Capital One Banking Reviews
Jun 13, 2017
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I wanted to give this bank a zero but I could not. This is the worst bank I have ever opened an account with. The online account services are great because  of one feature. The mobile deposit and many other banks offer this. They do not have a lot of atms in Richmond. In fact, there is only one located in innsbrook. That is not convenient and is ridiculous! Next, Capital One provides horrible customer service. Although, many are nice. Many are rude, ill-mannered, and low rent. They are limited to how much they can really help their consumers. The recourse on grievances are non existent. I had several charges I did not recognize which led to my account being over drafted. The dispute team denied my claim and I was later told they have decided to cut ties with me for their failure to honor my dispute once my balance is paid. I am not paying them nothing! Why would I want to keep doing business with a company like that. They have decided to cut ties. Don't make me laugh! I was even charged a 35 dollar overdraft fee for a disputed transaction which was later returned by the merchant. They would not waive the fee at all. Do not open an account with them. They will not resolve any issues you may have and smile while they do it. This bank only cares about money. They are greedy parasites! The administrative communication is horrible as they do not know what is going on. Don't bother with this inept company that will leave you wishing you never signed up in the first place.

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