Chartway FCU Reviews
Oct 21, 2016
Painfully Disorganized

Had an account there with an auto loan a few years back.  Was not able to pay able to pay online (they didn't support it) and had no local branch after mine closed.  Two months and still no draft on my bank account and a notice I will be repo'ed,  I call yet again and explain to them I have cash and need to make a payment.  They finally mention a partner credit union with GTE I can go in and pay in person.  I get a loan from a different credit union and a cashiers check and pay the auto in full and am told my account is closed and current.  I suppose I messed up by being frustrated and not able to pay on time but would have been convient if one of the other employees had mentioned I could do it locally at a partner branch. This would have solved the issue 100%.

Five years later, get notice about my account being closed due to inactivity.  I call and am told I have a balance (approx $30) in my checking (HAD to have a checking for auto loan).  I give my CURRENT address so they can mail a check and remember it being comfirmed.  Check is sent to the address on file from 5 years prior and never received.  Six months later, I call out of curiosity to see status of check and sent an email that the check is for $430 and need to get notorized and signed affavidit to get second check mailed to current address.   Fill out notorized affadavit (cost $10) send it back and am told "OOPS the amount is in fact the $30 and I will have to get a different copy notorized (again costing $10 and more of my time)".     

In their defense, I did ask them for a good will letter 5 years after the auto repossession in an attempt to improve my credit score while house buying.  I did in fact receive a denial letter in less than a week despite the auto being paid in full immediately after and no further issues with the bank. 

I suppose thanks for the quick response Chartway.  I suppose you should enjoy the remaining $30 in my account that I can't access.

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