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Feb 16, 2017
Beware of the two-headed banker!!
Anonymous Account Holder

They have very poor customer service.  They will never admit they made a mistake even though you directly pointed it out to them.  If you tell them someone  made a mistake they side with the employee!  Their employees need allot of classes that cover criteria from manners to customer service; they do not practice this now.  this credit union is deceptive.  It took 3 different people over 3 months to give me an equity line of credit and when I finally got them to finish the paperwork, they changed the APR on the loan!!  Reported them to the FCUA and BBB.  Their method of good management is using gift cards, paid for by their customers' money, to make everything better.  I closed all of my accounts with this credit union, including two other family members, and have a new credit union to do business with now and with confidence.

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