CFCU Comm CU Reviews
Nov 09, 2017
Failed communications are common

I use to live locally near a CFCU branch but moved to another state recently. When I was local it was easy to walk into an office and get answers. Now that I'm out of state however it's almost impossible to get in contact with someone. I tend to spend 20-30mins waiting on the phone for an account advisor to answer. This issue has occured on several occasions. The worse part is you constantly here sorry were busy at the moment you can leave a message if you like. If I wanted to leave a message I wouldn't have called the phone number! In some scenarios once you get through to a person they bounce you around to other departments. Normally I wouldn't mind being transfered to another department but most of the internal departments do not accept calls and only accept voicemails. This bank is catered torwards part time workers and college students. If your a proffessional who needs access to banking resources outside of buisness hours or needs to be able to contact the bank avoid it at all cost. 

The only redeeming factor is the lowcost savings account. I might keep that account open since it only requires a 5$ balance. 

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