The Bancorp Bank Reviews
Oct 02, 2016

Horrible "bank." Tried to close and IRA account and every time I'd fax the paper work they would act like I didn't fax one of the documents after telling me they did recieve it, this happened numerous of times. Then, when they finally "received" all the documents, they said I didn't send a copy of my I.D, so I emailed it to them literally 40 times. They sent a confirmation email of receiving it then a day later tell me they didn't get it, now mind you they gave me a reference number when they said they received it but that didn't matter. So. I emailed it to them an additional 20 times until someone on the phone with me confirmed it. I've been fighting them for 2 months now and don't recommend this business to anyone, unfortunately, my 401k got sent to these morons after I was laid off bc I forgot about it.

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Jan 09, 2017
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I have 💰 on my PayPal account tried transfer money to my PayPal prepaidcard wouldn't let me. Called customer service and they just past the 📱 around with no reason why they cant transfer the money

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