withdraw the money today.  When pressed as to why she made previous exceptions if she wasn't supposed to Corcoran said that we were in a private business and that she could ask me to leave, alluding to a threat to call police.  It was completely over the top and unneccesary.  When I asked for her supervisor's number Corcoran would only give me the 800 number and refused to give me the person's direct line.  My mother who happened to be visiting from out of town and is co-signed on the account asked her to call the supervisor and she said she "didn't have time."  There was a complete lack of understanding on her part and she could not have handled the situation any worse, literally yelling at us in the lobby of the credit union.  No one was swearing, our voices were raised.  She could have asked us to step into her office.  Instead, she chose to confront us in front of her customers.  I can't believe they would put someone with such terrible people skills in charge.  Someone with good customer service skills would have said, "I'm sorry there's been a miscommunication.  We will do this one last time."  Afterall, she knew that I needed to the cash in order to get my car, so time was of the essence.  It was their mistake for not tell me in the past.  Obviously, if I knew that it was going to be an issue I would have made other arrangements to get the money instead of waiting until the day I needed it make the withdrawl from this credit union.  Everytime I go into the Bristol, CT branch of the Corporate America Family Credit Union, I am made to feel like I am an identiity thief, when in fact my husband and I are both professionals who work for two of the largest media companies in the country.  We will be sure to discourage our coworkers and friends from ever doing business at this branch.  We ourselves, when looking for a bank to open a joint checking account, made sure to avoid this one!

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