Chase Home Mortgage Reviews
Mar 23, 2017

My worst experience ever. not welcome at all.

It was my first loan's experience .

I really had bad time throughout  the processing of this loan , I felt like I am not a costumer who is trying to do business, but some one

who is a beggar and in need to Chase bank.

I was afraid to ask  questions, because the answer will be very short, not clear any way  and rude also.

I needed to call many times in order to solve a little problem.

No cooperation at all.

Mistakes   were always made and the process took for ever.

I continued the process because I really wanted the apartment, so I kept my mouth shut.

not any more!!.

I will never ask chase bank for a loan again. I will go any other bank even I don't have an accounts with them, as with Chase  I have 2 checking account and 3 C.C accounts.

20 years as costumer with chase bank, if I knew then what I  know now , I would have never bank with chase.

No need to answer my Email, just go and read the Emails back and forth and check the processes. 

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