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Nov 08, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder


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Mar 14, 2017
Tried to close an account
Anonymous Account Holder

After attampting to close my checking account I was told the account would be closed by the end of the day. Instead they closed it 4 days later and allowed charges to the account to be made without my permission and after I was told it was closed!!! Then I got a letter from them stating the amount still owed on the account with ALL their overage fees. The total came to 189 dollars because thy allowed reaccuring charges to be made on a closed account1! Customer service was little to no help and was extremely rude. Trying to leave this bank is an absolute nightmare and they make every effort to keep your money even after you have left. DO NOT BANK WITH THEM AT ALL!!!! SUCH A SCAM.

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Sep 17, 2017
Bait & Switch Bank
Smiklemeyer Account Holder

We recently moved to Texas from California. Had to switch banks because our previous bank did not have locations nearby. 
We received the coupon below in our USPS relocation package. We packed it with our belongings and brought it with us. 

3 days after arriving here, we signed up for a Chase checking & savings account. A week or so later we unpacked that $300 offer and brought it to the bank. A full month before the expiration date on the coupon. (See attached image). Even though we met all the requirements, they would not honor it because it had been more than 7 days since we opened the account. 

No where on this coupon does it state a 7 day policy. It is just another bait & switch tactic to lure people to sign up for an account. We even spoke with the branch manager Brandi Z. whom despite the obvious being stated, would not honor the coupon either.

To make matters worse. Chase will put a hold on deposited Checks for several days before clearing them. We are talking about small amounts under $1,000.

We are going to close our Chase account in the next couple weeks and sign up for an account with Wells Fargo. Whom we already have a business account with.

BEWARE of JP Morgan Chase banks. Do your research online. They have  a horrible rating. 

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Sep 03, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

There was a wrong charge on my cc that i disputed as i have not received the service. Chase reported me to credit agencies as if I didn't want to pay to the bank which is not the case as the whole card is paid off.

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Aug 19, 2017
Greedy and merciless.
Anonymous Account Holder

Chase doesn't give a darn about you as an individual.

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Aug 06, 2017
Pretty good, sometimes inconvenient
Preheatpizzarolls Account Holder

They do not accept coins any more and good luck talking to them by phone. I live in a state that does not have a branch but due to online banking I have been able to keep my account. However when something goes wrong and I need to call them... I ALWAYS get stuck with a rep with the THICKEST accent and the WORST head set. It is so difficult to feel like I'm being helped when I can't even u understand them and just have to agree and hope they were not asking a question.

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Jul 29, 2017
ATM Error
Anonymous Account Holder

I have dealing with a financial nightmare.  The ATM ate my deposit of 4 checks totaling A LOT of monday and it's been over a week and the "claim" is still being processed.  I have NO insight on when and if I will actually recieve the funds.  I am a small business owner and beyond frustrated.  I have talked to numerious supervisors and managers and even 6 figures isn't enough for someone to expedidte this.  I have NO words on how aggrevating this has been.  If I hear another... "It will take 48-72 business hours" to verify the claim.... Feeling helpless.

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Jul 15, 2017
businessowners Account Holder

Will kill a small business with all the fees. Not to mention the customer service is terrible. Aviod this company

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Jul 14, 2017
Great Experience!
Anonymous Account Holder

I had such good experience that I told the manager I would write a great review. Here it is!

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Jul 13, 2017
a awesome bank!
Anonymous Account Holder

this bank is amazing, no wonder there known for their awesome customer service

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Jul 06, 2017
Okay for free checking.
Anonymous Account Holder

It's a find free checking account but if you use a non-Chase ATM, not only do you get tagged with the ATM fee from the ATM itself, you also get tagged with a fee from Chase for each transaction. 

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Jul 06, 2017
Worst bank to deal with in my life
Anonymous Account Holder

I will be SO glad to finish changing my automatic deposits and payments from Chase Bank to my new friend in the banking industry (USAA). After being a LONGTIME Chase customer with mortgage, checking, savings and credit cards they royally screwed me over. Thanks Chase for showing me how much you appreciated my business. NOT!!! I will be telling everyone I know or meet how stinking BAD your Bank is to their customers. The latest bank manager at the 10th and Springdale Branch in Jeffersonville, Indiana gets a lot of credit for me taking my business elsewhere. His new male cashier gets some credit also. They are both so rude and discourteous. The MOST unhelpful individuals I EVER dealt with in Banking PERIOD. I already posted this on Facebook and had no representative contact me which shows Chase truly cares less about customer service. They might have been able to save an account with a customer who USED TO promote them. NOW they have an ex-customer who is influential in where people do business. Social Media is a powerful thing and I make use of it in giving and receiving reviews. Your bank took the wrong side on a dispute I made in regards to TWO charges by a scam company. I was billed TWICE for a product I didn't want and was supposed to be refunded by the company. The company takes your money and doesn't honor their money back guarantee as they advertise. Chase showed me who they appreciate more so I can no longer in good conscience allow them to make anymore money off of my money. Good-riddance Chase. My wife is also closing her accounts with Chase and moving to USAA. Let anyone who reads this be warned. There are a lot of banks out there. Some will be your friend. Chase not so much.

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