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Chase Mortgage

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Application Process

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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

Jan 09, 2017
Absolute Nightmare
Sghosh1 Borrower

I live in Pueblo, CO and had started my loan process with Chase, I also got myself prequalified for Peoples bank which was my builder preferred lender. Within a month my original Mortgage agent quit from the Chase, My account was handed over to another agent and thus begins my nightmare. I was promised a 3.5% interest rate, and asked to select a floating rate as the completion date was not yet decided, once she took over the completion was decided and I had informed her multiple times over the email the interest rate and the closing costs that I expected and was promised to ensure I wouldn't sign up with peoples bank. two months down the line the mortgage agent completely flip flopped saying that previous agent did not lock in your rates and now I will be have to pay a4.25% interest rate with a higher closing cost. I gave up on a Peoples bank 3.625% interest rate to get a 3.5 % from chase, I ended up getting a 4.339% APR (4.25%) from chase. And as I have already given my notice and my house is ready, I cannot restart the loan process with other bank. I would highly recommend staying away from Chase Mortgage in Colorado. They will do anything for getting you roped in, and once you are in they will pull the nastiest tricks in the book. When I escalated the matter to Jennifer's superior, She called us back and informed chase has agreed to honor the original interest rate and the closing costs, and congratulated me, and assured she will write the Closing Disclosure the next day. three days past with no updates and then she flipflopped on her story, this time saying I have to pay the current Interest rate. I got in touch with her Senior lending manager, she flatly said because you signed the floating rate agreement, and for whatever reason the rate was not locked in, we cannot do anything, irrespective of all the communications I had sent her between me and her mortgage agent. She flatly ignored all of the promisies by her mortgage agent and all of the email communications she had had. Now I will end up paying a substantial amount more than what I had originally planned for. The lending manager apologized but did not deliver on any of pricing commitments. I will absolutely never do any business with Chase mortgage, and I will highly recommend everyone to stay away from them in the Southern Colorado area. 

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Nov 23, 2016
Excellent for people with a VA loan
laspeck Borrower

I have them as my mortgage company and applied for a line of credit also wiht them and it was easily approved due to my mortgage loan thru the VA, very pleases with them

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Oct 28, 2016
Love it
Anonymous Borrower

Love them never had any problems.

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Aug 09, 2016
Flat out lied about APR
Anonymous Borrower

I will never, ever use Chase again for a mortgage.  They baited me in with a false APR value, then continued to lie throughout the process.

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Jul 04, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

I didn't use Chase for my initial purchase but my mortgage was quickly sold to them at Month 2. It's been a year and uneventful, and that's a good thing. Chase already has my checking and two credit card accounts. Payments post really fast, and it's been easy to make extra principle payments.

Rates have come down and I'm looking to refinance. Unfortunately, Chase doesn't have very competitive rates so I'm going elsewhere. I wouldn't mind if the mortgage gets sold again to Chase though. The website is top notch and convenient.

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Jun 17, 2016
Painful and disorganized
Anonymous Borrower

I started the refinance process with Chase in late February. I provided all of my documentation as requested very quickly and I've been stuck in 'We're Scheduling Your Closing' for over 2 months. I was told to turn off auto payment and have since been hit with 2 fees. Now I'm being told they can only refund $100 per year and there is nothing I can do. My advice is to stay away, nothing like spending 4 months in mortgage limbo with no real guidance.

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Jan 28, 2016
Chase is mishandling my mortgage
Anonymous Borrower

This started in July 2015 when I received a letter stating that I owed Chase over $6000 in unpaid Mortgage payments. Why did they wait so long to send me it?  Why didn’t they notify me about missing payments before? Why did they wait until the amount was that large? I contacted Chase immediately to find out what the issue was; they said I hadn’t been paying my mortgage payments and I asked them to tell me what months they claim I missed and what I needed to do to prove I paid. Chase advised me that only bank statements could work as proof.  I had my bank, Bank of America provide me with six (6) years of bank statement and I went through line by line with Chase and was able to provide them with proof of payment for every single month they asked me for and then they kept telling me that it was under investigation. All of a sudden Chase changed the tone and it went from me not paying to missing payments (Chase couldn’t locate where they had applied the payments)  and I kept providing them proof of my payment and Chase keeps putting it back in investigation.

I’ve been threatened with Foreclosure. Chase sent a correspondence to put me on a payment plan/loan for 6 month to get mortgage “up to date” which I refused as my account is up to date.  I have provided Chase with all the information they need to fix my account, I’ve done the legwork, and what have they done? 

I have spoken with numerous of customer services reps and they keep telling me that account is up to date but they keep investigating. This investigation has been dragging out to long, especially when I know that my account is up to date and I have proof of same.  November 2015 Chase sent a letter stating that my account was paid through November 2015.Since than I have paid December and January and provided them proof, but yet they say I didn't pay.

They have been been giving me the run around for a long time now, they keep giving me new "dedicated customer service reps" all the time. I just want them to fix their mistake so I can get back to normal and not have to deal with Chase on a weekly basis as that is what I am doing.

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