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Sep 29, 2016
Deceptive Redemption Rules
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**The club level upgrades will not apply if you need to book your room through a corporate travel service.  They only will honor the upgrade if you book directly with Ritz (and in my case pay more)

**There is a whole class of hotels - Ritz Reserve - where you may not redeem points AT ANY LEVEL.  If you want a Reserve property room, you have to convert to cash first at lousy rate - then use the cash for your reservation.  For example, my 460,000 points would be good for exactly one night at the Ritz in Dorado Beach Puerto Rico.

Do I feel betrayed?  Wow.  Went from loving this hotel chain to canceling my relationship in just one night.  

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Nov 27, 2016
Great for Amazon shoppers.
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My wife and I both have these cards for our Amazon shopping. The points we get help a lot towards future purchases. It makes buying on Amazon even cheaper!

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Feb 25, 2016
It Beggars the Imagination

My husband seperated from the military and we closed the card and moved out of county. A few months later we find out that they received a request from someone (they couldn't tell us who) to reopen the card and gasoline was purchased in a country we don't live in anymore and haven't visited. When I called to explain that it was obviously a fradulent charge they suggested that my husband may have a woman in that country and I should make sure he didn't reopen the card for her.

A+ service.

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Sep 17, 2016
Terrible customer service

I have an 815 credit score and  pay all cards completely each month. They cancelled my one card due to inactivity, but the worst part was that when I questioned the reason  they kept repeating the same standard line and treated me as though I was a deadbeat. Funny they keep offering me a personal banker because I have a high savings balance!

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Dec 04, 2016
Odds were Wrong
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CK had my approval odds at "Very Good" for this card; credit scores were approximately 705. I applied and within a week, I received a rejection letter. No card. Just a score decrease due to the credit inquiry. 

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