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Aug 20, 2017
Anonymous Borrower

Customer Service is terrible, response time was poor and the Loan took over 90 days to close. Would never recommend a Chase refinance to anyone

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Jun 23, 2017
Delay my mortgage
Anonymous Borrower

This is my first home loan and it's the worst. At begining the whole process was smooth, until it was conditionally approved. Then for weeks, there's no communication nor any update. The worst part is I didn't notice until the day before closing. They said they are going to sent me the documents, but I received nothing. I would never want to borrow from them if I know what I know now. 

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May 11, 2017
The most dreadful horrible process ever
Anonymous Borrower

Don't you ever use this bank. We were asked for literally hundreds of documents over and over again, letter of explanation about every single thing for the last two months, and 3 days before the closing date our loan was declined. THREE DAYS! And with NO explanation WHY it was declined because apparently it is the policy not to tell the reason of the decline to the client ?! We were given no notice, no warning, no sign of anything going wrong.. everyone at Chase thought it was as good as cash offer and there were no problem. I am going to start a lawsuit on them. Terrible, horrible, this bank should not even offer mortgages to people because, guess what? They are not willing to give you a loan.

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Apr 13, 2017
Awful Service & Commuication
Anonymous Borrower

I work for a real estate company and never before have I worked with such a disorganized, unprofessional & just rude company. They made decisions without informing the realtors, which almost cost the buyer the deal. After multiple attempts at communication, they would respond with one sentence, and not give a complete answer. We had to move the closing date three times, as different people at the company would tell the buyer one thing, the seller's agent another, and the title company a third thing. It was very disappointing, and difficult to deal with. I understand balls sometimes get dropped, but in the beginning, every time I asked for an update on the file, the lender would tell me he's never heard of this buyer or this property. Something is very clearly wrong with this company - mismanagement or otherwise. In the loan officers email signature, it states 'if you ever have a problem call my manager' with his contact information. When we went THREE weeks with not a peep, I started leaving messages for him as well & never got a response.

Not only was the loan officer a joke, their idea of a timeline is crazy. The file was in underwriting for WEEKS. Then they would ask for an addendum, and it would go back in for weeks. Luckily, we had enough time padded into the contract. When I asked them about it, they said it was standard to take that much time. Consumers, weeks for underwriting is NOT standard. 

Overall, I would never recommend this company.

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Mar 23, 2017
Anonymous Borrower

My worst experience ever. not welcome at all.

It was my first loan's experience .

I really had bad time throughout  the processing of this loan , I felt like I am not a costumer who is trying to do business, but some one

who is a beggar and in need to Chase bank.

I was afraid to ask  questions, because the answer will be very short, not clear any way  and rude also.

I needed to call many times in order to solve a little problem.

No cooperation at all.

Mistakes   were always made and the process took for ever.

I continued the process because I really wanted the apartment, so I kept my mouth shut.

not any more!!.

I will never ask chase bank for a loan again. I will go any other bank even I don't have an accounts with them, as with Chase  I have 2 checking account and 3 C.C accounts.

20 years as costumer with chase bank, if I knew then what I  know now , I would have never bank with chase.

No need to answer my Email, just go and read the Emails back and forth and check the processes. 

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Jan 09, 2017
Absolute Nightmare
Sghosh1 Borrower

I live in Pueblo, CO and had started my loan process with Chase, I also got myself prequalified for Peoples bank which was my builder preferred lender. Within a month my original Mortgage agent quit from the Chase, My account was handed over to another agent and thus begins my nightmare. I was promised a 3.5% interest rate, and asked to select a floating rate as the completion date was not yet decided, once she took over the completion was decided and I had informed her multiple times over the email the interest rate and the closing costs that I expected and was promised to ensure I wouldn't sign up with peoples bank. two months down the line the mortgage agent completely flip flopped saying that previous agent did not lock in your rates and now I will be have to pay a4.25% interest rate with a higher closing cost. I gave up on a Peoples bank 3.625% interest rate to get a 3.5 % from chase, I ended up getting a 4.339% APR (4.25%) from chase. And as I have already given my notice and my house is ready, I cannot restart the loan process with other bank. I would highly recommend staying away from Chase Mortgage in Colorado. They will do anything for getting you roped in, and once you are in they will pull the nastiest tricks in the book. When I escalated the matter to Jennifer's superior, She called us back and informed chase has agreed to honor the original interest rate and the closing costs, and congratulated me, and assured she will write the Closing Disclosure the next day. three days past with no updates and then she flipflopped on her story, this time saying I have to pay the current Interest rate. I got in touch with her Senior lending manager, she flatly said because you signed the floating rate agreement, and for whatever reason the rate was not locked in, we cannot do anything, irrespective of all the communications I had sent her between me and her mortgage agent. She flatly ignored all of the promisies by her mortgage agent and all of the email communications she had had. Now I will end up paying a substantial amount more than what I had originally planned for. The lending manager apologized but did not deliver on any of pricing commitments. I will absolutely never do any business with Chase mortgage, and I will highly recommend everyone to stay away from them in the Southern Colorado area. 

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Nov 23, 2016
Excellent for people with a VA loan
laspeck Borrower

I have them as my mortgage company and applied for a line of credit also wiht them and it was easily approved due to my mortgage loan thru the VA, very pleases with them

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