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Chase Bank Reviews
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These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

Jul 22, 2020
Stay away from these dysfunctional clown
Terrillx Account Holder

The leasing division is a bloody mess, terrible customer service, borderline incompetence at every level. Wait time to speak to customer service 58 min, no electronic transfers, or communication.

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Jul 22, 2020
Terrible customer service
Terrillx Account Holder

Stay away, they dont care about the average customer. Your just a source of funds to run a dysfunctional 20th century business model. Their leasing division is a clown car.

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Jun 19, 2020
Horribly unorganized.
MadisonNeumann Account Holder

I had the Chase, Amazon credit card. In March 2020, I got a new bank account and input the account number incorrectly by mistake when making a payment to Chase. I called Chase immediately and was assured it was no problem. In May 2020 my credit card stopped working. I could not get through to Chase services. A week AFTER my card stopped working I recieved a letter in the mail that my card was cancelled due to the incorrect payment made in March 2020. Dispite having the card for three years, using it regularly and never missing a payment, and calling immediately after inputting the wrong account number. I spoke to two representatives who told me I could have my card reinstated without running my credit, two who said I would need to run my credit, and finally a supervisor who informed me I could not have my card reinstated at all because it was a "hard closure". This bank is horrifically unorganized and has no respect for its loyal customers and their credit scores. I would never bank with Chase again. 

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Mar 23, 2020
Be careful with their statement balance
mkleczka Account Holder

Be careful with their statement balance policy. We pay our statements in full. In January our account told us we had a $0 statement balance because we paid ahead, but had an amount of money leftover for the next statement, which we paid in full a few days later. They charged us $90 interest fee, then another $120 the next month, same kind of fee. When I inquired about it, they said it was a technicality in their agreement. They wouldn't budge on removing the fee or working with us. Their customer service was lacking, especially with the way they rotate their agents with every response I sent them. It's a very subtle, abusive policy. If you are smart with your money management, I would suggest going with a more honest credit card company.

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Mar 06, 2020
frog4663 Account Holder

I have been with chase for ten years and they have always been helpful and very kind.

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Feb 13, 2020
choose another bank
jaskop Account Holder

Switched from my credit union to take advantage of a $300 bonus with a new checking account. It has been nothing short of a nightmare so far. My initial deposit of $5000 was frozen for two weeks. They blamed my credit union for putting a hold on the transfer, but it was Chase. After calling the officer I opened the account with, he just said well that's weird and be patient. I tried to deposit my rental checks and there is a limit to mobile deposits in a day! A limit on deposits!!! WTF. Now I am waiting on hold because I am locked out of my account. Less than 15 minute wait they said, but I am at 26 minutes and counting!! It has also been over three weeks since the acount has been open and still waiting on my checks. My advise is to pick a different bank!

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Dec 17, 2019
Bulka987 Account Holder

Chase is the worst bank I ever had to deal with. Customer service is rude, don't want to help and you gotta spend 30mins on the phone just to connect. Whenever you decide to solve issues in branch - banker will call for you and wait 30 minutes on the same line.

My accounts were locked because they needed address verification, however they decided not to tell me that. Just locked accounts and when I called to know the reason they told me to get the address verification either by fax or in branch. No problem, I went to branch on Spear St. in SF in 30 minutes and manager called them to the same line only to say that my accounts are being closed already because they didn't get my papers on time. When I complained that they never send a mail/email/called to provide verification he just told "strange they are usually good at that. But what can I do? It is what it is.". 

Phone support basically incompetent, hanging on me and being rude. So please do yourself a favor, never deal with Chase.

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Sep 11, 2019
nhia1 Account Holder

they will look for a way to charge you insufficient fund fee up to 4 times they will suck all your salary the whole week and they will not wave any one of them if you call the customer service even you pay all your balances they use call center from other countries that you couldnt even understand, they will notify you that you have insufficient fund after its already been charged he/she told me your request is declined and it might charge some more,  suckers!!!

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Oct 02, 2019

Please believe this review!! I’m calling tomorrow to cancel my account the pending process drags on so long you get an overdraft and it’s been happening more and more frequently and I know how to balance my finances

Sep 02, 2019
Greedy and no customer service
Drewstc1 Account Holder

They will hold a refund from amerchant after recieving it they will not give you a credit until they figure out they messed something up. you will be charged any fee they can apply. Customer service is as worthless as a football bat.

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