Cenlar FSB Reviews
Jan 23, 2017
Can they please be put out of business?
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One start is way too generous! A month after closing on my mortgage with one lender, it was sold to Cenlar.  Even after multiple secure messages, faxes, phone calls, my property taxes have still not been paid.  I am about to go into arrears with my county tax office.  My account was set up with a bogus "Texas Dummy Payee" with some inflated tax amount which my payment is being based off of...it's not accurate and per my loan info online the next tax installment is due in the year 2025...wrong again.  Since they didn't pay my property taxes in the year of which they accrued in my escrow account, this has negatively affected my 2016 Federal Tax Return.  I have filed formal complaints with the Better Business Bureau, the Texas Dept of Savings and Mortgage Lenders, as well as contacted the lender who initially serviced my loan before selling it to Cenlar.  There is WAY too much money in my escrow even once they finally pay my taxes and homeowner's insurance.  I have had 4 houses and 4 mortgages with different banks and Cenlar is by far THE worst company ever.  They need to be put out of business for unethical business practices. 

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