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Apr 05, 2017
Phillips business fleet card

We currently have a business with many vehicles, On Feburay 13th I ordered additional cards, it is now April 5th and I have not seen any additional calls. I have called the company 5 times and all I get is the run around.  I thought it was a joke when I was told 14-21 business days to get a card! I called again today, and after promising me on March 22nd that I would see the cards in 5-8 business days, they were putting a rush on them, I was told that the cards were not actually ordered on April 3rd, and I will have to wait an additional 12-21 business days? Very unorganized and unhelpful staff!!!! 

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Mar 05, 2017
Surprised I was approved
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Accepted with mid 600 scores across board.

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Jul 17, 2017

Closed my card because of inactivityfo r one year. I had been a faithful cardholder for seven years paying on time or early ALWAYS, never a missed or late payment. These folks did not notify me of this, I found out when I tried to use the card and it was denied. What a bunch of a..holes.

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Jul 20, 2017
Really bad

The processing time is a lot longer compared to other banks. The customer service representative hung up on my phone when I was inquiring about a transaction... Really rude...

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Jul 10, 2017
Horrible Customer Service
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I had several fraudulent charges show up on my card. I disputed the charges but since I did not have evidence that I did NOT make the purchase they did not remove the charges.  How do you get evidence that you did NOT make a purchase.  I ended up losing about $400.  What is worse is they charged me a foreign transaction fee as well! Discover card is so much better at handling disputes and fraud.

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