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Jan 19, 2017
go to capital one
Anonymous Account Holder

They will lower your credit limit without notice even if u pay all your payments on time. Apparently u r a risk if u use it too often. Paying off and canceling. I have had capital one for years and I will just stick with them. They are awesome.

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Jan 06, 2017
Not reliable, will ruin your finances.
ambitionz82 Account Holder

1 )Ordered checks and when i called 2 monthes after. They stated noone ordered checks.
2) constant mistakes of charging me overdraft fees when theres money in the account. I have to call all the time to have them remove it due to mistakes in there behalf.
This is a ridiculous bank the reason i pay a monthly fee is so they can manage my money in my account, but they dont seem to have the knkw how to be able to do that.

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Jan 07, 2017

I was a landlord with 4 mortgages through them and they could never figure this out. the refinance people are total jerks. I was notified that c losing for a refinance was the next day and it had to have both my wife ;s and my signature. She was backpacking in a wilderness area off the grid. Idiots! It took some 50 days to get to where they were ready to close - and they can't give a reasonable advance notice?

Dec 12, 2016
horrible im canceling my account asap
Anonymous Account Holder

they took my check deposit and wont release my funds fora whole week they are sending me on a wild goose hunt then tellin me to call the costumer service and wen i call thy cant help me either and thy don't care if u gt **** to pay if i could give em a zero i wld

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Dec 06, 2016
Horrible customer loyalty
mwrood Account Holder

Horrible company! Allows contractors to commit blatant fraud, drags the dispute on for 90 days, and then sides with the contractor who has OBVIOUSLY submitted fake "evidence". Doing all of this while continuously asking for more documentation, that has absolutely nothing to do with the case. How is a person suppose to get a "refund authorization" from someone who is a scam artist?!?!? That makes absolutely zero sense. Way to be incompetent. My dog has more common sense than your "investigators".

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Dec 05, 2016
Worst customer service ever
Anonymous Account Holder

Trying to get a customer service letter with my current balance for my lander for almost 2 weeks now, still no success.

Chase and capital one provided one with 30 minutes from the call. Citibank keep saing inproccess 48h, 24h, working on it.

Unbelivble it is the simpleast thing to do to jgenerate an automtice letter to be sent imideately. and they put you on days wait for what, why?

If it wasn't Costco card I wouldn't use it at all!

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Dec 04, 2016
Card Seekers beware
rdickerson01 Account Holder

Do not get this card. I used the card for a one time purchase and due to the fact i had held on to the card for months before using it i was late twice making a payment. I did not think much of it, but put it on a reminder with the rest of my 8 plus cards. They sent me an email wanting to know if my income had changed which i am making more money and then a few days later lowered my limit to 13.00 over what I had charged. That ****ed me off. I called and cancelled the account. That card would have put me in a maxed out situation on my credit. I will never deal with them again. Capital One, Chase and AMEX wilol be my choice of cards if you want one. I have cards with all three and in some cases more than one. 

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Nov 29, 2016
Dishonest Loan officials.
Anonymous Account Holder

I am using citibank credit card from past 8 years and recently I got a call from CITIBANK that I am elegible for a loan on credit card.

I asked the person about the Monthly EMI and any other service tax or surcharge. The person told me that the EMI would be Rs 20799 and no other charges or taxes(I verified about the service tax twice).

It was fine till first two monthly EMI's but surpriosingly with my third EMI, a service tax+surcharge of around Rs. 1000  has been added.

When I contacted the bank they told me that the service tax is applied to interest amount of EMI. This would have been ok if they informed me while availing the loan but at that time they gave me false information and because of that I am paying Rs. 1000 extra every month. 

So beware of such frauds(Don't go with the brand name CITIBANK, when money is concerned everyone is out there to take maximum benefit from you).

Very very  bad experience. 

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Nov 29, 2016
Pathetic Customer Service
Anonymous Account Holder

Have tried repeatedly to get them to send alerts via text or email when CC is used. It works for awhile; then quits. You call back in. A week later - nothing has changed. Over and over. I only use this card because Costco switched from Amex to Citi.

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Nov 13, 2016
Your money is unsafe with this bank!
Dmibor11 Account Holder

. The worst bank ever! Your money is unsafe with this bank, when you will have hard time and ask this bank help you they will make your situation even harder, and they will try to cheat you if they could. So don’t have any deals with this bank even if it close to your house but if you already a customer leave this bank as soon as possible before you get hard time and this bank will take advantage on you! I had account in this bank more than a year and what I’ve experienced. Someone took about $300 from my account in Japan without my card, so don’t be impressed that this bank says that we have secure cards with cheap, the account security is so weak that hackers don’t need not you, not your card for grub money from your account in this bank. And security system so stupid that it can’t figure out that if I pay with this card a few hours before in Miami I can’t be already in Japan. And after I report about this fraud in this bank they said that they will investigate this problem and if all OK I’ll get refund within 10 business day! It sounds like this is my problem that Citibank gave my money someone in Japan! And I guess I’m lucky that they didn’t took all my money because it would be hard be without money within 10 business days! And they try to cheat you if they can! For example I pay nothing for use my debit card if I make at least one registered transaction, other way I have to pay $10. So I created an auto payment for my phone so I didn’t worry about this. But in several month I saw that I was charged $10 as monthly payment. I contacted bank throw chat but they said this is because your money was sent later so it wasn’t in my cycle period and refused refund me my money! Like this is my problem that this bank sent it later though money was available on my account and it was the auto payment, so bank sent it itself! And only after I called in bank they refund me money. And the worst thing from this bank is that if you have a problem get your money and ask Citibank to help you with this they will make you time harder. For example, I won some expensive lot and was a little short in money for pay for it but I thought, not a big problem tomorrow I will have a pay day and I have $300 available right now and $200 on next day as usual. I was need $400. So I asked bank on chat if they can give me $400 immediately after deposit my check, he said I have to ask it in bank. So next day I went to Citibank bank deposit my check and saw that now available immediately not $300 but only $100! When I asked what happened they said the bank changed its policy. I asked why? They said bank can do it when it wants and how it wants without any notification of clients. I asked help me because other way I will have to pay late fee if I will not pay now but they help me nothing. You may think it is happened sometimes. When I again had the same problem and asked bunk again help me cash my check faster they said it is federal law and they can cash my check up to 7 days! So they gave me nothing on next day and said I have to wait till Wednesday for completely cash my check, though I said I need pay my rent and I need this money as soon as possible! So my recommendation never have any deals with Citibank and if you already customer of Citibank leave it as soon as possible for you and your money safety!

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Nov 06, 2016
Horrible Customer Service
Anonymous Account Holder

I had planned a trip to Canada and wanted to convert US dollars to Canadian Dollars.   However, I thought it would be simple enough to do with a wire transaction, but the bank does not do wire transactions in another currency because my bank acct is in US dollars.   I thought because they were a global bank, they could easily do this, but I was wrong.   To compound the problem, the representatives arranged for me to have canadian dollars picked up at the bank but the bank never had my dollars

at the bank.   What a hassle and work to exchange some dollars for a trip.  

Also, I received some mysterious charges to my Bloomingdales Citibank credit card.   I never carry much of a balance but a few times I had some mysterious charge with no label on it.   Then the charge actually compounded into late charges.   It always seems to be with this company and Citibank that this happens.   It sounded a bit deceptive the times it happened to me.    

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