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Jul 29, 2020
Killin gmy grandmother
veronicak5678 Account Holder

I'm writing about the experience of my 97-year-old grandmother. She needed a checking account so I opened one with Citibank for her online. I provided her land line, my cell phone, and my email address. She's never used a computer and wanted me to take care of all the online banking. We would have opened a joint account but that requires you to go into a branch in person, something neither of us was willing to do during the massive Coronavirus outbreak here in LA since I'm a Type I diabetic and she's old as dirt.
We never got a card or pin in the mail but didn't think we really needed it since we had an account number and she got a checkbook. She transferred every penny she has into this account. A few days after this she went to stay with her sister in another town because of her failing health. Immediately we started running into problems with them wanting to call her house and give a pin every time we tried to do anything. They wouldn't use my cell phone or my email or verify us any other way and didn't care that she wasn't home. We had to resort to arranging a time her neighbor could go into her apartment and answer the phone to text me a code whenever we wanted to send $20.

I spent many hours with Customer Service during this time explaining why this was a problem, but everyone told me a different thing.  My grandmother and I were hung up on more times than I can recall, and not just when we were being nasty. It's like they're all trained to just hang up on you when they get tired of talking to you.

At their suggestion, I also went through a massive amount of hassle to get external accounts verified with trial deposits so we could make online transfers, but they blocked every single one. Later they told me it's because the external accounts were not hers, which of course was the point of having external accounts linked in the first place. They also suggested I added 'payees" and then I would be able to make wire transfers for free, but after going through that whole maddening process I learned that there's a $25 fee every time you want to do that.

As bad as all this was, it got much worse last week when I got an email out of the blue saying that the User ID had been blocked and I had to call to unblock it. When I called they told me they couldn't help us unless we had someone at her house answer the phone to get the stupid code, so we had to wait days until her neighbor could go back and await their call. That day we set up a time when I could take an hour off work and the neighbor could too and called them up, just to be told that they couldn't call with a code after all. This time they told me we had to go back to the house and call from the land line. I explained that we were out of town and couldn't go back just to use that phone, but every single employee I talked to just told me they wouldn't do anything else. During this time, we couldn't pay bills, couldn't pay employees, and were racking up late charges and overdraft fees all over because Citibank wouldn't let us use our money.

We had no choice but to pack up and go back to grandma's house just to use the phone. This is all very difficult for her since she can barely move and we don't have a car, but they would give us no other options so we packed up all her things and her wheelchair and got a very expensive Uber ride. When we got back yesterday and tried calling I was told they had to verify by calling me back on that number. So I hung up and waited twenty minutes. I called again and explained that no one had called me back just to be told that since it was "in the works" with that guy no one else could help me. After an hour I really had to get back to work so I called yet again and went through all the rigmarole of the system and being on hold for twenty minutes and being transferred back and forth for the third time, finally to end up being told by one of the managers that they can't verify us over the phone at all anymore and that grandma has to go into a bank with two forms of ID.

She does not have two forms of ID. She does not have a car. She's 97 She's in the group with the absolute highest risk of dying of Covid (I'm in the second) and we're in the highest-risk cities in the US. I told this to so many CSR's, explaining that they're literally asking us to risk our lives before they'll give us access to the account, and were repeatedly hung up on. Not to mention that many of their branches are closed because of the pandemic and we'll have to go miles away. We don't know what else to do, so tomorrow I have to take yet another day off of work, get another extremely expensive Uber ride, sit in LA traffic for an hour, go inside a bank and risk our lives, probably just to be told that she needs a passport or something before they'll give her her money.

I honestly feel like they're putting her in an early grave. She was actually crying on the phone with them yesterday and they hung up on her.

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Jul 16, 2020
Frustrating and incompetent.
MJL20 Account Holder

Made a large payment by check that was not applied to my account. Check cleared my bank and Citi doesn't know where they applied the funds. I have spent unnecessary hours communicating with numerous Citi customer service representatives that give conflicting responses.  No resolution after many weeks. 

