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Nov 11, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

Beware of Promotional Offers!

Make sure you bring in the offer to the branch and read it carefully.  The staff is not trained on all of the offers and if they open an account for you and later tell you that you don’t quality for some reason, there is no way for them to fix the account.  You are left to close your account, go back to your bank to deposit the closing funds, go back Citi Bank and start all over again.

Their stated attitude is “We don’t let anyone who comes in off the street open a promotion account”.  My question is “Why not?”  They want money, you want a promotion so win, win.

The type of promotions that they offer means that after the promotion, if you don’t close your accounts you will loose money.  Their 1% Priority Account offer is only good for 90 days and then it goes down to .03%.  If you open a checking account as part of the promotion, the fine print lets you know that if you draw down the balance below the minimum then you will be serviced charged.

Citi Bank, in my opinion, is not customer relationship minded.  Citi Bank does not treat new customers in a way that would make you stay with the bank.  Their stated attitude is that “most customers open the promo account and then close it”.  I can see why.

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Nov 11, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

I applied and was approved to this card through American Airlines. I was able to book my flight with a temporary number that they provide you after you get approved at that point I was actually surprised, however after I received my on the mail I attempt it to use it at a gas station as AA offer 2x miles for those type of transactions my card got declined!!!! After logging into my online account, I had a message stating that the card was flagged for fraud, seriously fraud at the first transaction!!!, I went ahead and called Fraud Department and their only way that they can verify my identity is if I give them my personal bank account number or debit card number!!!!!!!! That is ridiculous I have many banks and I have never had to give other bank account to verify my identity. Matter fact one of my other cc got flagged this morning and I was able to get verify with a text and some personal info questions, long history short my card has been locked since a week ago now and I keep waiting for a “letter” that could take up to 10 days to arrive. I assume that this will be like that forever so as soon as I get the card unlocked I will be paying the flight balance and closing the account.

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Oct 16, 2017
Fraud Department is Horrible
Anonymous Account Holder

Two months and many many phone calls after my credit card was stolen I am still trying to get them to properly credit my account for a fraudulent transaction.  They claim to offer 100% protection - don't believe it for a second.

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Sep 22, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

I am extremely disappointed in Citibank. Earlier this week (more than three days ago), I poured my heart out to Citibank about my situation (my parents lost their homes, my island was devastated and between myself and my fiancé we have spent thousands to aid them. I asked if they can defer my due date to give me time to recover . They said they will defer payments until December and they are more than happy to assist. Not only was i shocked, i was so happy and felt supported. Today (9/22/17) i went to use my card and it declined. Surprised that my card declined (because i have a reasonable limit) i called Citibank. I spoke to a customer representative and they explained to me that my card was locked because i didn't make a payment. I explained my situation once more and they said, they can't help me until i make a payment. Eventually they said they will transfer me to billing. Currently I'm sick in urgent care waiting to see medical attention and needed to use the card ($50). These past few days were sleep, tired, stressed because i couldn't get in contact with my family after the storm and yesterday i went to a shelter to assist some of the patients that were evacuated from the Virgin Islands prior to hurricane maria to see what i can do to help them and also to deliver word to their families that they are safe. 

As I stand here in Urgent care i waited for the billing specialist. Once they answered they assured me that are sorry for my lost and i will be able to utilize my card. I felt some sense of hope. I handed my card again to the cashier and i was declined once more. I called Citibank back. I spoke to another customer service representative. This time i spoke to someone who could've cared less about what I've been through. Then i explained to him that billing told me i could use my card. He then explained to me that i needed 24-48 hours for the information on my card to be updated before i can use it. Then turned around and said, or you can make a payment now and it will allow you to use it. He even told me he can use the information on file from one of my accounts to make a payment so i can use my card. Not one ounce of sympathy. I kept calm and asked to speak to a manager. Jerod the manager was on the line and he explained the same thing to me (i need 24-48 hours for the file to update). I told him," i originally put in this request days ago (more than 3 days) and I had to do it again today. I am in desperate need of medical attention and you are saying there is nothing you can do to help me? " His response was ,"no it's systematic and there is nothing he can do." Not one bit of mercy or compassion. I told him thank you and hung up. I stood in urgent care devastated . I scrambled through my purse to look for any means on how to pay my bill. Not only am i hurt but i am extremely unhappy how i was treated. There was miscommunication on my account from my request i put in days ago and today i was unable to get help. How could you make that error and still turn me away? Let me tell you my life summary: within two weeks my hometown was stuck with 2 category 5 hurricanes . My entire family and friends lives there struggling with barely any water, food or resources. I am their resources at this point and now I can't do anything for them or anyone at this point. I am the one struggling to provide for them and you took that away from me. 

