Chase Bank Reviews
Mar 31, 2017
Do NOT Bank with Chase

I was a WAMU customer and when they were bought I became a Chase customer.  Chase is a terrible bank.  Their Quickpay service is easily hacked and fraud was committed on my account because of this problem. They immediately closed my account and locked my online access to my three accounts, including a credit card account.  I was working abroad for 6 weeks at the time.  The only identity verification they would accept was for me to visit one of their branches with 2 forms of ID.  Chase did not have any branches in the country where I was working.  Consequently I was unable to access my direct deposit funds from my salary and they essentially told me there was nothing they could do for me as a woman traveling alone in a foreign country to access the cash I would need for basic survival. Additionally, since all of my bill paying including my mortgage and student student loans were drawn from this account, I am now dealing with late fees and other financial consequences due to this company's inability to function in the 21st century.  I will not be trusting them with my paycheck ever again.  Do not use this bank.

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