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Apr 05, 2017
Phillips business fleet card

We currently have a business with many vehicles, On Feburay 13th I ordered additional cards, it is now April 5th and I have not seen any additional calls. I have called the company 5 times and all I get is the run around.  I thought it was a joke when I was told 14-21 business days to get a card! I called again today, and after promising me on March 22nd that I would see the cards in 5-8 business days, they were putting a rush on them, I was told that the cards were not actually ordered on April 3rd, and I will have to wait an additional 12-21 business days? Very unorganized and unhelpful staff!!!! 

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Oct 01, 2017
Simple process
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All three credit Fico scores upper 600's
Approved for the Shell MC
Cl $800

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Jul 17, 2017

Closed my card because of inactivityfo r one year. I had been a faithful cardholder for seven years paying on time or early ALWAYS, never a missed or late payment. These folks did not notify me of this, I found out when I tried to use the card and it was denied. What a bunch of a..holes.

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Nov 11, 2017

Beware of Promotional Offers!

Make sure you bring in the offer to the branch and read it carefully.  The staff is not trained on all of the offers and if they open an account for you and later tell you that you don’t quality for some reason, there is no way for them to fix the account.  You are left to close your account, go back to your bank to deposit the closing funds, go back Citi Bank and start all over again.

Their stated attitude is “We don’t let anyone who comes in off the street open a promotion account”.  My question is “Why not?”  They want money, you want a promotion so win, win.

The type of promotions that they offer means that after the promotion, if you don’t close your accounts you will loose money.  Their 1% Priority Account offer is only good for 90 days and then it goes down to .03%.  If you open a checking account as part of the promotion, the fine print lets you know that if you draw down the balance below the minimum then you will be serviced charged.

Citi Bank, in my opinion, is not customer relationship minded.  Citi Bank does not treat new customers in a way that would make you stay with the bank.  Their stated attitude is that “most customers open the promo account and then close it”.  I can see why.

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Nov 19, 2017
Citibank Costco
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Was approved but with a very small limit (less than half of Discover, Chase, BofA, and just over half the limit of another Citicard, this with an 800 credit score0

They said don't worry, when my card arrives call and they will give a credit increase,,however they wanted to have another hard pull on my credit, less than 7 days after they had pulled it.

The credit supervisor said by law they had to, but I told him they had just increased my CitiAA card without a hard pull,,,he said 'yes, the credit siystem is really messed up",,this from the credit supervisor at Citi,,,,

RUN away from Citi if you have good credit, Chase, Discover, AMEX  and BofA are far superior! 

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