Chartway FCU Reviews
Nov 16, 2017
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I did not select Chartway; the credit union was the financier my auto loan was sold to by my dealership a few years ago. And for servicing my auto loan they were OK. You can do most of what you need to do online and they did send me my documentation after the vehicle was paid off. The site was a bit antiquated, disjoint, and clumsy, but you can get around.

Now here's where things get ugly. Because they didn't have a good way to identify the payoff amount (some banks tell you it will be X dollars if you pay it by Y date, so you know exactly what you have to do), I overpaid by about $80 on purpose to make sure I would cover the needed amount for the last payment, which I submitted in advance of the actual scheduled loan completion. Afterward, I contacted the credit union's online support and got into a chat with a tech that assured the account would be closed and my overage refunded.

I got busy and didn't really pay attention to it for a year and when I was going through some records realized I never got my money back. I went back online to find 1) my account was still active and 2) that monthly fees had eaten away my remaining funds. I never got a notification this was happening, I never got an email when the account was about to hit 0, and I never heard back from the customer service person that had taken my initial request to close the account, nor did I hear back from the company after I sent an inquiry about it recently. Free money for them, right? I thought the whole point of credit unions was to have better treatment than you get at the big banks. So, beware the fees and move your loan to a bank with better systems and support if you get stuck with them like I did.

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