Citibank Customer 

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Jul 20, 2017
Really bad
Anonymous Account Holder

The processing time is a lot longer compared to other banks. The customer service representative hung up on my phone when I was inquiring about a transaction... Really rude...

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Jul 14, 2017
Will con you into opening account
Madams76 Account Holder

So I have a bit of a story regarding Citibank and it's not a good one

Citibank was running a $400 promotion to open an account if you deposited $15,000 and kept it there for 3 months..  I went in to open an account at this location within one day of seeing the promotion online.  When I walked in to open an account, the first words out of my mouth were that I was opening an account because I saw the $400 promotion online.  The banker and I literally talked about what a good deal it was.  We also talked about how soon I would need to deposit the money to earn the promotion amount and how long it would take for the bonus money to hit my account.

I opened an account that day and kept 15,000 on deposit for well over 6 months and never got any money. i called 3  months in and asked why my money wasn' there and they said it would take another month or so for the money to hit my account 

When the money didn't come, I wasted an hour going back into the same branch trying to figure out what happened and they couldn't even find the original promotion.  Conveniently, the person who opened my account was no longer there.

I would not recommend ever doing anything with Citibank

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Jul 03, 2017
RUDE, Neglectful, and Incompetent
Anonymous Account Holder

I lost my debit card, and tried to have it canceled and replaced over the phone. The agent LAUGHED at me, gave me incorrect instructions, and asked for information he DID NOT NEED to access my account, and in the end was so incompetent he couldn't even figure out how to do anything I asked. Maybe citibank would be better off hiring garden gnomes.

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Jun 26, 2017
There is a reason why the folks call it
logrus Account Holder

****ty bank!

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May 13, 2017
Terrible Customer Service
Anonymous Account Holder

Citi Customer Service is TERRIBLE!  I was a customer from 1999 to 2017. 18 YEARS. I received a late fee when my online banking service transposed a number.  I called customer service, explained the situation, and asked for the late fee to be removed.   I offered to send documentation from my bank but they were not interested.   I was put on hold numerous times while they "reviewed the account."  After 45 minutes on the phone, I spoke to a supervisor.   They refused to remove the late fee because it was allegedly my bank's fault not theirs.  Obviously, they did not want further business from me.  I hope the $25 late fee was worth losing an 18 YEAR customer.  

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May 03, 2017
Worst customer service ever.
Anonymous Account Holder

Citibank has been absolutely horrible to deal with. They insisted that I changed my address (which I didn't) and then couldn't verify my identity. They told me five different ways to verify my identity, then I was told by another manager that it wasn't a valid method. Every person I talked to told me something different, they don't have a uniform protocol or message. I had to call them 9 times; after every time my card got denied and then multiple more times to try and "verify my identity." Customer service was horrible, managers were rude and unhelpful, and I got the run around everytime I called. I can't believe they're still in business. I got a card through Costco and every Costco rep was extremely helpful and polite. Huge contrast to the horrible treatment I got from Citi. Frankly I'm surprised Costco would be affiliated with such a horribly run company. I finally had to fax my social security card, license, and a utility bill, where I included a cover letter asking them to call me to confirm the closure of my account. They didn't call and after three days I called to check on the status-they told me they couldn't read the account number on my utility bill but they couldn't call to tell me that because my identity wasn't confirmed. So they had no intention of letting me know that I needed to send the documents again. It was the most ludicrous run around and that was every single conversation I had with them. 9 calls and a whole lot of confusion later I finally have my account closed. I will never open an account w Citi again. You shouldn't either.

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