Christian Financial Reviews
Oct 22, 2014
Can't wait to leave

Went with them due to the credit union moniker.  Don't kid yourself, it's no easier or cheaper to get a loan here than anywhere else.  They have limits and charges for everything under the sun and you lose the ability to have things such as smartphone apps and programs supported by "real" and "big" banks.

dont say I didn't warn you.  They have been burning us by structuring our overdrafts in such a way that makes no sense but makes them the most money (taking out largest charges first).

my wife and I will be out of there asap.  The above posters must have very low standards and very little experience in the banking world let alone the world in general.

just because the teller remembers to say "have a nice day" doesn't make them a 5 star bank people.  Far from it.  

To be a little more thorough, they wouldn't give my wife a loan and she has a mid 700s credit score.

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