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Jul 14, 2020
Citibank Savings Accounts
DMumma Account Holder

Once you give them your money, good luck getting it ALL out without any fees. I had a sizable amount in one of their savings accounts to take advantage of their "higher than average" interest rate. However, I quickly found that their mechanics behind the website, app, and even operation issues would become my newest nightmare. They have many convenient errors that result in them making FEE REVENUE. If you are willing to make the calls and resolve the fee - you will get your money back. However, it is ridiculous the amount of times this happened. Plain and simple - this bank reminds me of Bank of America in the early 2000s..... Known for racking up the fees and creating loop holes you have to jump through to transact without fees.

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Mar 19, 2020
Matthew10299 Account Holder

Man --- I made an external transfer and after 10 minutes I noticed it was coming out of an account to put into my CITI Account I cancelled it right after I noticed even called the company to cancel it, they told me yes its done its cancelled however the bank it tried to take the funds out of charged me 15$ fee I called CITI again and they told me okay it is cancelled now to ask my other bank to waive the fee. Less than a minute after I get off the phone with my other bank (who waived the charge) Citi pushes through another attempt to take money out of my account and I was charged again!

Now my Citi Account is locked Ive been contacting them for 4 days straight trying to get it resolved they gave me a 25$ credit to my account as reinbursement

2 hours later my account is charged 25$ because my payment from my citi debt card did not go to my citi credit card because my account was now on hold.

it has been 2 weeks now-- I withdrew my money from citi closed out my credit card fully and canceled it and the debit card too 

Never had such a bad experience in my life the representives just refuse to help

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Mar 08, 2020
Horrible service and broken website
Zero2000 Account Holder

I had a horrible customer service experience with this bank. I was unable to make payment with an external account through their broken website. I tried multiple web browsers and computers and would get the same error screen. I finally called into tech support and was transferred 5 times to non-native English speakers. I was erroneously told they will charge me a late fee even though I had already paid the balance before the end date. This bank is a scam.

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Feb 25, 2020
Citi Cards Double Cash Credit Card
roberterdely Account Holder

Their system which adds a checking account for payment is flawed.  It prompts you to pass your username and password to your bank through the citicard website in order to link your checking to Citi for payments.  At no point does the end user type in the routing number or account number, this is automatically done by virtue of passing your account credentials for that backing account.  HERE IS WHERE IT GETS UNBELIEVABLE!!!!   When I attempted a payment of this newly added account, it was rejected.   Citi representatives told me that the checking account could not be located by my bank and so the payment didn't go through.  Citi placed the account information on my account for payment... not me....  Then they charged me a returned check fee.  There was plenty of funds in my account, the error was that the link between Citi and my Credit Union had an issue.  They said they could not refund the returned check free (IT WASN'T A RETURNED CHECK!).  And they could not tell me if they reported it to a credit bureau as a returned check.  Citi Bank is the worst!   I filed a BBB complain and am awaiting the outcome.  I will never do business with Citi again.

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Jan 13, 2020
citibankvictim Account Holder

CitiBank has single handedly stolen $1,500 from me. If I could rate 0 stars I would. They initially kept cancelling my requests to buy a laptop from Best Buy, they had the audacity to say *I* was fraudulent, they hang up on me (and mind you I work in a large call center so I know how customer service should be) I disputed 1,550 dollars and as a joke they refunded me $1 and said that was done. They transfer me OVER and over for HOURS until I finally give up. I have YET to have an actually conversation before they cut me off and transfer me. I have ALL of the proof showing it is a fraudulent charge on their behalf and ever since I made that clear they have not done anything to help me dispute. It is an ABSOLUTE nightmare dealing with this company. It is SUPER easy to set up an account, but through citi bank it is even EASIER to be STOLEN FROM!!!

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Nov 15, 2019
They will change on you without warning
Romans9lady Account Holder

If you actually pay frequent, they will put your account on hold. I use my card instead of my debit card. I turn around and pay my card. I've been doing this since I got the card in January. Now without warning, because I pay frequently, my credit limit is on hold for 7 days. You see, one of the advantages had been that when you make a payment, you're available credit reflected the payment immediately. Get yourself the Chase Amazon prime card. At least with it, the perks are better!

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Nov 04, 2019
inhaleit Account Holder

i cannot access my funds still accout is funded 30 days old . no urgency to really help . i am now late on all my bills . no answers from anyon ive talked to . ive called everyday for the last 2 weeks . to talk to a manager takes 48 hrs
what a joke .

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Nov 04, 2019
inhaleit Account Holder

expect to not have access to your funds .or access to any real help getting access to your funds

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