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Nov 28, 2016
Sufficient, except frustrating online
Anonymous Account Holder

I've had an account for years, and was fine with the minimal but sufficient service.  My major complaint is with the online services.  The entire online banking experience is opaque and frustrating.

Had a dissapointing final experience where I was sent a debit card without being informed which account it was linked with.  Overage fees weren't removed despite banking with them for almost a decade without incident.  Overall not impressed enough to stick around, have moved my savings to another CU.

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Oct 11, 2016
Great SIMPLE banking.
Anonymous Account Holder

I've had CFCU as a college student, which means very basic savings and checking accounts. I never needed any loans or morgages or anything. For the simple services, they're really good. Their customer service reps are always friendly and helpful. Whenever something funny happened between my credit card and my account, they were quick and helpful to straighten it out. I've always enjoyed banking with CFCU. If you're looking for complex financing, maybe look elsewhere. For the basic essentials, they're a really good bank. :)

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May 12, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Applied and got approved for a no closing cost mortgage. I had $5000 in sellers concessions available and was told,(in the end) that not all could be used according to the HUD loan. With down payment loan, mortgage should have been $65k. Ended up being $68k. Cfcu also told me in the begining (3 times) they would cut my lawyer a check at closing. They did... out my MY account! After addding 3 grand to the loan, taking an extra amount from MY account, plus my lawyers fee, my no closing cost loan ended up NOT being a no closing cost loan. I ended up paying an extra $4312 and some change, which in my opinion they owe me for, BUT I'll never see it. Got screwed really and they stopped talking top me when I told them about how they never paid my lawyer fee like they said they would. Nice bunch of people who are nice to you until you call them out on their lies. You don't own them like thjey say uyou do, they own YOU!

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