Chartway FCU Reviews
Aug 16, 2017
Used to be good under another name.

WAS an AMAZING place under utah central credit union, but now they nickle and dime you now under their new name(s).

They have gone through so many changes in the past few years with little to no warning, how many hands it has changed through, how much it is becoming like a bank. Sad to see it go this way. they were great, just not anymore.

I still like the great deals they have and higher interest on savings account vs other places, but I think I am ready to try a new place. Not worth the extra 0.05% I get here. If you want to deal with the possible troubles I dealt with, then I wish you the best, as they were and still are good for some things. Hopefully they will get better with chartway federal credit union in charge. For me, I am worn out from them.

While on my mission I had no idea they were charging me $8 a month fee for having a free account open. You can imagine my surprise when 11 months out I had no money for food after a surprise transfer when my math and careful spending log book says I have more than enough.

long story short I emailed family who told me what was going on and at the very least heritage west (at the time) refunded most of what was taken. Problem: My account is free and must have been a computer error.... odd since it happened right as I left for a 18 month mission.

Let me do the math. 11 months times $8 a month equals $88 dollars taken without reason or warning. That is a lot for someone who can't earn any money or look at their account while on a mission.

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