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Sep 17, 2017
Bait & Switch Bank
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We recently moved to Texas from California. Had to switch banks because our previous bank did not have locations nearby. 
We received the coupon below in our USPS relocation package. We packed it with our belongings and brought it with us. 

3 days after arriving here, we signed up for a Chase checking & savings account. A week or so later we unpacked that $300 offer and brought it to the bank. A full month before the expiration date on the coupon. (See attached image). Even though we met all the requirements, they would not honor it because it had been more than 7 days since we opened the account. 

No where on this coupon does it state a 7 day policy. It is just another bait & switch tactic to lure people to sign up for an account. We even spoke with the branch manager Brandi Z. whom despite the obvious being stated, would not honor the coupon either.

To make matters worse. Chase will put a hold on deposited Checks for several days before clearing them. We are talking about small amounts under $1,000.

We are going to close our Chase account in the next couple weeks and sign up for an account with Wells Fargo. Whom we already have a business account with.

BEWARE of JP Morgan Chase banks. Do your research online. They have  a horrible rating. 

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