Capital One Reviews
Jul 13, 2017
Best and worst Iv ever had
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You get the opportunity to pick if you want a year worth of no interest rate payments and or cash back rewards , which is great and all but it was my first ever card no one told me how it works including the very young man that sold me it... I picked the 12 months it seemed the better option. Whoever doesn't matter how much you pay extra on it you must pay 22-26 bucks a month , you will get late fees of 30 or so and I unfortunately found out that the interest rates are insanely high and I now have good standing credit and it is still very high 

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Aug 05, 2016

I had an auto loan from them and even making payments on time they would still call and pester me about payments all the time. I had to take a block all MILLIONS of their numbers. Their customer service is horrible. If you get someone its an indian and you can't understand them. Their payments, if you give them your bank account info are withdrawn earlier and earlier each month. After the second year I figured out that I had made a whole extra payment because they were shaving a few days off each month. So the first month it would be due the 15th then next month the 11th then the next the 6, etc. After 2 years I added up all the payments and I had made 25 payments in 2 years. What a sham! They are a horrible company and I am GLAD to be rid of them. I had to pay the loan off early, 3 years early to get them to quit with the harassment.  Hope this company goes under...

I'm unhappy they I have to get them 1 star, this company gets NONE!

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Jul 24, 2017
Credit Builder
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Post bankruptcy Discharge Jan 2017 it is now the end of July 2017. Credit card was given to me with $300 limit. I was ok with that because I was and still am determined to raise my score and use allll the knowledge I studied from reviews, blogs and word of mouth.

Now initially I had a score of like 480😕 yeah... I know... But I removed some old accounts off my credit reports (Thanx CreditKarma) paid my capital one Quicksilver card on time every month... Kept my balance at at least 30% credit utilization...

As of today my score is now 641 and I JUST hot anautomaticcrefit limit increase from$300 to $500 WITHOUT calling to ask for an increase!!!!!

Hope this inspires someone because many ppls reviews gave me plenty of helpful tips

Also I once was over my 30% credit balance (long story there was a human error) anywhoooo I paid the entire balance downto $0 that caused my score to raise back up 50 points that it dropped... Just in case someone for whatever reason had to use their card and could not pay it down in time... Just pay it next round and you'll get it points back!

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Jul 25, 2017
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I was approved for $10000 with my credit being average and bankruptcy and few years ago. Cap1 rocks.

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Jan 19, 2017
Free Games!
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I love this card! I got approved for lowest rate offered, 14% with 10K credit line.  I use the card for business and my mobile payments and have gotten I beleive 4 games already in less than 6 months because of the volume of spending I do.  If you are a PlayStation owner and love that console then this is a must own card. I love the rewards and only wish Nintendo had a card too.

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Jul 24, 2017
This card is AWESOME!
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Im UG in college with NO credit what so ever (620) and had nothing but student loans on my report history. Applied for this card and was approved starting with a $300 limit. Here it is 4 months later and im at a $500 limit plus increase to credit score. THIS CARD IS AWESOME!

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Jul 05, 2017
Great Interest rate

This card helps you build your credit easily

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Jul 27, 2017
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I applied and was approved! this is great especially when you are trying to fix your credit.

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