Capital One Banking Reviews
May 10, 2017
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Applied for secured credit card, the kind I sink my own money into. Got denied. I sent a personal hand written letter explaining my tuff situation, Wife has cancer, landlord forclosed on, trying to buy our home , need to build up my credit, very super serious about it, begged to let me get a secured card. Management forwarded an email directly some 6$ an hour uneducated idiotic idiot to call me and waste my time saying I'm denied, and completely coming off as if it's a big joke. I wasn't even trying to listen to someone like that! If this is how they are treating people who are serious about building credit and suffering and send them a letter begging for a chance to use money they earn in a secured a credit card. One day they will fail big time and up to that time they will all suffer themselves through the lords will I can assure that because there is no way to be this heartless and live unscaved , no way at all.

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