Capital One Reviews
Jun 23, 2017
designed for high end purchases o%
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use it it for its intened purpose high end electronics and applainces

0 % for up to 24 months simple. do not make little purchases with it had card for 10 years never paid a cent in intrest. plus BB price matches as well.

It does not effect promo rate. by far best card for electronics.

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Aug 05, 2016

I had an auto loan from them and even making payments on time they would still call and pester me about payments all the time. I had to take a block all MILLIONS of their numbers. Their customer service is horrible. If you get someone its an indian and you can't understand them. Their payments, if you give them your bank account info are withdrawn earlier and earlier each month. After the second year I figured out that I had made a whole extra payment because they were shaving a few days off each month. So the first month it would be due the 15th then next month the 11th then the next the 6, etc. After 2 years I added up all the payments and I had made 25 payments in 2 years. What a sham! They are a horrible company and I am GLAD to be rid of them. I had to pay the loan off early, 3 years early to get them to quit with the harassment.  Hope this company goes under...

I'm unhappy they I have to get them 1 star, this company gets NONE!

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Feb 13, 2017

It was fairly easy to get, and a great emergency fund

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Jun 19, 2017
Love the Cash Back
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They will definitely give you a chance when your credit isn't the best! They have constantly increased my limit and allowed me to change my card to a Quicksilver with rewards. The rewards are simple and you can track them easily. I've started using this card for all my purchases.

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Jan 19, 2017
Free Games!
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I love this card! I got approved for lowest rate offered, 14% with 10K credit line.  I use the card for business and my mobile payments and have gotten I beleive 4 games already in less than 6 months because of the volume of spending I do.  If you are a PlayStation owner and love that console then this is a must own card. I love the rewards and only wish Nintendo had a card too.

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Jun 22, 2017
Approved with 675 Fico Transunion
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This was my second capital one credit card post bankruptcy. The rewards are ok, nothing special. For every $100 I earn like $1. My starting credit limit was $3,000. They bumped it up to $3,500 after six months. 

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Jun 22, 2017
Good Tool
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This is a good tool to find the card for you.

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Jun 24, 2017
Not approved with a good credit score?
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They did not approve me and I had a good credit score. I have 100% perfect payment history, etc. I have a Capitol One Quicksilver MC already, 100% perfect history even with them. Only using 17% of my overall avalible credit limit now according to credit karma. They're stupid. 

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